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Take Her To Greece, A Synonym Of Romance

In a hustle bustle life, it is hard to take out some time for your loved one I know. But to see them smiling of course you will do anything. What will be better than fulfilling their desire to go on a romantic holiday? The World is full of destinations where you can go and spend some wow time with your girl. And Greece tops the list of such place.

Greece, the land that echoes with mythology, will fulfill your thirst for knowledge and exploration and is one of the most popular travel destinations around the world and it holds a place on everybody’s bucket list. It is not only beautiful with its ocean landscapes, distinct architecture, and delectable food but it’s also incredibly affordable.

For sure Greek is economical but accommodation there could be little expensive or can say it depends on the area you’re traveling and the time you’re going there. But if you want to cut down on your inn and still want to relax down in a luxury hotel then look for a tranquil hotel online at and reserve it via to takeaway the stupendous discounts with its lucrative vouchers and discount codes.

Let’s take a glimpse of where to visit there with your queen-

SantoriniWhite architecture of Oia village on Santorini island, GreeceAside from the beautiful landscapes and volcanic presence, it is a great place for dramatic views, white washed houses, beachside campaign, winery tours, scuba diving and more. Book your stay in Volcano View Hotel & Villas; it is a largest hotel and villa in the city.

AthensathensWith grunge and grace, this city brings a confusing blend of historical and modern features. Iconic monuments mingle with museums, lively café, and fresco dining. And make your luxury yet affordable stay at Electra Palace Athens, this hotel stands out from the other and let you enjoy the majestic view of Acropolis.

CreteIt is a magical tapestry of splendid beaches, ancient treasures, vibrant cities and dreamy villages where locals share their traditions, wonderful cuisine, and lively spirit. If you’re a foodie then you’ll be in heaven in Crete.

MykonosmykonosIt is a little Venice with bars and cafes that give most beautiful sunset views. Known for its sandy beaches, white washed step lanes, picturesque views, diverse and intense nightlife. It is recognized as one of the main tourist attraction.

ParosparosIt is a Greek island best known for its traditional villages and beaches. Located in the heart of Aegean Sea, it is best for young people and romantic couples. This place is famous for the traditional architecture, the lovely beaches, and its nightlife.

Embellish Your Home In Full Festive Swing With Lazada

“Love is in the air and it smells like Christmas” Gosh! Time has really got wings I suppose. The only thing that popped up my mind was this when suddenly I realized that Christmas is round the corner and it’s such a busy time of the year!

However I just love this time of the year, where you are surrounded by the air of festivity and merriness. Ah! The lovely ambiance of decorative lights and the gleam of the glitters all around! Mesmerizing is the word.

gallery-spirit-christmas-past-shiny-trimmings-1216-1I think you too love to see your house glowing with the Christmas lightening. But then when it comes to Christmas or any festival in that concern, your stress starts rising and pressure mounting! Yes?

But you don’t worry as; if not in person I can at least help you out and be your shopping guide for the home décor section. So, here is an idea on how you could come with your interiors giving them the perfect match with the festivity around!

idea-4This particular room is decorated with a huge Christmas tree with the gifts all around. The Christmas tree can be decorated in all the rooms but I feel a huge one in your living area is the perfect one. What do you think about it? The glow lights that can be used while decorating your X-mas tree!

idea-3Well, not only decorating your tree will be enough! The small decorations that add feathers to your home interior are by ornamenting the fire place as well! Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you need vast décor products rather a simple lightening above the place and how can anyone forget the reindeers!

idea-1A few more décor essentials that one could add are the wreaths that are decorated with red and white lights, the scented and decorative candles- which are available in different shapes and sizes and a few others may include the Christmas socks and embellished pieces.

To shop for these products all you need to do is to click on Lazada– Southeast Asia’s most trusted online shopping website. Shop through CollectOffers and you get additional Lazada coupon codes and voucher codes!

