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Sniff Out On Street Food In Singapore – A Culinary Capital

One of the first things that you’ll hear about Singapore is that the people who live here love two things: shopping and eating. Eating is a national pastime for Singaporean because it has some best food on the planet, from high-end five-star restaurants to cheap hawker’s food. And with its diverse cuisine, Singapore has achieved a world-class status as “culinary capital”.

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It was about your flight and lodging. Do I forget about the food section on the trip? Nah! The food there is for everyone, no matter you’re a local or a tourist; you’ll find the best food there. Its hawker food is a rich heritage and consists Chinese, Malay, Indian and Indonesian influences in its platter. The street food is absolutely amazing and you can feel your tummy fill at a very affordable price. Do not hesitate to try the yummiest food! I gave a relishing treat to my taste buds in the street of Singapore and missing everything while penning down the street food to try for you.

There are countless delicious delicacies available in this city-state. Here is the checklist of food to eat when you visit Singapore.

Wanton Meewanton-meeThis dish is influenced by Hong Kong cuisine. But the Singapore version is served dry with some light sweet sauce, slices of barbecued pork and wanton dumplings filled with pork, with a small bowl of soup on the side.

Hainanese Chicken RicehainaneseThis is a hearty and flavorful food. It’s rice is cooked in chicken fat, chicken stock, pandan leaf as well as ginger and garlic, is aromatic and fluffy. Go Maxwell Road Hawker Centre for Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Crabs Chili or Peppercrab1If you are looking for most typical and enjoyable Singapore dish then it is Crabs. 2 most famous style to cook crab are sweet and spicy tomato chili sauce or with black pepper sauce. Taste the best crab in Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

Curry Fish HeadfishcurryWhen I took the first bite, I was confused. Is it Indian, Chinese or Malay? Another ambiguous dish probably from south Indian origin! Spicy and flavorful, Indian style curry, lighter and sweeter Chinese flavors.

Tau Huaytua-huay

The list would be incomplete without a dessert. Try Tau Huay at Old Airport Road Food Centre. Chinese dessert made with bean curd tofu and is sweetened with sugar syrup. It is very soft, slightly grainy and soaks in syrup to be eaten together.

Forget the city’s best restaurants and stroll the streets to eat.

Trend Alert! Style In Your Turtleneck Like Never Before

You know as when winters start to take its baby steps the chilly breeze and your shiver body needs someone to hug you, to gigil you so tight. The warmth and coziness that hug imbibes you in, is so soothing and comfy! Nooo…! I aint talking about a guy give you that passionate hug! (Though that would work here too) However, I am talking about your warm pullovers. And one of them being the most under-appreciated one; turtlenecks!

Yeah! I can very well read and understand your facial expressions that you made while reading turtlenecks! But sweeties, calm down, relax and take a deep breathe! Yeah, yeah I know it kinda is sometimes itchy and claustrophobic when you flaunt a turtleneck.

What about I say that it is all worth it! The compliments and appreciation you will receive after you style your turtleneck in different styles and different ways will make it wealth!

And I personally believe that they aren’t that bad a trend, well actually a sartorial splendor! So, how about me giving you some tips and guide on how inversely you could style your single turtleneck and get that swag plus the grandeur?

And yes you can find all the latest turtlenecks on Zalora and Fashion Valet– the one stop destination for all your fashion stuffs! Okay, now that I have blabbered too much let’s go!

bloggif_5832dc9a9bd76Wanna look dope? The best way to flaunt the feministic bravura is too pair your turtleneck with a pencil skirt I bet, this is the best way to show off your curves and the erotic side!

tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-3If you are not a pencil skirt fan (like me!) then miniskirts are for you! no sweetheart I know you gonna freeze your legs wearing a miniskirt but pull on your stockings or jeggings with it and portray the sexier you!

bloggif_5832dbfa23956Ahaa! Too much of girly stuff? Don’t worry bro, I got something for you too! I have been innumerable time saying that denims are one thing that gels up with every damn top wear! So, if you wanna get that casual chic look, then style your turtlenecks with denims!

tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-20What about the pairing up flared skirts with tight turtlenecks? Sounds weird? However it is not! Accessorize it with a sling and heels and then the decision is all yours!

bloggif_5832db8a53951Now that you might be aware that turtlenecks have made a comeback after the 70’s. Hello, Marilyn Monroe! Ah that gorgeous and sensuous lady, how effortlessly she paired up the turtlenecks with high waist pants. Flawless is the word!

I hope there could have been no better way to conclude this piece! But then don’t forget to shop from CollectOffers to avail discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Shoutout to all chic out there get your turtlenecks and make them your season favorite! Have an up-to-the-minute winter!

