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Make Your Man Blissful With Perfect Gift This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking how to make the man on your truly happy and to tell him that he holds a special place in your life whether a father, brother, friend or a husband. And what can be a better time than this time of the year to shower love on them? We do it every day but days like Christmas are special. And it’s a time to get your man on your level, stylistically speaking.

More guys than ever are taking men’s fashion into their hands and they like to look presentable and stylish. But shopping for the man in of your life can be difficult especially when it comes to gift him something. If you want to give him a nudge in more fashion forward way than stylish clothing and accessories are the perfect gift ideas.

Oh! You’re one of those who has the best intentions to shop from the beginning of the season but leave the things to be done at last minute then do your gift shopping online from Zalora – Southeast Asia’s prominent fashion brand. And linger your shopping with to get everything at an economical value with its discounted price and voucher codes.

Here’s the list of perfect gifts for your man-

Brief Casemen_brown_leather_briefcase-jpg-abofai73tjbkf549b291144c0ab09a7d3ede21205d60c148fdb0Whether a man works in an office environment or not, it’s good to have a solid briefcase. He may not use it daily but will thank you for the days when he is traveling or going for a big job.

Classic Sunglassesimg_3368Believe me, men love Ray Ban aviators. You don’t need to think twice before getting it. He is gonna love them and you too.

A Tieraoul_4_tiesThis one is for those, whose man doesn’t own a single tie. Take some classic route and get him a tie. And on those days when he wants a perfect tie, he’ll pick the one you gave.

Duffle Bag_3It will complement his urban lifestyle. Choose one from the latest accessories brand for the days when he travels.

Basic ScarfmaxresdefaultNo words needed to describe it. It is a classic holiday gift.

So you’ve got a list. Start shopping and make his day special.

Make Your Lady Love Cherish With Happiness This Christmas

Wassup bro! Already singing the Christmas tunes? And choked with the pressure of getting your beloved lady that perfect gift? But you know what; there is nothing to worry about. So, just relax and take a deep breath!

Before your babe makes on her Christmas list for Santa, you better be ready to surprise her on this eve! I very well can understand that how difficult it is for you to find out what is the perfect gift for her. As there are already a huge market set out for this and of course you have no idea to it!

However, you all just leave that to me about letting you discover that and one that fits in your budget to! Though that should not be an issue as gifts are always something priceless; especially when it comes from the love of your life.

You can shop for these products from Sephora and Althea as they have got a huge variety of products and click on CollectOffers to get exciting coupon codes and voucher codes.

So boys let us ride on!

PRO Amazonian Clay Palette 1Okay I guess I don’t need to much explain you on this, because you might still not understand! (Obvious reason of course) But then this could be a really awesome gift for you lady this Christmas.

Set Of lipsticks captureI know you too like to see your girl in a complete dolled up look, especially her lips make a lot of difference, doesn’t it?

A Face palette 2This one is a complete kit for your beloved; I am sure she is going to love this if she is a beautiholic and loves to deck herself.

A complete Pro Bag bagAh! Don’t you dare think to gift it all empty and just like this! It’s a professional bag that you can fill up with products mentioned above.

A set of perfume body mist perfumeWhat can be better to gift your partner than a set of body mist? Well, you know when you don’t understand anything in makeup essentials for women, gift then a set of perfume! (Believe me it’s a savior!)

Hope you liked them and do let me know the reactions if she loved them or not!

Until next time, Happy Shopping!

Gardening Tips And Guide For A Beautiful Garden With Lazada

Did you know when you wake up in the morning and the first thing that you see around you is greenery, then it makes your eyes feel so soothing! And not only this but you get a positive vibe from them too!

Gardening is one such love that you might find solace in. Today, people have become so busy in their hectic schedule of life that there are times we forget about things that we love to do for ourselves. And that one thing is especially gardening!

However, there are many facts and tips that we are unaware of and are not able to take much care of them. But then keeping in mind the hush and puffs in your life I would get to you 5 facts and tips about your gardening activity that will make your garden grow healthy and beautiful in a very less time and effort.

