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Save Your Pocket In Dubai: The Las Vegas of Middle East

Dubai, a city that can’t be easily explained and at the first glance you’ll find it very expensive but you’ll be surprised to find hundreds of ways how to save money there. It will fascinate you with its energy, optimism and openness towards people from all over the world.

You know plenty of places where you just pack a bag and run away. But Dubai, I am sure you want to visit it but the budget, it holds you back. As Dubai, a name itself says that bag a saving and then come to me. Don’t worry! You just need to be little attentive when you’re planning your trip there.

This trip needs a planning, from a flight to hotel to food to where you gonna visit, else pay through your nose for an ultimate fun.

Just go through the ways that will bag up extra bucks and will make your holidays indelible. Just keep a little patience when you scroll down.

Booking can be fun too!

Online Banking

Yeah! It can be, trust me. You just have to search for some amazing Online Travel Agency. And do not go for hotel booking and flight booking, instead search for packages they offer. Book your flights along with your stay in a hotel and reduce a cost of your holiday and save up to 33%. Now you might think about OTA. Aahaa! Let me tell you some, Expedia and AirAsiaGo, just click here and you can book your tickets from here to save more. And if you’re looking for some hidden treasure then you’ve to visit, as it gives great discount codes and voucher codes to hatch more.

These were the few tricks to get some more bucks in your bank account. But if you want more, than join a loyalty program of OTAs, as loyal customer celebrate more perks, discounts. And yes, be choosy about the location of your hotel too.

Get The Entertainer!

Every city has such magazine which will be a perfect guide for you. Get it from any supermarket or store or get an online copy. And hurray! You’re ready to explore Dubai on your own. This will guide you and give you discounts on attractions, restaurants, bars, theme parks and more with discount.

And now you’re thinking I’ve told you about how to save money but forget to tell you where to visit. No, I haven’t. Here is a list of places where you can go and have a lot of fun.

Burj Khalifamaxresdefault

If you’re not going here, then your Dubai vacation is a complete waste. The tallest building in the world lets you go up to the 128th floor. Go there and get a breathtaking panoramic view of a city and a desert.

Desert Safaridesert-safari

Most integral attraction is this. Enjoy the dune bashing, belly dancing, sheesha, Tanura dance, quad bike ride and a meal. Make sure, you book your safari earlier and not to pay something extra.

Explore Dubai From Waterncs_modified20150518205749maxw640imageversiondefaultar-150518890

If you’re not the one who loves many adventures and enjoy the mesmerizing breeze, then this one is for you. Do take a yellow boat and enjoy a water trip.

Atlantis, the Palmatlantis-palm-hotel-2

One of the must-dos in Dubai trip is too picturesque Atlantis hotel. Enjoy the water rides, private beaches, and a loving interaction with dolphins at Aquaventure waterpark, everything it offers with your stay. Means you can have fun with your stay.

Global Villagedubai-global-village-2016-29

And if you’re looking for some street shopping, then darling! I’m sorry to say Dubai doesn’t offer this culture. But still, you can make a visit to Global Village. You can get cheap electronics and knickknacks from China, fancy skin belts and purses from Africa, lovely lacquer stuff from Vietnam, spices and dry fruits from the Middle Eastern countries, leather jackets from Pakistan, fashionable outfits from Singapore et al.

Now have fun in a city where you can spot cars made of gold on roads.

Get The Ideal Back To College Laptop From Microsoft

Wassup Buddies!! Ya, ya I know there ain’t anything cools about this time of the year! Especially for the college going dudes and girls like you! There isn’t any holiday break coming up but hey you are at the second best destination of yours, you college!!! Haha..Okay no more kidding!

All jokes apart but now that you might be planning of getting a lot of work done and that would have just prompted you on thinking, “Yeah I definitely need to buy a new college laptop, no doubt about it…I just need it…It’s for work after all!” right? And I personally won’t blame you for the wanting and craving of yours for a new gadget: laptop! But then, the basic question is that since there is a market full of new picks and the problem comes as to which one to choose from?

So, the first question arises before you hop on deciding the budget is that what do you need? Do you need a powerhouse beast of a laptop or will a simple notebook do? Ah! I know I pinched a paining vain! Okay, so let me compromise it by letting you know about a laptop that would suit you best in numerous ways.

P.S.: I am not an expert on Gadget this is what I feel about the product and the brand in itself. Therefore you lovely gadget freaks are advised to please correct me if I go wrong somewhere!

And of course to find a perfect place to get your laptop visit Microsoft– where you get a varied range of laptops, notebooks etc, etc!captureThe one that I am going to discuss today is the Dell Inspiron 15 7559-70814G-W10 Laptop.

Most basic college homework related tasks will involve: creating documents and going online to research materials and access the college’s online portal. So before jumping on the “I need the latest Apple laptop” bandwagon; stop, calm down and think for a few minutes. To every question the solution is not always Apple!

And for discounts coupons and voucher codes don’t forget to shop from CollectOffers and avail exclusive discounts.

laptop-inspiron-15-7000-pdp-polaris-01Yes, I don’t disagree that MacBooks are an impressive laptops but you are in a college and if you could see the best and cheaper side that would help you a lot as with the savings come the needful to buy or fulfill your other wishes too.

