The Strange Interiors Of These Philippines’ Cafes Will Make You Say WOW!

Initially people used to visit a restaurant for the mouthwatering food they served. Eventually with the budding competition, the interiors and décor were focused and now the buzz has been shifted to cafes and their décor and wackiest and crazy tricks to attract youth! Well, focusing on cafes, there are a number of cafes open in Philippines.

Chilling and hanging out with friends, brewing up coffee and making memories, is something cherished among youth. Well, not always the word ‘strange’, stands for shocking, but can also be a delightful surprise. You can find the similar feel when you visit the weird cafes in the Philippines.

The unusual interior and outstanding way of presentation at these cafeterias have made them stand out of the rest and CollectOffers, is sure that once you be there you will also be in awe of these trendy cafes. Whether you are a localite or expat, you would love to be there, the aromatic beverages and innovative snacks aligned with interesting and out-of-the-box interiors will make your visit worth there.

Let CollectOffers suggest you top 5 names of the strange cafes at the Philippines.

Shutter Café
Like the name suggest the Shutter Cafe is a place for photography enthusiasts. The place is adorned with vintage cameras and what not. Its menu includes caffeinated beverages, fruit and milk tea chillers. Interestingly, there people can take photography and arts classes as well

Zoo Coffee
It is a Korean-franchised zoo-themed cafe, founded in 2009. Here customers can relax in a comforting ambiance and feel the natural ambiance surrounded by animal-inspired furniture and stuffed toys. It has over 100 stores in South Korea, with international branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Taiwan.

Coffee Project
Coffee Project is a beautiful garden-inspired cafe adorned with furniture and display items from its neighbor, All Home, a one-stop shop for home essentials. Everything you see in the store, you can actually buy. This is the first of its 3 branches with themed interiors.

Cafe Aquatica
Cafe Aquatica is a fish shop and cafe in one where customers can purchase a new fishy friend at their restaurant. Rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, and espresso blended drinks are served. A number of aquariums are installed all around the place so diners are in for a visual treat as well.

Boracay Toilet
This is another interesting café in the Philippines. It is the first toilet-themed restaurant in the Philippines, which opened just last year. It serves Filipino fusion dishes with quirky pun titles. Interestingly, they serve in mini toilet bowls and urinal-shaped glasses.

So this was it for now soon we will back with some more interesting pieces on the Philippines.


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