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Hairstyles That Will Add A Top Notch To Your Style

Hello gorgeous! Hope you’re doing great. I have been thinking a lot on what new to share with you darlings, but then I just remembered that it’s December already! Woah, time flies isn’t it?

We have discussed innumerable beauty and fashion trends, talked about the in’s and the out’s. However, what I feel is that New Year’s Eve is the best time to experiment with your look and go a bit crazy with your style.

And there are of course times when you don’t want to put on makeup and still want to look different. Does that happen to you?

If it really does then trying on different hairstyles is what that will make you go slay! A simple and little change in your hairstyle will add the extra oomph factor in your style.

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So let me reveal to you the hairstyles that will make you go slay over your look!

Bangs the-best-bangs-for-every-face-shape-1593776-1449880718-640x0cBangs and fringes of all kinds will give you a vogue look and you would feel a very stylish change in your look with this simple change. The bangs be it natural, textured or bold anything sweetheart! The fun fact is that you can let your hair down or make a bun out of it and still look a chic!

The bob 609784088Bored with long hair? Cut them short and flaunt the bob cut! A very sassy and chic hair look I feel. Where you don’t have to worry much about what to with our hair and just turn the world into a rock gig!

Deep side parts 605654820Middle partings, side partings or no partings at all! (Oh I mean putting on a hairband) all these are too mainstream. What that would be in and that is something different to try on! With these deep side partings you can try on side fishtails, ponytail or braids!

Natural Texture a0814d72e3ffa46947eac9744b228cc2Girl! What’s wrong with your natural texture? It’s alright, and you do a here and a there with you natural curls and you look smoking hot! You know celebs like Alicia Keys have proven from their natural texture hairstyle that there is no wrong with them and I believe it will be a hot trend for the 2017.

Subtle Curls maxresdefaultHave dry hair texture? Tired of moisturizing it? I have the perfect solution for you a very easy and light trick. Shampoo your hair and tie them into braids the very night in the morning you get loose curls and waves and guess what your dry hair will add on to the look! Coz shiny ones will make your hairstyle look too made up!

Hope you would try on these exciting hairstyles, and will let me know about it!

Until then, Chao!

What To Pick When Shopping Grocery Online?

Most of us hate going to the grocery store. Fighting for parking, dealing with the crowds, dodging shopping carts, waiting in long lines at checkout; they’re all annoying and make us want to avoid the supermarket altogether. Plus, they are full of money-sucking pitfalls like end caps and deceptive pricing.

Thank God, we live in future. We can have groceries brought to us instead to go and get. And you save your time, energy and money by letting your food come to you. But have you every thought how can you bag more savings and be not a target of end caps? Do your shopping online at HonestBee with an exclusive discount and voucher codes by

Even though shopping for grocery online is easy and cheap, there are few things that you shouldn’t buy without building up a trusted relationship with your nearest local delivery service. Here are some safe items-

Non Perishable Foodhealthy-basicsThey has a long shelf life and doesn’t need refrigeration. This includes crackers, canned food, dried fruits and more.

Beveragescarbonated-beveragesThis is on second number. Buy energy & health drinks, coffee, fruit juices, soft drinks and everything else online to get quality at a great price.

Household and Cleaning ProductsBecause you get whatever tool you need for cleaning your house and whichever product you desire for your cleanness at below market price.

Pet Food and Suppliesdonatedfood_5504You’ll get a wide range of pet food and supplies. You can search for all the flavors, brands and everything that your baby loves.

Personal Hygiene5Buying them online can give you many products of great brands that maybe are not available in market. And online sites offer ample discounts on personal hygiene products.

5 Ways To Drape A Scarf Gentlemen!

People generally wear scarves for their personality and style quotient. And they are the great way to add a dash of colors in your ensemble. They can simply turn your outfit from boring to dapper. Scarves are a great way to add style to your looks. There are guys who think that their style needs more, they like it this way but want to add something more to their wardrobe that turns them into debonair.

Well, guys how many of you feel shy to carry a scarf because you think it’s a feminine accessory? If it is the reason, you couldn’t be more wrong because it’s a unisex add-on. However, if you think that you cannot carry it off successfully or do not possess skills to style it then for this I am here.

But before going further, I know most of you don’t have them in your wardrobe. Shop for men’s scarves from Zalora– Southeast Asia’s prominent fashion brand or you can search at Lazada too, and use special voucher codes and discount coupons from When you’ve added them to your accessories collection let’s see some way to style it-

The Classic Drape1No tying no knotting. You just have to drape the scarf around your neck. Wear it over a t-shirt, a classy suit or with a sports jacket too.

The Simple Once-Around Drape2A very simple style and perfect for draping medium length scarf. You just have to drape the scarf around your neck once and keep both the ends even at front.

Twice-Around Style3This one goes best with the coat or a jacket and scarf need to be bit longer. Drape the scarf twice around the neck, both ends will be shorter and leave them dangling in front.

The Scarf Tie4This style is for a formal look. Substitute the tie for a scarf. Simply fold the scarf across the chest creating the illusion of a shawl collar. Wear it tucked under a cardigan or top of the crisp shirt.

The Parisian Knot5It also requires a long scarf and is best for cold weathers. Use the scarf in silk or linen for the best effect. They are lighter and will not make the knot look bulky.

Add a more dapper and trendier spin to your look with scarves. Try something new and keep things interesting!