Say Good Night To Your Skin With Night Cream

Ladies, you’re never too young or too old to start taking care of your skin. After all, your skin is body’s largest organ and keeping it healthy should be your priority. We all know that good eight-hour sleep keeps our body and skin happy and fit and also help repair the damage incurred to your skin during the day time and you wake up with a glow on your face. What if I say there’s one way you can do better? What if I tell you that there’s one simple step before you crawl under the cover that can help you achieve the skin of your dreams?

Well, whatever your questions are, the answer is Night Cream. Slathering on it before you’re going for your beauty sleep can get you clearer, smoother and fairer skin. All you need to do is spread it and go to bed. So, how do you find the right one you ask? Start with these night creams

Total Age Defy Night Creamsephora-total-age-defy-night-creamLooking to get rid of wrinkles? This night cream from Sephora Collection works all night long to regenerate even sensitive skin and diminish signs of fatigue.

Liquid Laser Super Anti-Ageing BalmalphahAlpha-H’s night cream will preserve your youthful radiance. Revitalize your mature skin with its blend of Macadamia Oil, Hibiscus and White Mulberry.

Hydrating Serumarcona_webThe serum from Arcona gives skin its daily dose of moisture for the soft and smoother skin. Lock the moisture of your skin to make it look healthier and younger with daily use of Hydrating Serum.

Firmarine Night CreamernolaszloGet firmer, plumper and radiant appearing skin with daily use of Firmarine Night Cream from Erno Laszlo. This cream will boost the immunity of your skin and it’ll be visibly firm tone and you’ll achieve a clear complexion.

Biodefense Instant Recovery Night Creamzoom_31e8e7bf65265cef7a985637b1ec737cba9b3077_1476276683_14702_estellethild_webWake up with cheerful, glowing and youthful skin. Reduce the sign of premature ageing and fatigue overnight with the use of Biodefense Instant Recovery Night Cream from Estelle & Thild.

Start taking care now before it’s too late. Grab these creams at a bargainous price from the huge collection of Sephora and you can happily enjoy more discounted rates when you purchase with an exclusive vouchers and coupon codes from

Wear The Vintage Ensemble With The Hue Of Modernity

Hello gorgeous! Today, before beginning with anything in particular let me make one clarification. Yes, clarification that why we women never get any other topic of discussion except that of fashion? Well, guys- do you know that today each day seems to deliver a new fad? Do you even realize that how hard it is for us to keep up with each trend; what’s in and what’s out?

Huh! But girls you don’t worry, as I have a solution to this problem. You know what I think there is one such trend that has made its place kinda permanent in the race. The vintage look! Don’t you too think so?

There is the retro fashion coming back in every sort be it accessories, makeup, hairstyle and fashion of course! So, my today’s look that I am going to share with you is the vintage one with a twist!

hm-black-crop-top-perverse-sunglasses-ella-moss-print-pantsThe flare pants! Yeah, with the gleam in your eyes I can see how much you too love to pair your flare pants! You get the perfect 80’s and 90’s vibe with this one outfit.

mac-retro-matte-lip-high-drama-ella-moss-layla-print-pants-hm-crop-topThe twist I have been blabbering about is that you can pair up your flare pants with a crop top! Here, it being a turtleneck but you know, a single wear has got its varied styles so you can go with any if not a turtleneck.

ella-moss-layla-pants-gigi-new-york-chelsea-crossbody-hm-crop-top-copyThe accessories need not to be too much. You know by now that I don’t love to accessorize much with my ensemble. As I believe that minimizes the entire show! And being a bag lover I love to carry different bags with me, I know so do you! Therefore, here you can carry your sling bag with you. For the footwear, you can slip on your wedges or platforms and also heels can be preferred.

perverse-sunglasses-times-square-renaissance-hotel-hm-black-crop-top-ella-moss-pantsTalking about makeup I would recommend for a casual day or a night out as well, all you need to do is to get your bold lipstick on and you’re ready to sway!

C’mon sassies get ready to slay with the vintage ensemble blended with a modern twist! And you could shop this look from Zalora and Fashion Valet– Southeast Asia’s prominent fashion website. And to save on your shopping don’t forget to shop through CollectOffers and avail exciting discounts coupons and voucher codes.

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