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Flaunt Different Looks With Varied Eyeliners From Sephora

Eyeliner is one product that will transform your look in just a flick of the wrist and a whack of the hand! I know you all might be thinking that eyeliners are the toughest one to apply as the movement of wrist has to be perfect and sleek while applying them.

Well, I would disclose a secret to you. You might be aware of different types of eyeliners available, right? So, the thing is that those different types of liners can be in a way categorized for different looks and different people. Yeah! Don’t be shocked believe me that can.

I personally believe eyeliners can completely change your look from almond eyes to doe eyes and vice versa. There are so many kinds of eyeliner looks you can find online but the problem occurs that your wrist starts to shake when you apply it (only if you are a beginner).

Yeah, yeah! Don’t get eager, relax and calm down as your confusion of where to get from and which liner to buy will be sorted once you check out Sephora. Sephora is Southeast Asia’s one of the prominent beauty website and has every product you require for a complete makeup! Yes, and if you shop via Collect Offers you get additional Sephora discount coupon codes and Voucher codes!

Yes, so let me disclose to you the liners that would give you a professional look.

Ink Liner penThis one by Kat Von D is best eyeliner for beginners. The reason being used as a pen, yes! Just outline the upper eyelid on your eyes and you get the look. Even when you are trying out the wink look, I would say it is a thumbs up product for it.

Trust Me Auto Pencil Eyeliner pencilPencil liners could also be said a product for beginners as well as pros. This line by Cosluxe is a three-in-one product. The perks of a pencil liner is that it can be used as kohl, an eyebrow pencil and a liner of course! The only thing is you use it when you need to applu light liner and a subtle one.

Longwear Crème Eye Pencil pencil-kohlCrème eye pencils give you the darker version of the pencil liner and are as easy to use as you are outlining your drawing (you know applying makeup is no less than an art!).

ELF Liquid Eyeliner liqLiquid liners are for divas that are used to of applying eyeliners and are not a beginner. Since it require careful steps to be taken while applying but can easily be removed and can be re-applied if went wrong somewhere. The perks of using a liquid liner is that it gives you a very neat finish because of the brush provided.

Clay Pot Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner gelClay eyeliner or Gel liners whatever you may name it. This one is truly for a professional or for one who has excelled in the art of applying eyeliners. Definitely to be tried as I believe this one gives you a very beautiful look and the perks are that these are smudge proof! This is the only reason I mark it for professionals. Eyeliners dry up really quickly and is difficult to remove as they are really dark! (Could be a positive sign for eyeliner lovers!)

So sweethearts what are you waiting for? Try on the eyeliners and flaunt the beautiful eyes with these eyeliners!

Las Vegas: Get Into The Spirits Of Sin City

Las Vegas, very aptly remarked as the Sin City! You talk about casinos, alcohols, adventures or the Vegas style wedding, anything and everything. I know you love to travel and when it comes to travel it is all about having fun, doing all kinds of adventurous stuff, discovering new exotic places and what not!

From Skydiving to trying out classy wines all that would be on your to-do-list can be fulfilled while you travel to Las Vegas. As it is rightly said that travel not to escape life but Life not to escape you! Not necessary that you make a sure shot planning and everything and then travelling is fun, it is but I believe sudden plans are far more relished and cherished!

Okay, basically if you are traveling why do you travel? I am pretty sure about your answer being to have fun and do things that are buried in your bucket-list, right? Well, even if you are going to Vegas for a shotgun wedding or a wild weekend trip I have got things covered for you! So no point of questions raised on what you need to do, while you visit Las Vegas.

So it is about hotel and flight bookings! As AirAsiaGo and has got for you the ease and comfort of getting your bookings done with delightful offers. Adding to it if you book through CollectOffers you get additional discount coupon and voucher codes, ain’t that great?

So, let us see what all you could trip on while you are in Vegas as if not today then when?

Caesars Palace casino 28-stunning-photos-from-caesars-palace-in-las-vegas-2Caesers palace casino provides to you all the fun and excitement of Vegas. You can play table games and place bets in a lavish surrounding. The caesers palace casino is one of the oldest casinos of Las Vegas.

Bellagio night-las-vegas-nevada-bellagio-fountains-photograph1The most attractive attraction at Bellagio is the dancing fountain. The Bellagio’s lake throws up entrancing fountain displays choreographed to music from Michael Jackson to Gene Kelly. Grab a seat in one of the Bellagio restaurants overlooking the water, or take in the view from the sidewalk out front.

Relax In A Spa 1_intro_roman_baths_arch_v3-number-1Almost every hotel has a luxurious sanctuary to help you unwind and look your best, but Sahra Spa & Hammam at the Cosmopolitan is among the most unique. Travelling can be relaxing once you visit a spa!

Mermaid Bar and Lounge imageYes, the mermaids lounge! When you might be just sitting and sipping your smoothie you might wonder that in front of you the gallon of aquarium where you may find the aquarium? Well don’t worry they are! The companion mermen will be along in a while, diving in on the hour in the evenings performing their underwater versions!

Hit the shop vegas-mallAh! No travel is complete without shopping!! So don’t forget to shop from Las Vegas. You get from high end brands to the local shoppes to shop from.

These were a few places and few things you could do during your visit to Las Vegas!