Hey Seafood Lovers…………Time To Get A New Dining Experience!!!!

If you have an intense craving for fish and seafood then you are at the right place and probably this write-up will take you to your favorite place so just read on!

Just Steam Seafood is a great restaurant that offers a variety of tantalizing seafood items. Just Steam is having a promotion on their House Special Stone Pot Fish Set for $59++ for two people. This offer is applicable only booking through the most promising online food agency HungryGoWhere. This splendid store also offers significant discounts on many food items and restaurant deals.

I find one thing very unique in foodies, no matter how many time they have already savored the same dish but if someone tells any famous venue for that particular dish to them – it just becomes their target to go there and taste. It’s wondering, I know but this is our habit! 🙂

Seafood is not only luscious but healthy too that why it is the first choice of many health-conscious people. Cmon grab the chance and live it at fullest!

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Relish this mouthwatering dish through HungryGoWhere!

Stone Pot Fish Set @ $59+

Just Steam is having a promotion on their House Special Stone Pot Fish Set for $59++ (serves 2 people). It comes in three flavors  Fragrant Spicy Flavour, Sour Spicy Flavour, Nutritious Original Flavour. Its sides that come alongside are Fresh Prawns, Beancurd Skin, Specialty Meatballs, Cabbage, Mushrooms, Enoki Mushrooms, Abalone Mushroom.


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