Glam Yourself With The Hottest Winter Makeup Trends And Tutorials

Hello sweetheart! Hope you all are doing fine! It’s been chilly out right? Despite taking care a lot of care of your pretty skin the harsh weather and winter breeze takes away your glow. But then, you cannot just lay back and avoid going out, can you? I am sure the answer is no!7-tips-on-achieving-a-natural-glow-through-highlighting

Get ready to glam yourself up and give your face and skin the glow, the shine they have been craving for! Trust me, you are going to fall in love with yourself and you never know you could be Dennis for someone! Ain’t that a beautiful influence? Ha! Caught you blushing!

Okay, so not wasting much of your time in my blabbering let me update you with four sassy looks for this winter season! As you all are already aware that this season is all about loud, glittery eyes and bold lips but then I would also like to bring a little twist to that look and bring you a tutorial that you could glam yourself with!

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Here we go!

The silver sleek look
3_sleek-silverThis look goes all with the trend and for all the smokey eye lovers here is your favorite makeup guise.
• Apply the silver eyeshadow in the inner thirds and black eyeshadow on the outer thirds.
• Blend the silver eyeshadow smoothly.
• On the uppermost third blend a soft pink shade to complete the smokey look.
• Eyeliner for this look should be applied with a soft hand.

One thing that should be kept in mind that with loud eyes you can do subtle with your lip makeup or also bold with your lips but only when you are going for a party!

The Bold Lip Trend
effad9e03dbaa80847cb6ed2025acf31For all who let their lips do the talking! This one is the perfect trend for you to follow.
• You may be a fan of mattes or gloss this is all for you.
• You know the best thing about this look is that all you need to do is to apply a base and contour well (contouring is so in trend!).
• Apply a balm before you apply lipstick to moisturize your lips well as you know matte lipsticks tend to make your lips to dry.
• Do the golden eye shadow makeup with a maroon or blood red lipstick to get the oomph factor!
• And for a casual day out you are all set.

Snowy Eyes
3817e213f6eb445138140d7dbc533d1cAn eye makeup that is as fresh as the fallen snow!
• To get this look all you need is the Silver or white shadow palette, glitter, and eyeliner- for the eyes,
• Pink shade lipstick for your lips and base and
• Highlighter for your face.
• Simply apply the shadow from going light to lighter and then apply the eyeliner to give the finishing touch!

Yes, always remember to apply concealer before you try on any eye makeup to give your eyes a wide awaken look.

The Natural Look
cs-buffs_model-shot-640x579Yes, you might be thinking that this look ain’t in the trend but darling, the fact is it never goes out of trend! You can always find celebrities going ga-ga with this look on events and functions! Jennifer Aniston, Oh my God! She looks drop dead gorgeous in this look!

This look is perfect for your day to day regime, when out with buddies or even for college!
• The best products that will give you the perfect natural glow in this winter are the nude shades and pink shaded lip colors!

Hence this was all, these were a summation of the four makeup tips and guide that will be a trend for this season. You pretty ones can take inspiration from these looks and add on things from your side too!

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Pour on your love with likes, follow and comments! I am all ears for you suggestions. Until next time,
Lots of love, XoXo!

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