To shop for gardening and lawn essentials you can get them from Lazada and avail discount coupon codes and voucher codes if you shop through CollectOffers.

Below are the five tips and guide that you can follow:

Add a little baking soda to your plant 6b80653321eeaf2d37cb3553ce5760238a13f8abThis particular trick might sound to you really silly but trust me it does wonders to your tomatoes! Initially I too thought that it might spoil my plant but surprise surprise! It did an amazing job and worked as a natural fertilizer. By doing so this tomatoes did taste sweet than tart.

Make your orchid smell like your favorite dessert gallery-1429816817-blue-and-pink-hydrangeasDid you know that the vanilla bean comes from an orchid varietal? Just like you’d combine Jelly Belly beans to create new flavors, you can combine orchids to create a garden that smells like a dessert buffet.

Butterflies not always are attracted to your flowers captureColorful blooms aren’t the chief reason these insects love your garden it’s more about the fragrance and nectar.

Grow blemish free roses how-to-grow-roses-pictureWhen you are planting roses keep in mind that pruning is important to keep the center of the plant open so that the sunshine could penetrate in. This would make your rose plant free form the black spot!

Clean your clay pots ts-86802365_variety-of-flowerpots_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-616-462To remove the salt deposits that form on clay pots, combine equal parts white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to the pot and scrub with a plastic brush. Let the pot dry before you plant anything in it.

Surprise tip landscape-1429816525-suprising-sunflowers-indexThe next time you boil or steam vegetables, don’t pour the water down the drain, use it to water potted patio plants, and you’ll be amazed at how the plants respond to the “vegetable soup.”

Hope you liked these tips and guide. Do let me know about the results when you try them out! As I always say I am open to your suggestions and advices so don’t forget to comment, like and share!

Until next time, Happy Gardening!

Things To Make Traveling Easy

No matter how much we travel, we always commit few mistakes when packing for it. And later, suffer because of not having few essentials, agree? Don’t you think that you should make a list of things to do?

Well, before going on a fun filled adventure vacation make sure you pack with all the things you might need there or while traveling. Of course, none of us want our traveling to be hectic because of the flight delayed or any other reason.

To keep your things to be done easily, get everything you might need for packing. Shop for the travel essentials online from Lazada and utilize an advantage of special voucher codes and coupon codes that are offered by and celebrate the lucrative discounts at your cart value.

It’s always helpful to run down to what you may need there or what you should pack. So start with your travel packing checklist-

document-holder1-956x641Keep your documents, cash, and credit cards handy. It includes passport, entry visa, currency valid at the destination, other ID proof, flight confirmation, health card, a list of key phone numbers.

flighttravelPrepare a bag of personal items or anything you want with you on the flight. Be it your laptop charger, headphones, camera, eye mask, travel pillow, hand sanitizer, glasses or whatever you think you may need.

luggageChoose your main bag that is versatile, lightweight and big enough to hold all your essentials. If you’re going somewhere where you need to switch between flights or train than select a luggage bag that carries all you gears and things and having the option to roll, carry like a backpack or duffle bag.

luggageorganiserOrganize your stuff. You have a different type of activities and variety of gear to pack in your bag and keep everything organized can be challenging. Get an organizer and keep your clothing organized in compartments based on outfit type.

organized_toiletriesGet a bag pack of your toiletries. Keep your toothpaste, brush, floss, combs, shampoo & conditioner, makeup, sunscreen and whatever you use. While packing your toiletries do not forget TSA’s 3-1-1 rule. And yeah! Do keep first aid kit, pain relievers, sunburn relief, eye drops and everything.

Happy traveling!

Hey Girls! What’s In Your Beauty Kit?

College days really are the best years of your life; it’s a period of exciting crushes, crazy best friends, going out way more than you did in school. We all know it is a task to go to the college looking good and through the end of the day you end up looking like a wreck. No matter what, your makeup is not going to stay all day. In the sweltering heat, it is going to melt away. You’ll need regular touch ups in order to maintain a fresh and dewy look throughout the day.

