Fill Yourself With Zeal And Zenith To Explore The City Of Macau

You know I believe that the best moments are the made when travels are unplanned, at least better than the planned ones if you ever get to compare them. I know you might be thinking that how it could be a better one as unplanned ones will add on the hush-puffs but my dear friend, there lies the real fun!

Yes, the excitement, the anxiety and all the hotchpotch of emotions will make a memory in your life that was never done by any trip. The best part of being a traveler is to explore different and new ways to roam a place. The place that includes adventures you don’t know about, the food and places you aren’t aware of and you still are there to make it an unforgettable one! Did your adrenaline rush just take it pace?

However there must be some idea about where you are going to travel. A place where you could spend some days with friends full of stops that are waiting to be explored!

Such a city is the city of Macau! The city which people considers “Vegas of Asia”, but let me tell you sweetheart it is a hell lot more than the casinos, bars etc., etc.! Indeed Macau is the mecca of gambling and glitz but it has got adventures and cuisines and all the exotic locations that a traveler will cherish his entire life!

Already drooling over the place? Ahaan! Don’t come to the conclusion so quickly, as I said the city has got immense reasons to make your fortuitous or scheduled itinerary a trip to remember.

But you know what? When a group of friends’ hangover a place and talk suddenly about a place then the name of the city will come to your mind only when you have tad bit knowledge about the city and you know what things you can explore and how full of adventure trip you could make!

With travel journeys come the budget, of course that is a genuine issue travellers go through, but then why to fear when I am here? Check out Agoda and for exclusive range of hotels that fits in your budget and yes don’t forget to make your bookings through CollectOffers to avail additional Agoda and coupon codes and voucher codes.

So, my enthusiastic travelers fill yourself with the energy and leave your footprints back in Macau!

Munch on Portuguese egg tart egg-tartSo, if you guys are of the notion that this egg tart pastry is the most famous food or something and is found at a special place then stop riding figment of imagination. This is a pastry you find everywhere in Macau and is a hard thing to miss!

Visit the Ruins of St. Paul at night ruins-of-churchUsually, tourists and visitors include the visit to the ruins of the St. Paul in the morning hours, but hey! You are a traveler, so the most exquisite time to visit the church would be night; the scene at the sunset will mark an impression in a different way overall.

View Senado Square from Leal Senado building lealWhen visiting Macau, make sure you pay a visit to Leal Senado building right across the square. The wonderful views of the structural insights are amazingly awesome!

Take advantage of the casinos’ free shuttles casinoOkay, when it is a Vegas of China then how could you miss visiting the casinos? Just because you aren’t interested in trying your luck in the slot machines doesn’t mean you can no longer avail of the free shuttles provided by the casinos.

Walk around Old Taipa Village villageIn the Old Taipa Village, one of the two traditional ‘villages’ that still exist in the peninsula. Just a stone’s throw away from The Venetian Macao, this tourist attraction is also the home to the Taipa Houses Museum, Rua Do Cunha, Our Lady of Carmel Church, and Carmel Garden.

And here we come to an end to the top five things you could do while you make a visit to Macau! As I always say Happy Travelling!

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