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Savour Yourself In The Relishing Delicacies At Groupon

For all the foodies out there! Feel like munching the best food from the restaurants of Hong Kong? Ah! The most marvelous trips are remembered by the food you had at the place, so why not make food as the focus point of your vacations?

I mean every freaking person knows that travel trips are always made for distressing oneself and exploring the new destinations but hey! Isn’t that too mainstream to answer your travel love questions? This time when you’re on travelling spree with your loved ones to Hong Kong make sure you had the perfect and most yumm dishes of the place.

Food works as a magic to not only foodies but anyone who enjoys relishing on the authentic dishes. Well, I know while traveling you manage your budget accordingly dividing it into few groups and you would surely not want that to hither anyway! But then why am I here, if I instigate you for something you relish and find delight in I would surely keep your pocket in mind.

So, no need to worry as Groupon– Southeast Asia’s most prominent food website that gets to you delicious dishes from the best restaurants of Hong Kong! And yes make your order via CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupon codes and voucher codes!

So let us jump on the dishes that are a never to miss ones!

7-Course Meal at Royal Feast 1476256689178Royal Feast dishes out a spread of Western cuisine from its residence within Central’s bustling commercial hub. Patrons engage on culinary journeys with savoury bites of pan-fried watermelon with black caviar toast. The meal encloses with shrimp sashmi and Paparika Chicken.

3-Course New Zealand Steak Dinner at Felicita 1471576142796You get mouthwatering dinner for number of people you want to order for at a very affordable price. You get the dinner served with a combo of white wine.

7-Course European Dinner at La Lune Modern European Cuisine 1478139474606This European cuisine specialising bistro nudges into a sweet spot in Sheung Wan’s Wing Wo Street, complete with a baroque-inspired front.

8-Course Abalone Meal at Canton Restaurant 2g-1000x600When in a city like Hong Kong how could you miss the opportunity to have the star dish of a restaurant like Canton! You can relish upon the dish which includes from appetizers to main course to the crisp twist. A full package dinner I must say!

Angus Ribeye Steak Dinner at February 1476774130885A restaurant offering a spread European- and Western-themed cuisine. The best part of this meal is for all those having a sweet tooth, the meal includes desserts!

So, next time you travelling to Hong Kong or in Hong Kong why not just relish your taste buds with mouthwatering dishes!


Unravel The Veiled Adventures Of Istanbul As An Avid Traveler

Being an avid traveler myself I would like to tell you that I always crave for new experiences, and explore rich adventures (especially if it is a hidden and less reconnoitered one!). And I believe if you love to drool over adventure trips or fun-filled one Istanbul is a must visit!

Believe me you will jump high when you hear about the beautiful and serene city of Constantinople (as it is known!). You see it is really important fact to know about the place you are travelling before your step in there. Don’t you think so? Right! The city of Istanbul will make you slobber over its beauty.

Shopaholics, let me just give you a brief not only you can enjoy your travelling experiences but also the shopping centers of Istanbul. Istanbul has got shopping malls of the historic age (as they say) as well as the modern ones. Isn’t that great you get sovereigns for every kith and kin! (Well, first for you I know!)

Well, while planning a trip not only things about that place is to be searched for but also budget to be maintained! I knew you were scared of this particular thing! Well, you need not worry as and Agoda have got great deals on hotel bookings and flight bookings as well. Join in your bookings with CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupons and voucher codes.

Let’s have a sneak-peak at the things you can do at Istanbul to fill your travel with fun moments!

Bosphorus Cruise istanbul-bosphorus-sunsetA trip to Istanbul is not complete without a Bosphorus cruise. Not only it provides a nice overview of the city, both the European and Asian shores of the famous waterway have a lot to offer – century old palaces and mansions galore. If you are an avid traveller and love sea views you must not miss it.

Topkapi Palace topkapi_palace_002The Topkapi Palace is the biggest and one of the most popular sites to visit in Istanbul. Topkapi Palace is rightfully a sight you can’t afford to miss while in Istanbul. Top attractions at Topkapi Palace are the Harem, an adorned ‘cage’ of the sultan’s women, the treasury storing the crown jewels.

Grand Bazaar  Yes, shopaholics, this is the place you all will I am sure drool over! Locals shop here every day, but odds are they’re better at bargaining than you are. The bazaar is very famous for its carpets, leather, ceramics, souvenirs and jewelry.

Süleymaniye Mosque medium_istanbul_s_leymaniye_mosque_exterior2A not to miss opportunity for sure! Don’t forget to visit the tombs of Süleyman and Roxalana behind the graveyard and eat kuru fasulye (haricot beans) in one of the many restaurants in the Alley of Addicts.

Getting Scrubbed in a Hamam cagaloglu-hamami-1There are several hamams available in the city. Among the oldest are the (recently renovated) Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam and Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamam. As you know there is no better way to rejuvenate your body other than Hamam.

Yeah! such a beautiful place with so many things to do! How can any traveller miss this? Well, so don’t you book your tickets now!


‘Cleansing’ Is The Demand Of Your Blotchy Skin!

Who says we watch a nightmare while sleeping only? Looking at mirror and finding your facial skin dull and patchy is no less than a horrible dream, agree? I can hear a big yes. However, this can be avoided if we treat our skin with a magical trick called “cleansing”.

Why magical? Well, because a little time invested in this process can let you enjoy flawless skin with almost zero effort. But hang on! As facial skin is delicate don’t use just any cleansing cream or gel but only settle for the fine quality product.

Thinking where could get the best quality cleansing products? Let me suggest. Go for Southeast Asia’s leading online beauty store Althea and Sephora to bag the amazing beauty and skincare products at affordable rates.

Women shoppers love to bag maximum savings so why not try This website offers online shoppers bulk of discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Micro Polish Cleanserzoom_553642d6057ba1177ca17e2ed404dc23e01ca501_1476352346_916_ren_webIts two in one formula deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin to leave it looking purified, renewed and radiant. It will also keep skin energized and fit.

Daily Essentials Pure Skin Face Washzoom_054992d20a088b098899b6a5f247ebefe4414627_1476364704_1407_balanceme_webIt is a daily cleanser that eliminates daily grime and makeup leaving your skin hydrated and really clean.

Rice Water Bright Cleansingthefaceshop_rice_water_bright_cleansing_foam_thumbnail_02The vitamin B present in this cleansing foam moistens, and brighten your skin. Rice water can make your skin firm eradicating age lines.

Apple Seed Cleansing Gelinnisfree_apple_seed_cleansing_gel_thumbnail_02Fruit extracts are great source of useful minerals for rejuvenating skin so include the Apple Seed Cleansing Gel in your skincare routine. This face wash removes flaky skin and make it healthy.

Calmia Oatmeal Cleansing Foamcalmia_oatmeal_cleansing_foam_thumbnail_02

While the oatmeal will cleanse and soften your skin, its Portulaca Oleracea soothes your tired skin.