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Get Ready For An Exotic Beach Vacation With Zalora

Beautiful destinations are one of my favorite sources of inspiration. There is nothing better than being barefoot in the sand. Beach clothes and style are not just restricted to bikinis and rompers. Yeah! It depends on what you’re doing at the beach. If you’re tanning and taking a dip, of course, you need a swimsuit, but if you’re traveling and exploring you can wear a dress, skirt, or other cute beach clothes.

But sometimes, while shopping for a particular look or vacation can be expensive, as you don’t want to compromise on the style. When it happen, start looking for your wardrobe staples from Zalora– Southeast Asia’s Prominent Fashion Brand, they have a sassy collection of everything you need and at an obtainable price. And when you fill your cart through, with its discounted price and voucher codes you can celebrate more markdowns.

When packing for a beach vacation, make sure you get stylish beach attire that will look stunning on and off the beach, as you’re not going to spend all day on the beach and lying in the sand. If you’re looking for beach clothes that are a bit reserved then go for kaftans, cover-ups and fun printed pieces. Always look for something that you can layer up with your swimwear.

new-style-woman-fashion-sexy-white-black-font-b-wave-b-font-stripe-print-tassel-fontDresses are the best options. Go for a strappy dress, maxi dress or off-shoulder dress in a patterned or prints. This will be cute, comfortable and will be a great option to wear around the town. You can layer your strappy or off shoulder dress with a summer cardigan or classic denim jacket.

b4cca531835a7acSandals are a must. Go for Havaianas or something like these. Keep in mind that you’re going to stroll around the beach. Go for a comfy pair of sandals when exploring a beach.

dbfad38b592aae3e4af20de86b05a0c6Keep your jewelry at a minimum. Don’t wear tons of statement diamond bracelets and necklaces. Instead, go for some something light and pieces in natural shapes.

beach-glasses-8Sunglasses are crucial! They’ll help you in shielding your eyes from the sun and will cover tired eyes.

white-floppy-straw-hat-women-wide-brim-sun-hats-summer-beach-wear8971And to protect yourself from the sun, you can opt for a super stylish hat else sunscreen is there to save you.

With all this your beach look is ready. Now grab your ticket to the island and rejuvenate yourself.

Grocery Shopping Made Easy And Fuss-Free With Honestbee

Tired of standing in a long queue, just to buy a few necessities? Or are you too a victim of your own cravings? Well, I don’t have a solution to your cravings but yes I can surely make your monthly or routine grocery shopping easy!

Surprised? Ah! Don’t be. There is a very trustworthy and helpful online grocery website HonestBee that will let you make it possible! Here, you get a variety of grocery products from fresh vegetables and fruits to daily staples! What else do you want?

I can very well understand that grocery shopping in such a hectic schedule and changing weather can be a pain sometimes and above that sometimes it so happens that you don’t get desired products in the aisle! True? Then all these issues can come to a rest if you shop online for your groceries too!

You won’t believe but earlier I too did not wanted to trust the online grocery shopping websites as you don’t actually know what is going to come to you? There are several questions that pop up. One of them being the food might get ruined while delivering. But trust me it is nothing of this sort. I too shopped from HonestBee and could feel the difference.

And yes don’t forget to shop via CollectOffers to avail amazing HonestBee discount coupons and voucher codes.

And let me now give you a glimpse of what all I picked up from the grocery shopping.

Coconut Yoghurt foodcraft_5546589765-17469639877_5546589765-17469639877-1Dairy-free, soy-free, probiotic-rich fermented coconut yoghurt, vanilla flavor. Coconut Yoghurt which is really good for one’s health and I got this at a very reasonable price too!

Organic Raw Granola (Maple Pecan & Cranberries) foodcraft_3764407493-11090607109_3764407493-11090607109-1A paleo friendly nutritious granola mix with no grains. The raw granola is made with activated nuts and seeds. Nuts have a naturally occurring chemical known as phytic acid. This one is easily available on HonestBee website.

Ella’s Kitchen Banana Baby Brekkie babycentral_55355_55355-1Not only daily staples but you also get baby products on the website too! The product is also available on the website at a lower price as well.

Raclette – Sliced mr-chatte_chrw0002_chrw0002-1You might be thinking that this product might have come up with some spoil issue, but there you go wrong! The product was delivered to me in a very fresh form with all necessary packing.

Andreola Veneto Extra Dry Prosecco captureThe food wine was delivered to me in an intact condition without any damage to the bottle!

Therefore, these were a few products out of whole that I got from the website and you too could get the products with the ease of sitting in your rocking chair at home or at your office. Avoid the long queue plus the savings!