And yes if your course requires a beefier gadget that you need for editing and you basically need a beast of a laptop whose performance compares with high end desktops. Yes, one could think of buying all-in-all two gadgets but then why to burden yourself with two machines when a single would do it all! Yes here is the Dell Inspiron.laptop-vostro-15-3000-pdp-polaris-02-black

This 15.6 inch machine sports an Intel Core i7 processor clocked at 2.6 Ghz and a whopping 16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM. For storage, you are blessed with 128 GB SSD for running your software fast; along with 1TB HDD for all those important project files. And last but not least, it comes with a very capable laptop GPU: the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980M; sporting 4 GB of GDDR5 so you’re good for gaming too!

Better than many laptops those come under the same price list and work at a faster pace than those. I would suggest you to go on for this laptop.

Just remember this baby will be following throughout your college years (arguably the best years in your life); so you’re not just picking a machine, you’re choosing a companion which will stick to you through thick and thin. Happy Shopping!

Get Ready With Me: A Perfect Glamorous Party Look

Hey cutipies…!! It has been days we poured out things to each other and so you know what I just thought enough of telling you about the trend updates and letting you know about what is on and off!! I am done with it. No, queen I ain’t dismayed with you, you know you are my darling sweethearts! But then that becomes too mainstream I feel. Don’t you too think so?

Therefore, today I am going to give you a #GRWM party look! Ah! I know Christmas and New Year’s Eve is way too far and it’s just November! But then, do you need a reason to party? It’s actually the other way around, I know you need reason to dress and doll yourself up in a stunning and glamorous look. Caught ya!

And here I bring to this one look that you might love to flaunt in the next bash you are about to attend! Just to get you into a full party swing. As you know I am an expert at this (Ahem, ahem!!)cherryblossomgirl-glamourparty-7Queens and Princesses!! *Drum Rolls* Here it is, it has always been there with a very sheer notice of everyone. It is the one and the only Little Black Dress!! Yess..a LBD which you style junkies always to garb in. Did you just get some craving for this attire? Wanna get this look? Simply click on Zalora– Southeast Asia’s most astounding fashion website, where you will get LBD’S at a mottled range!

The dress was just the creation of the party look, now that I am telling you about this LBD, you all know that LBD’s don’t need to be too much refurbished. However I believe your obligatory things should be such paired up so that the minimal use of accessories brings out the maximum style!

cherryblossomgirl-glamourparty-9Here, we come up with the Clutch. A clutch is an important part of a girl’s ensemble. You need to keep your lipstick or gloss, your phone and keys- the basic necessary items. So why not play with the look donning a sliver, shimmery clutch! Doesn’t it give a dope look?

What next? The shoes!! Yes, why always wear heels? This time try out a better and chic look, like this one wearing exquisite Silver Shoes with the bling effect! Shout out for all the shoe lovers who admire them and always thought of wearing it with every damn look, it’s your day babe! Flaunt the sliver footwear and you are going to slay!cherryblossomgirl-glamourparty-8

Yeah, girl you’re all set to kill and what about the makeup? For the makeup I would suggest that go minimal on that so that your styles do more talking than your masked face! For different makeup products click on Sephora and you get best of the best makeup brands and products to choose from! Try on a bold red lipstick or the shades of pink that will give your apparel a sexier look. And for a dapper look go for loose curls and yes if you want you could accessorize it with a head band.  *wink wink*

And now that you are ready with me for the party, time for me to give you some news! Shop this complete look from CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupons and voucher codes! Time to do the party dance and yes how can I forget the selfies? *click click*

This was all for today, don’t forget to pour out your love with likes, share and comments. Do share you views and suggestions.
Until next time,
Loads of Love..XoXo!!

Get Your Hands On Baby Care Essentials!

Halo ibu! Bringing your little angel home is exciting. No matter how well you’ve prepared, you’re bound to be surprised as you learn about your new baby. With each day or even second, you discover something new with them. Baby care sometimes can be too exhausting but there’s so much to look forward. And picking up right products be it baby soap, cream, diaper or baby teether is difficult. I totally empathize how difficult it is to choose products for your baby. You are not too sure when you are a new mother and you have no knowledge about the right products. You actually want to be very sure about every such thing that has to have a direct contact with your baby.

Infant care can be expensive and can cost more than your pocket can afford. But do you wanna compromise with baby’s health and hygiene? After all, your baby deserves nothing, but the best. Yeah! Getting a best can never be a pocket-friendly, but you can make it. From nappies to baby food, get your baby bucket-list from Lazada and Matahari Mall offers you everything from the best brands at economical rates. And give a treat to your savings, by bagging more bucks with exclusive voucher code and discount codes through

As you’re on this adventure trip, get to know some baby essentials.

Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pantspamperss
For mothers, it is very hard to see their baby cry in pain because of rashes. They are soft, comfortable and compared to the cloth diapers these disposable diapers will shield baby’s skin from wetness and will prevent rashes.

Gerber Washclothgerber-washcloth
Baby skin demands something very soft like a feather and there can nothing be better than Gerber Washcloth. It is ideal for washing baby during bathtime and work great as a clean-up cloth after feeding.

Pigeon Toiletriestoiletries
You need them from a day one to take care of baby’s hygiene. Baby oil, cream, soap, powder, cologne and everything you need for a baby’s shower time.

Gerber Lil’ Bits Oatmeal Banana Strawberry Cerealgerber-cereal
Who doesn’t want to see their baby healthy and chubby? Get a finger-licking good, healthy food for a baby and introduce them to new tastes. It is soft and easily consumed.

Silicone Funny Baby Microphone Pig Nose Pacifier Red Lip Infant Pacifiersteether
When your baby starts teething, she gets to her hand or almost anything to mouth. Hand her a teether and calm your crying infant.

Well, the list isn’t over and can never be of baby’s need. So click and start shopping now.