With all the fun and adventure, you want to look at your best all day but on a budget without any compromise with quality, right? You can explore the best and budgeted beauty essentials online from Sephora and Althea and linger it with to save few bucks with its unique coupon codes and vouchers.

What are the essentials that you must have in your bag? These essentials will help you to look fab after a late night studies or endless phone call.

BB CreambbHow to brighten up your dull skin after a late night partying or gossiping with your old friend? Of course, with BB cream. To get a fair complexion and even skin tone, carry a lightweight BB cream in your kit.

Lip BalmtintbalmDry and chapped lips are not really any girl wants. Take care of your lips with moisturizing balm. Get one tinted lip balm to pop some colors on your pout.

Eye Linerclio_waterproof_brush_liner_xp__holiday_edition__thumbnailAdd a bit drama in your looks by playing with eye liners. They’ll never let you look tired. Get any water resistant eye liner, so that you don’t end up looking like a raccoon.

Sunscreennature-republic_provence-celendula-daily-sun-block_main1Add a lightweight sunscreen in your beauty essentials that will keep your skin hydrated and help you fight with harmful sun rays.

Dry Shampoodry-shampoo_thumbnail_02_1_1You would rather sleep than washing your hair before class? Your friends just made a plan and you don’t have time to wash and style your hair? Dry shampoo will always come to your rescue!

Deodorantcloseup_31a588aac309830f9fe34578aadc80f56e34ce1c_1476618830_16741_fresh_webIt’s normal to sweat a lot while attending lectures and spending other time in college. You need to keep the bad odor at bay. So, add a deodorant in your list in order to stay fresh all day long.

Get Ready With Me: A Perfect Ravishing Date Look By Zalora

Hello divas! I am back again with a get ready with me lookbook. I hope you liked my previous blogs on this category. Umm, I was thinking that we have discussed a lot about the seasonal trends and everything around it but then why don’t we get to know about trends or how to style for a particular day?

How about a perfect date look? When you go on a date, especially if it is a first one, the basic and most important thing is your dress! And I believe the first question that you search an answer for is “What should I wear? Did I guess right?

red-10Okay then you need not to worry about it, as today I will let you unravel the secrets behind a perfect date look! C’mon sweethearts, you can shop for the look from Zalora- Southeast Asia’s prominent fashion website. And in order to save more you can shop via CollectOffers and get additional Zalora discount coupons and voucher codes.

red-14Having said this, let us begin with the dress. You see a Little Black Dress #LBD does not seem to be a perfect dress. You ask why? As a LBD is the one you could carry for a party or for corporate meetings, and duh? Your date ain’t waiting for a formal meeting! Hence, here I would suggest you to go for a red hot dress! This one has got a pretty back with a big bow covering the waist. A dress, lets you reveal the feminine side of you and lets you be the queen of the day!

red-2Moving on to the footwear, ballerinas and flats or oversize boots aren’t the ones to be carried on your date. Sweetheart, it’s a date and not a casual meet so put on your heels and let yourself flaunt a delicate and elegant look. Here, I would go for a monochrome look so pairing the dress with a beautiful pair of red heels.

red-9Coming to the accessories not making it an #OTT (over the top thing), I would just suggest you to carry a simple clutch or a sassy sling to complete your look.

red-8For hair and makeup you could go just have a loose curl open hairstyle. With makeup you could go bold with your lips and smokey eyes will create a magic to your look.

I hope you gorgeous darlings liked this look, we are always there to know about suggestions or advise from you, so don’t forget to comment, like and share!

Until then, dress in vogue!

Explore The City On Water: Venice

The world is full of hush and puff. The cars honking and the streets whistling everywhere around you! Don’t you ever come up with the thought to elope into a city that is calm and still?

I don’t know about you but when it comes to travelling for me is to experience something that I have felt never before. Maybe somewhere away from the rush of a city life and close to the soothing ether of countryside! If for you too travelling means the same, then Venice is the destination for you.

The “City of Water” is located in northeast Italy, spanning 118 islands in the Venetian Lagoon. A city, where one can go for a long aimless walk amidst the occasional splashing of the oars of the canal. And why wouldn’t it be? Who doesn’t want to cart themselves onto a gondola and visit in the calm air of the city?