Until next time,
Loads of love XoXo!

Make Your Breathing Space Purified With Air Purifiers From Lazada

We all love to travel into the meadows, don’t you? The natural beauties and greenery all around seems so soothing. Imagine yourself walking into the meadows; you stand under the open sky and with open arms and closed eyes feel the refreshing air! The pacifying and soft touch makes you stay at that place for long! *Snap*

Wake up my friend! I ain’t narrating a story. All I want to say is doesn’t all this make you comfortable? Yes it definitely does. But then you have to come to your normal life, the daily regime and breathe in the polluted and contaminated air which is the reason for various health issues.

So when it comes to purified air, the most you could do is to get yourself an Air Purifier! However nowadays you see the market is flooded with such products all around. The confusion starts when you do have a proper budget and you get two to three products within the same range. Alas!

Okay, if you are muddled then why am I here? Obviously to provide you a solution to your problem! How? I won’t force you to buy a particular product but would just brief you on what essentials and qualities does a product has so that you could easily decide which one to buy?!

So, today I will compare two air purifiers with you, which can be easily purchased from Lazada– Southeast Asia’s prominent website where you get a varied range to choose from and also you avoid the huff and puff!

1Let us begin with Ultrasonic Home Aroma Humidifier. In dealing with the health and quality of home air, a focus is usually placed on impurities in the air. However, there is another factor that is nearly as important as the purity of the air you breathe, which is the concentration of moisture within it.

2There are all in all three benefits to use a humidifier. Firstly, Humidifiers Keep Eyes and Skin Moisturized, Preventing Irritation. Secondly, to reduce the risk of asthma attack. Last, the most common problem, fewer headaches!

4This product helps in Improving the Indoor Temperature, Get RID of Dry, increase the humidity. Boost Morale, improve efficiency. The noise level is of 36 decibels only and the total mist space is full of moist air.

Second product is the Air Purification System. This product is best for purifying the contaminated air. Especially the second hand odor of cigarettes, pollution, tobacco etc.
9It helps in deodorizing the smell and in its disposal. Helps in reduction of the symptoms of fatigue, allergies and dizziness.

8Both these products are of same range almost and are easily available. So you could buy them through CollectOffers and avail the additional discount coupons and voucher codes.

Breathe in fresh and free air! Happy Shopping!

Expose Yourself To Food At Morrison Café Through Groupon

To all the foodies out there, this is for you. Treat yourself with delicious, mouthwatering food at Morrison Café And Bar. I am a fan of its food. They have a list of foodstuff from a cheeseburger to turkey avocado Panini and everything at an essential rate. There can be no better place to eat in the street of Hong Kong than this café. Whether you wanna go out and party with friends or own a new house, or got a new job, celebrate here for every reason.

Morrison Café and bar is a contemporary cafe envelopes patron in rustic surroundings as waitstaff serve up home-style cheeseburgers, paninis, pizzas made with regular or whole wheat dough, and more Western dishes alongside steaming cups of caffeinated beverages.

And who want to stop eating when the food is so yummilicious? Not me. I have enjoyed my food without worrying about the money. And you should do that because when you’re eating you should only eat and not think. But getting a tempting food at a budgeted rate is bit troublesome. And to solve your issue, I am going to tell you a secret to save money. Just order for your savory food online from Groupon, that’ll let you order food in bulk and allow you to enjoy huge discounts on your order. And to grab more discounts, order your meal through, that’ll treat your brain with discounts and voucher codes.

From soups and salads to pizza and pasta, binge on everything your taste buds asks for. First, let me tell what you must try whenever you go there.

Wild Mushroom PizzamushroomThis is a fit for a king pizza. The entire veggie lover, if you’re looking for a healthy option to eat then order this pizza that is full of herb. I just loved the taste, aroma, and everything.

Chicken Bacon Paninipanini1This Panini is really something piquant and little spicy. Gooey, melty cheese, crispy, salty bacon sandwiched between layers of grilled, toasty bread. Recalling its taste I am again lost in its flavors.

Italian Sausage Pizzaitalian-sausage1Do you remember the taste of your last pizza? No? Eat this palatable pizza in street of Hong Kong and remember the taste forever.

Cheese Beef Burgercheese-beef1Ultimate cheese beef burger, not just Honkies but everyone who seems to have taken, loved it.

Coffeecoffee-morision1If you just want to relax in a serene environment and address you caffeine need in morning then come here.

The list doesn’t end here. And yeah! If you’re fond of Salsa then go there every Friday to learn some crazy dance moves.