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The Sephora Collection Foundation: Review And Swatch

It has been a while that we have been discussing about various makeup tutorials and guides on how to flaunt a particular look. But then what about reviewing a product for you sweethearts? Now that you agree to it then today I will be reviewing The Sephora Collection Brightening and Hydrating Foundation.

I pretty much understand about how much you beautiholics love to deck up yourself for an occasion. And do you think any tutorial or any look is complete without foundation? No, I mean seriously you cannot proceed further without a base? Once without a primer you could still try to but foundation?

The Sephora Collection Brightening and Hydrating Foundation of the shade 15 nude is the lightest of all the nine shades that are available on Sephora– Southeast Asia’s most prominent beauty product website. And to buy the product and avail additional coupon codes and offers join your shopping with

The Packaging captureIt comes in a glass bottle of 20ml. This is priced at $29. The bottle is quite handy; with it you could also get yourself the foundation brush for its application.

My Experience clinique-2What I felt was after its application you could actually see the magic that is the blemishes on the skin were reduced. (The product claims that it does so with the dark circles and fine lines too, and since I don’t have any I cannot say anything about it!). For the perfect application you need to dab just a little foundation using light strokes. The formula blends with your skin tone to create an invisible veil, like that of a second skin which adapts all the movements of your face. And I would say unlike many foundations available this did not make my T-Zone excessively shiny.

My Verdict 2015-11-14-01-20-35The foundation did made my skin instantly lighter and smoother as well. You all know that you must always buy a foundation one tone lighter to your skin tone. So, I feel this is one of the best foundations ha I have come across. As it did not made my skin look too much cakey or made it dry.

So, this was my review on the Sephora collection foundation, you might have better products to share about. Then please don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comment box below. And if you liked this post and would like to see more of it then do hit the like button.

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