And if all this sounds to you really tempting then pack your bags up and make an impromptu visit to the floating city. Don’t worry about your pocket as I am here to look after it. Just make your bookings by AirAsiaGo and Expedia via CollectOffers in order to avail exciting discount coupons and voucher codes.

While you make a visit to Venice you must do these things.

1. Gondola Ride gondola_1Explore the hidden secrets of the city with the gondola ride which could be paired up with a walking tour as well. Admire the splendor of St Mark’s Square, and then follow your local guide through a romantic maze of surrounding backstreets to discover some of Venice’s lesser-known gems.

2. The Ghost Walking Tour ghost-tour-veneziaWoohh..!! Explore the city when the sun starts to set and the crowd starts to disappear, discover the darkest secrets within the city.

3. The Grand Canal Walking Tour f36b9558467899ee75ef499360dcf42a5f0036adExperience the floating city on a boat ride. Glide through the placid waters past palaces, churches, gardens and bridges as you make your way along the iconic waterway.

4. Murano Glass and Burano Lace venice-murano-glassblowing-burano-lace-making-excursion_medium-23334Travel in the intricacies of two famed Italian handicrafts with a day trip from Venice to the nearby islands of Murano and Burano. Learn the historical background of the city and wander the picturesque streets.

5. The Food and Wine in Venice venice-food-tour-cicchetti-and-wine-in-venice-137052How can I forget the food? The foodie travellers you must try on the mouthwatering food and the relishing wine that Venice has to offer to you.
These were five out of many things that you must not miss and should try on while you visit the beautiful city of canals.

Until then, keep travelling!

Capture Moments Like Pro With Pocket Cameras

You’re fond of photography and you capture instantly what attracts you. Going on an exotic vacation and it’ll be not fair not to have an endless click at each and every picturesque view. But carrying a heavy weight DSLR around the trip where you just want to enjoy hiking or traveling can sometimes be daunting and every one of us cannot afford expensive D-SLRs. The better the image quality, lenses and shutter feature, the higher the rates. Why burn your pockets in an expensive camera, when you can own an easy lightweight compact camera?

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue and now there’s a wide range of compact, lightweight and easy to carry cameras that deliver better image quality and shoot performance. Compact cameras are ideal for people who want to step up and click without getting bogged about the details.

There are lots of ways to think through it – what do you want to use the camera for? Find out which one is best for you from best of 2016 cameras.

Panasonic Lumix TZ80lumix_tz80_hero_745px
It is the best do-it-all compact camera. Its built-in electronic viewfinder to rear helps you to view an image direct to the eye when sunlight makes rear screen tough to see. It has 30x optical zoom lens, encompassing wide angles for group shots or zoom far away subjects to make them look large.

Canon PowerShot G7 X / G7 X IIcanonpowershot
Stay inspired with Canon PowerShot. It combines exhilarating speed and performance with smart compact design and better image quality. It can be ideal for travel, events and anywhere. Touch sensitive and selfie-capable tilt-angle screen, alongside a 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 equivalent lens.

Panasonic Lumix FZ330fz330
It is weather proof super zoom camera. Its wide-angle 24mm lens extends all the way through to a 600mm equivalent, all the while maintaining a maximum f/2.8 aperture.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IVrx100_iv_beauty
The RX100 took a 1″-type sensor and relatively fast zoom lens and put it into a body that can slip into your pocket. Fast continuous shooting, high frame rate video and support for 4k video recording.

Fujifilm X100Tfujix100t-1214-sam_0228
If you’re looking for best-fixed lens camera then it is definitely for you. It has classic looks justified by the excellent image quality its 25mm equivalent f/2 lens could produce, that’s a 35mm equivalent when paired with the APS-C sensor – is so crisp from f/4.0.

Well guys, these were the best from 2016. And you can look for them online at Lazada and Matahari Mall and use the special voucher codes and discounts from to cut down the price of your cart.

