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Gamers Get Ready To Hound For Your Favorite Gaming Accessories From Lazada

If you too are a gamer just like I, then you are going to fall in love with this one! I don’t know about you but I always kinda have new cravings for some or the other accessories for myself. Does it happen with you too?

You know what they are not only your cravings but then accessories for the consoles and gaming gadgets be it your smartphone, PSP or Xbox, are like a complete lifestyle for you. Am I right? Or am I right!

For any gaming console to work smoothly and perfectly you need to have an accessory with a quality, it is but so obvious that you cannot pour on money every time on a single controller or headphone they at least must have some life!

And to get yourself a quality purchase you need to shop from a very trusted website which has huge options for you with each option having a quality check. Lazada, is a shopping website where you get not only gaming accessories but also consoles and gadgets. Yes, now to save more you can check CollectOffers to avail discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

If you go through the internet you will find number of gaming accessories and you may get confused of what to buy, for example you want to buy a controller so there are varieties of controllers available. So, today I would let you know about two different controllers and its features too!

Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller xiaoniI came across this super cool gaming controller and found really handy and it has got really nice features. The game controller is compatible with iOS System / Android System smart Phones.

2And you know what the best part is you don’t anymore need to Root it! Besides, it also works with Smart TV / Tablet PC / Smart Box. Four functions that are not to be forgotten to mention are
• gamepad mode (for Android system);
• used as a mouse to realize media control;

3• support for iCade games;
• for iOS third party control

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Game 33C’mon bro if you do not like to play on smartphones and are a PSP or Xbox fan who like to feel the game while playing this one controller is for you! You know what? The controller is an excellent comfortable game controller, with high quality materials for best Human Engineering.

44Its features also include precise control button and 360 degree rotate handle, with minimum precise at 0.172 degree. And one thing that I find great in this is that it ha super low power consumption.

5Some of more features include: Bosch G sensor built-in, top quality components, Bluetooth 3.0 for fast connection and speedy reflect.
I hope you now know which kind of controllers you want. One which can be connected to your smart phone as well as to your PC or the one only for your gaming consoles! Do let me know if you liked it and any suggestions are also welcomed.

Until next time,

You Surely Don’t Want To Miss This Cut-Crease Makeup Tutorial

Love eye makeup? Then you are going to love this tutorial today! One thing that I have observed is that makeup junkies will never miss an opportunity to glam themselves up, and sweethearts, it Thanksgiving round the corner!

Cut-crease look has already made a lot of buzz already among the beauties. Then I am sure what it is all about. The neutral eye makeup (which not at all is boring!) is a very gorgeous look to flaunt on and the plus point is that it makes your eyes look bigger and sexier! Yes, it definitely does!

So without making much of our chat longer, let us begin. And yes before I forget all the products used are from Sephora– Southeast Asia’s most trusted beauty product website. To save your pocket join in your shopping with CollectOffers and avail exciting coupon codes and voucher codes.

Here we go!

Step 1:
step1Before we begin with anything you need the base to be perfectly done. Hence, apply a perfect eye primer, here I used Edward Bess, of course you can you any primer of your choice. Next using Sigma Beauty E65 Small Angle Brush, cease your eye shadow with the color shade of brown.

step2Then blend a darker shade eyeshadow on the line and blend it properly with a flat shape brush.

Step 3:
step3Now that you are done with the upper eyeshadow we come to the lower base. For the lower base, use a whitish-silvery eyeshadow to the whole part. You will get to know why a silver base when you read further.

Step 4:
step5Take a golden eyeshadow and apply it on the two-third part of the lower portion and here is the reason for a silver base so that the remaining one-third is also covered!

Step 5:
step6And now blend with the fluffy brush highlight your brow bone to give it a complete finish!

Step 6:
step7Take a gel eyeliner (you can go for any sort of liner, I took gel because I find it perfect one-no smudge, perfectly smooth) and apply a thick coat, try on the winged eyes to compliment your look.

Step 7:
step8Then for the final eye makeup touch up grab your favorite mascara and get those super sexy eyes!

Finally go for a bonzer and a blush for your cheeks and don’t forget the contouring on your cheeks, nose and cupid bow. For lips I would love to put my hands on matte red lipstick.

Tada, you are ready!picture-108691-550x750

I hope you liked the look and for more such tutorials do let me know about them.

Until next time,
Loads of love!

Winter Swag With Graphic Tee!

Heya sweethearts! Hope you are fine and rocking as always! This is me Aanya Jain, an amateur fashion blogger. And I have come up with my first blog with a hope that I would be able to stand to your expectations. If you find any mistake from my end you are welcome to correct me and your suggestions are all hailed!

Well, today I am going to show my look-book of how I style my graphic tee! You know that’s the most comfortable and casual look that you can flaunt without any fuss! You’ll know me soon that how I love to style myself casually and my love for tees! I have styled my graphic tee with my denim Jacket and I hope you all like it:)img_0534

img_0533-1Graphic tees are something that you can wear in your college, your day-to-day chore; even in offices (they do give a smart look!). They are the ones that need a very little care and ya I know not much people like to go on with a single tee for months. However, what about if it’s your favorite? You surely don’t want to make it a duster! 😛img_0521So to take care of your favorite graphic tee first of all don’t let any dirt stay on your tee, wash it as soon as you get to know about it, because sometimes it so happens that the stain remains on the tee or the t-shirt gets spoiled! So be careful next time!img_0601

img_0590Here are my printed sneakers! Yes, one thing since it isn’t that chilly right now so I have paired it up with my denim jacket else you could also pull on a sweatshirt too!img_0549-1

Outfit details:

Denim Jacket: Flipkart

Denims: Madame

Tee: Reliance Trends

Sneakers: Max Fashion

Bag: Shoppers Stop

Yes, please don’t forget to pour your love and wishes on me through likes, comments and follow!

Until next time,
Loads of love,

Hey Men! Did You Know A Denim Shirt Can Make You Look Dapper?

Hey guys! Howz life? Are you also feeling left out reading the fashion content relating to women only? Ohk, then it’s your turn to explore the fashion galore.

Look into your wardrobe, did you find something that is waiting for you from a long time, eager to make you look presentable. Ummm, not the leather jacket, not your ripped jeans and definitely not your scarves, but the rugged denim shirt.

Yeah, the same denim shirt, which you underrated and let it, lay back along with your not so stylish clothes, is now back in fashion and not only back but back with a bang!

Okay, no need to regret as it can still be helpful and can transform your style game. Can see many faces beaming with delight 🙂  Wanna know how can these trendy shirts make you look like a dishy dude? Stay tuned!

Denim with Shorts1

Team your pastel color shorts with your denim shirt and you are ready to chill out with friends. A perfect outfit for a brunch or college wears.

Denim With Denim4

Men and denim have a strong bond, so it won’t look bad if you infuse a little extra denim. Team a light color denim shirt with a dark color jean and you are in your rough and rugged avatar.


Make your look cool by layering your denim shirt with white t-shirt and black jeans. You can put on white sneakers to complete the look. Don this look and grab eyeballs in your college or café or malls.

Denim Shirt With Black Formal Pants5

Who says denim shirts not a great option for formal wearing? Try teaming it with black formal pants. You can also carry the look for drinks or party after office.

Hmmm, can’t believe no that one single shirt can be donned in so many ways? Well, that is the magic of denim.