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Organize Your Home With Home Essentials From Lazada

A homemaker always has a patent complain that her family members be it her husband or her kids, never keep their things properly at place. Do you too suffer from this syndrome? One thing I wanted to tell you that, you may take hours to clean your rooms but some or the other things seem to lag behind.

Did I catch the right nerve? I know the case is with every second house! Mothers and especially if you are a working woman, tired from work and then cleaning the house! It could be really irritating sometimes.

Well, you have got Lazada- Southeast Asia’s most prominent shopping website where you get products to organize your home perfectly. Don’t stress that these products will be high end ones and will cost you a whooping amount no. I know you love discounts! Well, who does not? So, as to save more join in your shopping with and you get additional Lazada coupons and voucher codes.

So, now without wasting much of your time, let me show you what all has Lazada got for you:

UGREEN Power Cable Organizer Box cableYou know how messy the data cables and chargers and earphones becomes! When each member of the house has his own gadget and its wired essentials room seems to be a mess! Doesn’t it? Well, to organize your room and keep the cable intact you must get this cable organizer box.

Maneki storage box seat boxOh yes! My favorite part of room organizer, the storage desk. This is one of the best organizers, I mean you just store your things inside and nobody comes to know about it plus it is a desk also works as furniture!

ENZIO the three door version dividerYou know when you have got a long room or in that case a small room, to divide your room into parts and saving on renovation, get this door divider that seperates and divides a room into two easily.

Cosmetics shelves 360 DIY Storage BoxbeautyWe women might love to do makeup and everything but we are no less in messing our rooms! I know you won’t agree but it is! So, this one is to organize our dressing table and keep all our makeup brushes and products at place.

Room Story Watch Organizer watchFor all the watch lovers, this one is for you who like to keep a collection of different watches and also misses some because of carelessness. This one will make your room clean and won’t miss your watches to!

These were some of the organizer sets that would keep your home neat and tidy and you won’t will have to tire yourself too often in the cleaning.


Get The Celebrity Inspired Makeup Look With Makeup Products From Sephora

Hola my beautiful, gorgeous, young (and every other adjectives that relates to) darlings! Okay, I believe you all may have for sure tried to copy the look of your favorite celeb! C’mon sweetheart, there’s nothing to be shy about we all have done that failed badly.

However, one thing that I have observed is that the basic problems that occur while you try to copy someone you don’t easily get to catch up what products have she used. Guessed it right? Cool, let me disclose you a secret. There are few basic steps and products that are most often used in whatever makeup tutorial you might go through or want to do.

Like the most basic step is the base (which I guess you all are aware of!) and then the procedure depend on what look you are trying. Whereas, as of now I will be likely to tell you bold eye and lip makeup that many celebrities have flaunted and have received thumbs up from fans and fashion police!

Oh! Did you just thought that since it is a celebrity makeup look then the cost of products would be seemingly high? Ah! Sorry babe but you are wrong here. Sephora, Southeast Asia’s most prominent beauty website has got makeup products at a great range and affordable price. Adding more to it, if you join in your shopping via  you get additional Sephora discount coupons and voucher codes.

Since you all re doing the happy dance let us hop in to the ride of the products that are a must have to get the celebrity look!

Contour Kit contour-palatteContouring nowadays has become a trend among everyone, which once was the most followed step of the stars. Contouring not only highlights your cheeks but also your lips (Cupid’s bow), nose and eyes to make it look fuller. This one from Cover FX is perfect contouring palette!

Eyeshadow paletteYou know there are times when you want to go bold with your eyeshadow or not. Therefore, this palette from Urban Decay is the best buy for you. It has got several shades that you could experiment with my favorite is like either smokey or the nude pinks one.

Velvet Kajal Liner kohlKajal and Liner are ofcourse the main products while you are trying out bold eyes. You know to make your eyes look drop dead gorgeous there are a few steps that should be kept in mind. While applying eyeliner or kajal always see that the inside if the inner line be it upper or lower should have a thin line and the look should go from thin to thick!

Mascara mascaraApplying mascara after you’re done with your eye makeup is a must celebs also go for fake lashes but of course you’re not always going to a party of under the paparazzi! So go natural and get your mascaras on!

Lipstick lipstickThis lip shade is by Marc Jacobs (Goddess 202). Whenever you are trying bold eyes red lips can never go wrong (of course not on the professional front) but yes red lips give you the seductive and bold look. Or should I say eye catching just like the stars!

This was it, it was all about to get the celebrity inspired look and now you know next time you want to try a celeb look what basic products you can always make come handy!



Stylish Bottoms At Zalora Urging Fashionistas To Revive Their Styling!

Good morning Madame! Busy in the hush-hush, juggling between work and home? But I know that no matter how busy you all are, you have enough time to get updated with latest trends. Hmmm, caught ya! Skincare, beauty, dresses, etc. everything is taken care by you all but what about your bottoms? Yeah, they need revival too. To get you the best collection of trousers and pants, Zalora is before you all.

It’s a fact that in comparison to uppers we buy bottoms comparatively lesser, so take a look at your wardrobe don’t you need a couple of new trousers for formal and casual wear? Yes.

Zalora, the reputed online fashion store of Southeast Asia has a variety of bottom wear appropriate for gymming, work or casual wearing. Besides giving top brands and fine quality, Zalora also provides shoppers with attractive discounts.

If savings excite you like any other women shopper then join hands with, where you can find discount coupon codes and voucher codes in bulk.

Alright, enough of talking now let’s take the glimpse of the collection at Zalora.

Soft Fabric Trousers
Enjoy the tomboy and casual look with this designer Mango high-waisted trouser, crafted out of Lyocell fabric. The trouser is cropped at the ankles with front zip, hook fastening and side pockets.

Tile Print Cotton Crop Trousersproper-2Opt for something which is good for both casual and formal wear from Dorothy Perkins. The printed cropped pants are made up of cotton blend.

Straight Suit Trousersdorothy3Make your weekend look perfect with this trouser designed by Mango. The silhouette in solid-color is styled neatly with slim-fitting. These mid-rise trousers are made up of Polyblend material.

Long Pantsye-dorothy-4

Who says bottoms can’t be sassy? Try these long pants by Preen & Proper and I bet that the moment you walk the street you will get head turned. Contemporary at best, you can pair up workplace ensemble with this unique piece that’s bound to draw attention for all the right reasons.

Check Cotton Trousersmango-5To get the prefect formal look include this Mango silhouette with checker prints in your wardrobe. Made up of stretchable viscose blend material, the trouser feature two side pockets, front zip with hook, button fastening with mid waist with belt loops.