Take Her To Greece, A Synonym Of Romance

In a hustle bustle life, it is hard to take out some time for your loved one I know. But to see them smiling of course you will do anything. What will be better than fulfilling their desire to go on a romantic holiday? The World is full of destinations where you can go and spend some wow time with your girl. And Greece tops the list of such place.

Greece, the land that echoes with mythology, will fulfill your thirst for knowledge and exploration and is one of the most popular travel destinations around the world and it holds a place on everybody’s bucket list. It is not only beautiful with its ocean landscapes, distinct architecture, and delectable food but it’s also incredibly affordable.

For sure Greek is economical but accommodation there could be little expensive or can say it depends on the area you’re traveling and the time you’re going there. But if you want to cut down on your inn and still want to relax down in a luxury hotel then look for a tranquil hotel online at and reserve it via to takeaway the stupendous discounts with its lucrative vouchers and discount codes.

Let’s take a glimpse of where to visit there with your queen-

SantoriniWhite architecture of Oia village on Santorini island, GreeceAside from the beautiful landscapes and volcanic presence, it is a great place for dramatic views, white washed houses, beachside campaign, winery tours, scuba diving and more. Book your stay in Volcano View Hotel & Villas; it is a largest hotel and villa in the city.

AthensathensWith grunge and grace, this city brings a confusing blend of historical and modern features. Iconic monuments mingle with museums, lively café, and fresco dining. And make your luxury yet affordable stay at Electra Palace Athens, this hotel stands out from the other and let you enjoy the majestic view of Acropolis.

CreteIt is a magical tapestry of splendid beaches, ancient treasures, vibrant cities and dreamy villages where locals share their traditions, wonderful cuisine, and lively spirit. If you’re a foodie then you’ll be in heaven in Crete.

MykonosmykonosIt is a little Venice with bars and cafes that give most beautiful sunset views. Known for its sandy beaches, white washed step lanes, picturesque views, diverse and intense nightlife. It is recognized as one of the main tourist attraction.

ParosparosIt is a Greek island best known for its traditional villages and beaches. Located in the heart of Aegean Sea, it is best for young people and romantic couples. This place is famous for the traditional architecture, the lovely beaches, and its nightlife.

Embellish Your Home In Full Festive Swing With Lazada

“Love is in the air and it smells like Christmas” Gosh! Time has really got wings I suppose. The only thing that popped up my mind was this when suddenly I realized that Christmas is round the corner and it’s such a busy time of the year!

However I just love this time of the year, where you are surrounded by the air of festivity and merriness. Ah! The lovely ambiance of decorative lights and the gleam of the glitters all around! Mesmerizing is the word.

gallery-spirit-christmas-past-shiny-trimmings-1216-1I think you too love to see your house glowing with the Christmas lightening. But then when it comes to Christmas or any festival in that concern, your stress starts rising and pressure mounting! Yes?

But you don’t worry as; if not in person I can at least help you out and be your shopping guide for the home décor section. So, here is an idea on how you could come with your interiors giving them the perfect match with the festivity around!

idea-4This particular room is decorated with a huge Christmas tree with the gifts all around. The Christmas tree can be decorated in all the rooms but I feel a huge one in your living area is the perfect one. What do you think about it? The glow lights that can be used while decorating your X-mas tree!

idea-3Well, not only decorating your tree will be enough! The small decorations that add feathers to your home interior are by ornamenting the fire place as well! Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you need vast décor products rather a simple lightening above the place and how can anyone forget the reindeers!

idea-1A few more décor essentials that one could add are the wreaths that are decorated with red and white lights, the scented and decorative candles- which are available in different shapes and sizes and a few others may include the Christmas socks and embellished pieces.

To shop for these products all you need to do is to click on Lazada– Southeast Asia’s most trusted online shopping website. Shop through CollectOffers and you get additional Lazada coupon codes and voucher codes!

Say Good Night To Your Skin With Night Cream

Ladies, you’re never too young or too old to start taking care of your skin. After all, your skin is body’s largest organ and keeping it healthy should be your priority. We all know that good eight-hour sleep keeps our body and skin happy and fit and also help repair the damage incurred to your skin during the day time and you wake up with a glow on your face. What if I say there’s one way you can do better? What if I tell you that there’s one simple step before you crawl under the cover that can help you achieve the skin of your dreams?