Glam Yourself With The Hottest Winter Makeup Trends And Tutorials

Hello sweetheart! Hope you all are doing fine! It’s been chilly out right? Despite taking care a lot of care of your pretty skin the harsh weather and winter breeze takes away your glow. But then, you cannot just lay back and avoid going out, can you? I am sure the answer is no!7-tips-on-achieving-a-natural-glow-through-highlighting

Get ready to glam yourself up and give your face and skin the glow, the shine they have been craving for! Trust me, you are going to fall in love with yourself and you never know you could be Dennis for someone! Ain’t that a beautiful influence? Ha! Caught you blushing!

Okay, so not wasting much of your time in my blabbering let me update you with four sassy looks for this winter season! As you all are already aware that this season is all about loud, glittery eyes and bold lips but then I would also like to bring a little twist to that look and bring you a tutorial that you could glam yourself with!

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Here we go!

The silver sleek look
3_sleek-silverThis look goes all with the trend and for all the smokey eye lovers here is your favorite makeup guise.
• Apply the silver eyeshadow in the inner thirds and black eyeshadow on the outer thirds.
• Blend the silver eyeshadow smoothly.
• On the uppermost third blend a soft pink shade to complete the smokey look.
• Eyeliner for this look should be applied with a soft hand.

One thing that should be kept in mind that with loud eyes you can do subtle with your lip makeup or also bold with your lips but only when you are going for a party!

The Bold Lip Trend
effad9e03dbaa80847cb6ed2025acf31For all who let their lips do the talking! This one is the perfect trend for you to follow.
• You may be a fan of mattes or gloss this is all for you.
• You know the best thing about this look is that all you need to do is to apply a base and contour well (contouring is so in trend!).
• Apply a balm before you apply lipstick to moisturize your lips well as you know matte lipsticks tend to make your lips to dry.
• Do the golden eye shadow makeup with a maroon or blood red lipstick to get the oomph factor!
• And for a casual day out you are all set.

Snowy Eyes
3817e213f6eb445138140d7dbc533d1cAn eye makeup that is as fresh as the fallen snow!
• To get this look all you need is the Silver or white shadow palette, glitter, and eyeliner- for the eyes,
• Pink shade lipstick for your lips and base and
• Highlighter for your face.
• Simply apply the shadow from going light to lighter and then apply the eyeliner to give the finishing touch!

Yes, always remember to apply concealer before you try on any eye makeup to give your eyes a wide awaken look.

The Natural Look
cs-buffs_model-shot-640x579Yes, you might be thinking that this look ain’t in the trend but darling, the fact is it never goes out of trend! You can always find celebrities going ga-ga with this look on events and functions! Jennifer Aniston, Oh my God! She looks drop dead gorgeous in this look!

This look is perfect for your day to day regime, when out with buddies or even for college!
• The best products that will give you the perfect natural glow in this winter are the nude shades and pink shaded lip colors!

Hence this was all, these were a summation of the four makeup tips and guide that will be a trend for this season. You pretty ones can take inspiration from these looks and add on things from your side too!

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Pour on your love with likes, follow and comments! I am all ears for you suggestions. Until next time,
Lots of love, XoXo!

Explore The Tropical Paradise On Earth- Hawaii

Whether you’re in search of white sand beaches, tropical breezes, turquoise water, best surf or other fun activities; Hawaii has something for everyone. Whether you’re dreaming for swimming in waterfall pool or lazing on golden-sand beaches, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for.

Go on a tropical getaway, but Hawaii couldn’t be easier as visiting this island isn’t always cheap. Travelling cost to Hawaii maybe higher than the cost to other US destinations or international destinations. It is no fun returning from a relaxing vacation and be saddled with the stress of paying huge credit card balance. Save your bucks by looking for coupon discounts and codes for your resort or hotel booking. Stay in a vacation home instead of any luxury hotel, reserve it online at HomeAway and and use exclusive coupon codes by to remain stress-free.

Reduce the cost of your trip by traveling it on off seasons, taking an advantage of free activities or low-cost activities such as visiting historic The Arizona Memorial, National Historical Parks, take a drive to Hana Highway… there’s so much in Hawaii that offers fun at low cost or no cost.

