Get The Ideal Back To College Laptop From Microsoft

Wassup Buddies!! Ya, ya I know there ain’t anything cools about this time of the year! Especially for the college going dudes and girls like you! There isn’t any holiday break coming up but hey you are at the second best destination of yours, you college!!! Haha..Okay no more kidding!

All jokes apart but now that you might be planning of getting a lot of work done and that would have just prompted you on thinking, “Yeah I definitely need to buy a new college laptop, no doubt about it…I just need it…It’s for work after all!” right? And I personally won’t blame you for the wanting and craving of yours for a new gadget: laptop! But then, the basic question is that since there is a market full of new picks and the problem comes as to which one to choose from?

So, the first question arises before you hop on deciding the budget is that what do you need? Do you need a powerhouse beast of a laptop or will a simple notebook do? Ah! I know I pinched a paining vain! Okay, so let me compromise it by letting you know about a laptop that would suit you best in numerous ways.

P.S.: I am not an expert on Gadget this is what I feel about the product and the brand in itself. Therefore you lovely gadget freaks are advised to please correct me if I go wrong somewhere!

And of course to find a perfect place to get your laptop visit Microsoft– where you get a varied range of laptops, notebooks etc, etc!captureThe one that I am going to discuss today is the Dell Inspiron 15 7559-70814G-W10 Laptop.

Most basic college homework related tasks will involve: creating documents and going online to research materials and access the college’s online portal. So before jumping on the “I need the latest Apple laptop” bandwagon; stop, calm down and think for a few minutes. To every question the solution is not always Apple!

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laptop-inspiron-15-7000-pdp-polaris-01Yes, I don’t disagree that MacBooks are an impressive laptops but you are in a college and if you could see the best and cheaper side that would help you a lot as with the savings come the needful to buy or fulfill your other wishes too.

And yes if your course requires a beefier gadget that you need for editing and you basically need a beast of a laptop whose performance compares with high end desktops. Yes, one could think of buying all-in-all two gadgets but then why to burden yourself with two machines when a single would do it all! Yes here is the Dell Inspiron.laptop-vostro-15-3000-pdp-polaris-02-black

This 15.6 inch machine sports an Intel Core i7 processor clocked at 2.6 Ghz and a whopping 16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM. For storage, you are blessed with 128 GB SSD for running your software fast; along with 1TB HDD for all those important project files. And last but not least, it comes with a very capable laptop GPU: the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980M; sporting 4 GB of GDDR5 so you’re good for gaming too!

Better than many laptops those come under the same price list and work at a faster pace than those. I would suggest you to go on for this laptop.

Just remember this baby will be following throughout your college years (arguably the best years in your life); so you’re not just picking a machine, you’re choosing a companion which will stick to you through thick and thin. Happy Shopping!

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