Well, whatever your questions are, the answer is Night Cream. Slathering on it before you’re going for your beauty sleep can get you clearer, smoother and fairer skin. All you need to do is spread it and go to bed. So, how do you find the right one you ask? Start with these night creams

Total Age Defy Night Creamsephora-total-age-defy-night-creamLooking to get rid of wrinkles? This night cream from Sephora Collection works all night long to regenerate even sensitive skin and diminish signs of fatigue.

Liquid Laser Super Anti-Ageing BalmalphahAlpha-H’s night cream will preserve your youthful radiance. Revitalize your mature skin with its blend of Macadamia Oil, Hibiscus and White Mulberry.

Hydrating Serumarcona_webThe serum from Arcona gives skin its daily dose of moisture for the soft and smoother skin. Lock the moisture of your skin to make it look healthier and younger with daily use of Hydrating Serum.

Firmarine Night CreamernolaszloGet firmer, plumper and radiant appearing skin with daily use of Firmarine Night Cream from Erno Laszlo. This cream will boost the immunity of your skin and it’ll be visibly firm tone and you’ll achieve a clear complexion.

Biodefense Instant Recovery Night Creamzoom_31e8e7bf65265cef7a985637b1ec737cba9b3077_1476276683_14702_estellethild_webWake up with cheerful, glowing and youthful skin. Reduce the sign of premature ageing and fatigue overnight with the use of Biodefense Instant Recovery Night Cream from Estelle & Thild.

Start taking care now before it’s too late. Grab these creams at a bargainous price from the huge collection of Sephora and you can happily enjoy more discounted rates when you purchase with an exclusive vouchers and coupon codes from

Wear The Vintage Ensemble With The Hue Of Modernity

Hello gorgeous! Today, before beginning with anything in particular let me make one clarification. Yes, clarification that why we women never get any other topic of discussion except that of fashion? Well, guys- do you know that today each day seems to deliver a new fad? Do you even realize that how hard it is for us to keep up with each trend; what’s in and what’s out?

Huh! But girls you don’t worry, as I have a solution to this problem. You know what I think there is one such trend that has made its place kinda permanent in the race. The vintage look! Don’t you too think so?

There is the retro fashion coming back in every sort be it accessories, makeup, hairstyle and fashion of course! So, my today’s look that I am going to share with you is the vintage one with a twist!

hm-black-crop-top-perverse-sunglasses-ella-moss-print-pantsThe flare pants! Yeah, with the gleam in your eyes I can see how much you too love to pair your flare pants! You get the perfect 80’s and 90’s vibe with this one outfit.

mac-retro-matte-lip-high-drama-ella-moss-layla-print-pants-hm-crop-topThe twist I have been blabbering about is that you can pair up your flare pants with a crop top! Here, it being a turtleneck but you know, a single wear has got its varied styles so you can go with any if not a turtleneck.

ella-moss-layla-pants-gigi-new-york-chelsea-crossbody-hm-crop-top-copyThe accessories need not to be too much. You know by now that I don’t love to accessorize much with my ensemble. As I believe that minimizes the entire show! And being a bag lover I love to carry different bags with me, I know so do you! Therefore, here you can carry your sling bag with you. For the footwear, you can slip on your wedges or platforms and also heels can be preferred.

perverse-sunglasses-times-square-renaissance-hotel-hm-black-crop-top-ella-moss-pantsTalking about makeup I would recommend for a casual day or a night out as well, all you need to do is to get your bold lipstick on and you’re ready to sway!

C’mon sassies get ready to slay with the vintage ensemble blended with a modern twist! And you could shop this look from Zalora and Fashion Valet– Southeast Asia’s prominent fashion website. And to save on your shopping don’t forget to shop through CollectOffers and avail exciting discounts coupons and voucher codes.

For more such updates and looks click the follow button and keep on pouring your love with likes and comments!

Until next time,
Loads of Love!