But as Hawaii is an archipelago, one must be bewildered which island to go and have unlimited fun. Let me tell you where you can go-

oahuIf you’re the one who is always in hurry then pack your bags for the Oahu Island, the capital city of Hawaii. This place offers the widest range of attractions, from diverse dining experiences to numerous cultural and historic attractions to outdoor activities, such as surfing, swimming and sightseeing.

muaiIf you’re looking for a romantic getaway go Maui, most Romantic Island in the world. Glorious beaches, luxe resorts, fantastic luau, gourmet cuisine, windsurfing, whale watching, snorkeling, diving, hiking and what’s not. You’ll get everything partner desires to do in this vacation.

kuaiAnd for the one who enjoys outdoor activities, go Kauai. You’ll see a Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, hike to, ride a boat or take a helicopter ride to see lava flowing to the sea. And your dream of swimming in a waterfall pool, it will come true here.

birdwatchingTake out some time and spend wonderful moments in Hawaii vacation doing birding or bird seeing. Each Hawaiian island has its collection of unique species of birds and animals, which is found nowhere in the world.

deep-sea-fishing-in-oahu-hawaiiCharter a fishing boat from small harbors and go deep sea fishing. Enjoy the open ocean and sea coast surrounding Hawaiian Island. And try catching big fame fish like Pacific Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Ono and numerous.

hawiian-lun-plate1After your visit to Hawaiian attractions, why not have something to eat. Get a platter of appetizing food anywhere. Make sure you add these foods in must try list; Poi, Kalua Pig, Poke, Lomi Salmon, and Loco Moco. And try some most exotic fruits such as Strawberry guava, egg berry, poha berry, cherimoya, dragon fruit and more.

This is little about Hawaii. To know more, go pack your backs and jet off.

Jaipur’s Amer Fort- A Living Example Of Majesty And Maverick Architecture

Ever seen a kid experiencing something what he dreamt of? The excitement and gleaming eyes say it all that yes I finally made it!!! Same were my feelings when I got a chance to visit the magnificent Amer Fort in Jaipur.1

I know for many it’s not a big deal but for a person like me, who is a big Bollywood ka keeda (Bollywood Fan) and desires to explore all those exotic location and huge set portrayed in period drama’s marvelously helmed by directors such as Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Ashutosh Gowarikar, it was like a dream come true.

Okay, enough blabbering about my dreams as this is not the agenda. Yeah, my aim is to inspire you all to visit this lovely place at least once and trust me I am not getting any royalty from the Jaipur Tourism 😉 It’s an admirer’s interest!!!1f59dcb7aa6620dc99e58deef3510e23

Its charisma left me overwhelmed right from the beginning. Yup, the moment I saw a glimpse of it, from my cab, I was like “OMG!!! It’s so huge and beautiful”. The lake flowing beside it, and the pigeons flying in heap made it look even more magical.

However, for a moment I was in a state of shock looking its height thinking, “do I have a walk till there?” but soon I was relieved listening to the kind words of the cabby, who said he will drop me close to the fort and from there I would have to walk less. Aaah, what a relief! I wonder how did the king and his people managed???

Soon after I reached near the huge entrance of the fort, I felt like some sort of festivity was going on. No, really. Lots of vendors there were selling the souvenirs of the magical land and tourists were going gaga over the handicraft showcased by them. And I got to mention the melodious Ikatara (single string instrument) sound which I can still remember. Musicians playing it really loved their art, as none demanded any money in return but it was your wish if you liked the soulful melody played by them you can reward them.2

Now coming back to the grandeur of the quila (fort), which reflected a perfect blend of Rajputana and Mughal architecture! And I must admit it, that the walls look still lively and have not become ancient ruins.

Built in the 16th century by Raja Maan Singh, the fort has four separate entrances. The main entry of the fort is through, Suraj Pol or the Sun Gate (probably because it faced the east).

To recall you all the glimpse of the grand quila, let me take the name of a movie which will draw before you all the clear picture of the majestic fort- Jodha Akbar. Yeah, maybe now I can convince you in terming it one of the most attractive monuments.3

Made up of pale yellow and pink sandstones and marbles, the fort has four courtyards namely Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Jaleb Chowk (this is the main chowk, where you will reach soon you enter the fort) and the Jai Mandir (the hall of victory).

Once you are done, walking through the courtyards don’t forget to take a glimpse of the Siladevi Temple and yes, from Jaleb Chowk, you will see staircases which will lead you to the main palace.4

Though, expressing the beauty and grandeur of the palace in words is a big deal but still I tried. The other attractions there is the elephant ride, which can make you feel like a royal if you try it and the 1135 AD restaurant in the Fort, where you can enjoy food in regal ambiance.

Hmmm, am again lost in the magic of its beauty!!! I can bet you’ll love to be there and would also thank me for suggesting a place like it, so give it a shot.