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Get Ready For The Perfect Pout With Lips Makeup Products From Sephora

When I was growing as a kid, my mother used to scold me for making faces (like a pout). All because she said that would make my lips look thicker and spoil the shape of my little thin lips. And guess what? Today when I get to know about fashion trends about lip shades and lipsticks what I see is that ‘plum lip’ is the ones that are so in trend!

Huh! Trends change at such a faster pace that not only each year but every month has its own lip shade or color trending. Ever thought you would have to consider lip shade color too? Well, I don’t know about you but I had never thought so. You know I was the one who always had a patent lip shade that circled around nude pink; be it summers, winters or any occasional season! Did you also do the same? Same pinch babe! It’s really hard to accept but we were so wrong about this belief.

Well, now that we know about it we could always search for the perfect color trending and make our selfies, pictures perfectly amazing. Yeah! Then not only your fashion statements but your lips will do the talking, like literally! However, searching for a trend is a hard task, you get enormously huge range and sometimes they [prove to be futile. But then why am I here? I am always there to help ya! I would like to help you out to get you’re the perfect lip shade and yes, the perfect trick to apply lipsticks so that you get the plum lip easily!

When it comes to shopping the budget pops up as a cactus, Ouch! Do you really think that will affect your shopping, the you need to change your thoughts about it. Shop from Sephora– Southeast Asia’s most prominent beauty website that has got rich products at affordable prices. And join in your shopping with CollectOffers and you get additional Sephora discount coupons and voucher codes. Ain’t that great news?

C’mon then let us get on a colorful ride of the latest lip shade trend this season:

Lip Definer lip-linerLip liner has an important role to play to plum your lips. There are two ways you could use your lip liner. One either by applying it as an outline which defines your lips and make it look plum or as a base too which also lets your lipstick stay longer and yes of course make it fuller. This one by Burberry is a perfect product to do so.

Pro Brush Precision Lips #81 brushThis lip filler brush by Sephora Collection is a must have. You know what? When you apply your lipstick using directly using your stick it many time spoils your product and yes to give your lips the perfect color always try to use your brush!

Lip Injection ExtremetreatmentThis is a non-surgical method to get plum lips. Apply it as a base before you try on anything else. The first thing to put on your lips should be this. This gives a base to your lips and automatically makes your lip fuller when your try on the other products.

Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick stickThis lipstick is by Marc Jacobs. The brand that needs no introduction, thy name’s enough. Well, when it is winters stepping in, dark shades come into the scene. Go for the lark shade of red, maroon, browns and purples, well many others.

3CE Water Gloss glossThe lip gloss moistures your lips, gives it the perfect finish and yes marks another layer to your lips that makes your shade stay on for a longer duration. The lip gloss can always be applied as an individual product giving you the poutilicious lips!

Now what are you waiting for? Hurry up grab on the latest lip shades and lipsticks that will enhance your look completely.



There is Never An End To The Festival Of Fashion With Outfits from Zalora

When it comes to festivals ladies always bump into fashion. I am sure you too are very particular about what your #Ootd look is going to be. How you are going to pose, what all accessories you are going to pair up with and what not. Am I right? Or am I right!

Well, one question that pops up in my mind is do you prima donas think that fashion I only limited to festivities and occasions? I hope not, coz if you did I fear to tell you that you are wrong here. Fashion is never out of your life, it might be that you haven’t taken care of the trends (which is hard to think about, especially when it comes to you fashionistas. However, there are few days when you don’t want to dress up and feel all the more lethargic to take care of what you wore the last time or pity issues like these.

What I feel about fashion is that with festivals coming and going fashion trends are brought much into consideration and while other days where we are going and what event we are attending that is kept in mind. Yes, you got me right; republic of fashion never comes to an end. Whereas with festivals making its depart the trends change widely and you fashionholic sweeties have to pay more attention towards it. After all, it is about your personality and you gotta pull that swag! Don’t you?

Therefore let me tell you what outfits and dresses will make news and will make you the talk of your group when you shine bright with your #ootd look! Aah! I know shopping after a festival that has just winded up is really a nut cracking job. But hey! I have always helped you out with your issues of fashions and budgets, so check out Zalora– Southeast Asia’s most prominent website and join in your shopping via CollectOffers where you get exciting and irresistible Zalora discount coupons and voucher codes!

So let me take you on a short trip of the latest fashions and trends at Zalora:

Long Sleeve Shadow Swallow Print Dress dress-1This dress Nine by Savvanah Miller is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. The full sleeves dress with floral print and dark color dress is a perfect wear. The dress if paired with dark-colored long boots will give you a smashing look.

Patchwork Parque Top topThis beautiful graphic top is a new addition to the autumn/winter collection. The 80’s look is back with the authentic long sleeves and frilled lower part. The most important part of winter is you can play with dark colors so go grab the beautiful tops.

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit off-shoulderThis jumpsuit by maxquollo is a trendy off-shoulder dress. Whenever you are in a doubt you can always wear black. Believe me you can never go wrong with black. Black is the classic outfit.

Pleat Detail Fit And Flare Dress lbdA LBD is an evergreen outfit that is always present in a girl’s outfit. This one by something borrowed is a pretty dress which can be flaunted by you on any occasion.

Emmet Embroidery Checkered Blouse embThis checkered top with the hem of embroidery is uber cool. The blue color of the top is amazing. This top can be best paired with jeans and also with A-line skirt.

So what are you waiting for? Grab these beautiful outfits and flaunt the new looks.