The Sephora Collection Foundation: Review And Swatch

It has been a while that we have been discussing about various makeup tutorials and guides on how to flaunt a particular look. But then what about reviewing a product for you sweethearts? Now that you agree to it then today I will be reviewing The Sephora Collection Brightening and Hydrating Foundation.

I pretty much understand about how much you beautiholics love to deck up yourself for an occasion. And do you think any tutorial or any look is complete without foundation? No, I mean seriously you cannot proceed further without a base? Once without a primer you could still try to but foundation?

The Sephora Collection Brightening and Hydrating Foundation of the shade 15 nude is the lightest of all the nine shades that are available on Sephora– Southeast Asia’s most prominent beauty product website. And to buy the product and avail additional coupon codes and offers join your shopping with

The Packaging captureIt comes in a glass bottle of 20ml. This is priced at $29. The bottle is quite handy; with it you could also get yourself the foundation brush for its application.

My Experience clinique-2What I felt was after its application you could actually see the magic that is the blemishes on the skin were reduced. (The product claims that it does so with the dark circles and fine lines too, and since I don’t have any I cannot say anything about it!). For the perfect application you need to dab just a little foundation using light strokes. The formula blends with your skin tone to create an invisible veil, like that of a second skin which adapts all the movements of your face. And I would say unlike many foundations available this did not make my T-Zone excessively shiny.

My Verdict 2015-11-14-01-20-35The foundation did made my skin instantly lighter and smoother as well. You all know that you must always buy a foundation one tone lighter to your skin tone. So, I feel this is one of the best foundations ha I have come across. As it did not made my skin look too much cakey or made it dry.

So, this was my review on the Sephora collection foundation, you might have better products to share about. Then please don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comment box below. And if you liked this post and would like to see more of it then do hit the like button.

Until next time,
Loads of love!!

Sway Your Post Workout Look With Zalora

A shortage of time can make a big loss to you and to your workout session too. There are the days when you have to go somewhere post workout, say that your friends planned a casual hangout just after your gym time. Looking a chic after a hard hitting session is bit difficult. What will you do? You cannot go there in a sweaty sports bra and tight, right?

Well! Sweetheart, you can be you even after post workout, just adding simple workout attire in your regular gym gear can make you look sassy with no efforts. Don’t let your sweaty post-workout self, stop you from being stylish as possible. There are no boundaries in the fashion we all know, be it a street fashion or a gym fashion. Take a little inspiration from this and try a cool new workout outfit to motivate you, just like Hailey Baldwin. She completely rocked the post workout look.hailey

Manage to make your workout look stylish with

Nike Leg-A-See LogonikeIt is made with a stretch cotton blend that will give you a comfortable fit. It has a curve hugging fabric. Pair it up with a cropped hoodie layering it with a bomber jacket with sports shoes.

Rib Hooded Cropped Topivy-park-2200-881305-1Cover up your sports bra post workout with this cropped shaped and contemporary piece from Ivy Park. It will make you confident and will help you attain a casual look.

Matte Shine Bomber JacketbomberSolidify your gym ensemble with this bomber jacket from Topshop. Just layer it over your workout outfit and you’re ready to steal all the compliments.

Nike Air Presto Flyknit UltranikeshoesComplete your gym looks with these light weight and super comfy sports shoes. Put your step into these sneakers that’ll let you run on the treadmill with comfort and will be a perfect pick for the look.

With this, it is possible to look good after gym. And to shop for your post workout look from Zalora– Southeast Asia’s most prominent fashion brand that gives you the best sportswear, and link your shopping with if you wish to get everything at economical rates.

Enjoy A Day Out With Friends In The Exotic Menu Of Brown Fox Waffle And Coffee

Time spend with friends is time never wasted! I hope you all agree to me on this. Well, roaming around with friends and spending quality time with them is always cherished by all. And when out with friends how can we miss to jump on food?

Memories are made when friends fight for the last slice of pizza, for the only dessert that was ordered! Ah, those times! However, this is the one reason I don’t prefer high-end restaurants with friends rather than love to hangout at super cool cafes with amazing ambiance, where you can be yourself with your friends unlike being sophisticated!

Duh? Who loves to do that with friends? I am sure, none of us. Therefore, I have got to you a review of Brown Fox Waffles and Coffee’s review- what they have in store for you on their menu card and their ambiance, in short everything.

I have been to this café and found a number of desserts, coffees and waffles to relish my food cravings. Brownfox is located around Pasar Minggu area; one has to look carefully while passing through since they don’t have a huge fancy brand signage to see from the street. The cafe considerably has small space, but it has quite a cozy concept with beautiful colorful theme.

Let us now hop on the menu!

Chocolate Chunk Waffle 79218e2ef524fbf3d9fe611d5a8e90fefdc9ca76b42803663940982a0a45f382e3dcbChocolate is my absolute favorite! The rich texture and flavor of the waffles is mild. It is a perfect combination of chocolate waffle topped by ice cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry slices and peanuts. Oh! Let us move on else I’ll soon have cravings for it!

Salted Caramel Waffle 2-11The other variant that I had there was a vanilla waffle topped by ice cream, poured by salted caramel sauce and rounded almond. Sounds yumm? Well, it is actually a mouth relishing dessert!

Banana Nutella Waffle 3-11Waffles, waffles and waffles! You might be thinking how boring the café is turning out to be but hey! Don’t judge it this way? I bet each waffles tastes so differently and you won’t be able to resist yourself from grabbing on them any soon! This waffle has a combination of milky dough with such a good combination with nutella jam and banana slices.

Cheddar Cheese Waffle 4-11Waffle with cheddar cheese filling and topped by thick cheese sauce and beef bacon. I assure you, this is real savory! If you are cheese lover this one is sure for you!

Cheddar Cheese Fries 5-11A paper cup filled by stunning fries poured by thick cheese sauce on top.

This ain’t the end of list! There are many more such delights that you could savor with your friends and close ones. And yes with friends it is a delight to share bills but then you could save more just by a click on Groupon and avail exciting coupon codes when you join in your purchase with CollectOffers!

Hope you likes the review and would love to munch in here with friends, and do give us your feedbacks and suggestions in the comment box below. Will be back with more such posts.

Until then,
Loads of love!

Keep A Track And Take More Steps With Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Heard you’ve made the decision to step up your commitment to healthy living. Good for you! But in this busy world, it gets hard to keep a track of daily physical activity, how much steps you took, your heart rate, sleep time and how much you calories you took. And finding a best and budgeted fitness tracker is difficult. Want to keep an eye on your daily activity to attain your fitness goal? Get your wearable fitness tracker from Fitbit. They are easy to wear, simple to use and have great apps behind them.

So, you want to buy a Fitbit. But which one suits your style, budget and fitness level? Read on to find which is best for you.

Fitbit Charge 2fitbit-charge-2-review-resting-heart-rate-1473952284-irnb-column-width-inlineIf you don’t need water resistance and GPS, then it is best for you. To help you stay active throughout the day, it will keep you motivated to move. Charge 2 includes new features like guided breathing, interchangeable bands, large screen and data tracking with VO2 max.

Fitbit Blazefitbit-blazeIf you are a fitness beginner and a gym bunny then get this, as this awesome wearable offers heart rate data and built-in workouts all on the wrist.

Fitbit AltaaltaIt is designed to fit with your personality style. It is sweat, rain and splash proof. If you want to keep things simple and track your standard activity and sleep tracking with steps, calories, and distance with notification of calls, messages and calendar updates, then keep your hands on this fitness tracker.

Fitbit Flex 2flex2It covers all the bases; monitoring steps, calories, active minutes, sleep and automatically recognize and track workouts including cycling, walking and running. What’s new? It is water resistance. This will let you track pool session automatically.

Fitbit Surgesurge
If you want a GPS sports to watch with everyday activity tracking and that doesn’t overload with stats and you don’t care about looks. Then this will be a perfect fitness tracker. And surge alone enjoys music control and notification.

Now when you’ve found the best for you then start looking for them at an economical price from eBassket and if you pick your smart watch from here through than you can bag up savings with its exclusive voucher codes and discount coupons.