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Step-In From Smartphones To Genius Phones With Artificial Intelligence Apps

Artificial Intelligence, Wosh!! Such a heavy word, isn’t it? Well, so is its working and its development in today’s technology. In a brief artificial intelligence is a longstanding science fiction staple that is coming into its own. There are several software applications coming up for mobile phones in order to make our life a bit easier.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous across the whole world and I can surely say that you too change your smartphones with the latest technology and launch. The thing is we have all become tech savy. Okay, tell me, why do you change your smartphone so frequently? Either the answer is to flaunt the latest gadget in your group (let me tell you this is also a reason for you love technology and you flaunt that) or of course the technology!

AI is slowly and gradually increasing and taking steps towards higher developments. In the near future I am pretty sure this would also come up into the list of reasons to buy a new phone. You know AI is like a personal assistance on your phone.

There are application which can work as an alarm clock (Ah! Not the usual ones) you can apply questions to it and it will keep on ringing until and unless you don’t solve them! (You will never miss you’re meeting next time ;)). Then there are photographs managing phones that will make a folder for each similar photograph so that duplicate files can be deleted! Woah! Indeed a very great innovation in the mobile world!

And yes I can get you that when it comes to shop for latest gizmos many of you sometimes resist yourself from switching to new ones because of the budget! Well there are various trusted online websites of southeast Asia- Lazada, Courts and Microsoft that have got huge options for you with affordability. Join in your shopping with CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupons and voucher codes.

Let me update you with the gadgets that has got latest tech that would do wonders in your life!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 captureXiaomi Note 3 the latest addition to the Mi family. The phone works on the latest android version (marshmallow) and has a Snapdragon processor! The application would run smoothly as it comes with a RAM of 2 GB.

Microsoft Lumia 950XL 89d772d7-44ea-44fb-891b-1f5369c7805cThe newest entry of smartphone (rather genius phones, now) in the Microsoft family. This works on the windows 10 technology and has got latest features included. The iris password is the uber cool feature in the windows phone.

Apple iPhone 7 ip113475_dvDo I need to write any description here? The phone in itself has made a great buzz about its launch, its availability and its features! Well, one of the greatest examples of why people hog on the apple phones? The answer is sweet and simple one because of its branding and two for its playing with latest technology. Superbly and undoubtedly a genius phone.

Oppo R9 Plus capture2Oppo is a new entry in the smartphone race. However this budding company has made a lot of buzz with its latest tech gadgets. People who only wanted to buy the gadgets from the companies that have stayed from long time now do not mind to switch to oppo, of course because of its technology.

Oneplus 3 capture3In love with this phone. The cyanogen technology is incredible, in true sense it is a genius phone. With this phone the AI technology can be proved and worked smoothly. The phone lets you perform any task very smoothly and efficiently!

So, don’t you think that AI can make your smartphones genius? What say Gen-Y?!Hurry up and get your latest gadgets now!

You Know Why My Skin Is Again Silky Smooth As Before??

I don’t exactly remember when and how I lost my beautiful natural skin. Though I was totally hopeless but never gave up and maybe this was the reason which helped me to get back my flawless skin.

I followed everything like friends’ suggestion, so many skin care products, home remedies etc. etc. but nothing resulted positively.

One day during internet surfing I found some best body lotions and thought for a trial. I was so surprised friends as it was working magically. These quick effective products are so special to me.

And today I am fever pitched, you know why?? Actually, the leading and promising online beauty stores Althea, Sephora and many other are offering these products at very low price. Wow! It’s really heartwarming news. 

Little later but finally I found a way where these deals can be found collectively. Yeah! It’s none other but as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save ample amount easily.

Here I am gonna share my secret.

Whoo [K-Fresh] Jinyul Lotionnn1Jinyul Lotion is the essence of the ingredients used by royal women in the court. Your skin will reborn with the court women’s secret that dates back to five thousand years. Buy this from Althea at discounted rate.

Whoo Jinyul Balancernn2In this balancer, the ingredients are inspired by Gonjin-silk which was offered only to king and queen. Get this Althea at discounted rate.

Samsung Medicos NBI5 SC Emulsionnn3Its vegetable active ingredient helps in pH balance and maintains skin at its best. The absorption property makes skin smooth. Buy this from Althea at discounted rate.

Samsung Medicos NBI5 SC EmulsionTony Moly Nutra Energy Emulsion nn4Its hyaluronic acid to the cakey skin helps greatly in supplying moisture to the skin. It nourishes the sensitive and nourished skin.

Come Fall In Love With The Essence Of Indonesian Cuisines At Groupon

I have always felt that the best part of travelling is to discover new places and FOOD! You might have heard that food speaks for itself and no words, so do I agree with it that no words can perfectly define how delicious or tempting the food is. However there are so many places in this world that are known by their food, there is a particular food that will pop up in your mind while a country will be named.

But you know what? Indonesia is a country where you won’t get just one variety or type of dish but a trail of cuisines. Indonesia is known for its colorful, vivid and vibrant dishes full of diverse aroma and essence. You’ll find the famous Cantonese cuisine and the Javanese cuisine with the hint of China. Yes you got me right! The food of Indonesia is diverse!

Well, when you are travelling to Indonesia or if you in Indonesia you cannot forget to dive into the mouthwatering dishes that would attract you towards itself with the hypnotic smell. Oh God my mouth has already started to water and eyes sparkle while talking about it. I actually want to tell you that there are thousands of varieties of food that you will not be able to resist yourself from!

Finding where you can get such delicacies? The answer is Groupon, Southeast Asia’s prominent website that offers great deals on the restaurants of Indonesia. And since there are loads of variety of foods that you have to gallop (since you cannot miss anything :P) you will surely require to save, so join in your hands with CollectOffers and you get Groupon discount codes and voucher codes.

Okay, so not speaking anymore about the food and letting you know few dishes that you could relish your taste buds on. Let’s go!

La Mian with Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Sauce78193c24cd76e1ce41366a4bbe8a49b02a02878c18a4ed934f666d8a47329fd0872c5 For those of you who like berkuliner alias like to eat a variety of flavors of Xiao Long Bao and La Mian Special this one is one of the variety of Chinese dishes. Here you get authentic Chinese dishes to grab on and halal and non-halal cuisines. The menus are served at Paradise Dynasty made from fresh ingredients are cooked in the open plan kitchen, so the quality of taste of each grain is always awake.

Budae Jjigae 77873cd00692c3bfe59267d5ecfac5310286c3e14e4b408b0ba724aa3e225f96ab94eFor all those who love culinary cuisines, you can enjoy unlimited variety of menu choices of meat available, ranging from pork, beef and chicken. The meat has been seasoned with a distinctive blend of Ssikkek so completely absorbed and can be directly baked on the grill. For dessert, you can enjoy a selection of desserts available.

Cajun Platter 3Fish & co. presents the package seafood menu that each packages that you can eat with your family and friends. The menu options presented is The Best Fish & Chips in Town + Soup of The Day, Grilled Chicken, Cajun Platter with Paella Rice and other menu coupled with refreshments Blackcurrant / Lemon Tea can be refilled. Yumm..!! Didn’t your mouth started to water?!

Mall Kelapa Gading 4To enjoy a Belgian style waffle dish that is with a package of Prince Waffle you can surely go on for this dessert. You know there are days when you want to dive on desserts and yes one cheat day is permitted for the health conscious you! With this package, you can enjoy such Waffle Grande and Gourmet.

Japenese Buffet 5Satay- I am sure you all have heard about this dish very often served at Indonesia and one of the most popular dishes in there. Well if you are lover of Japanese food and have craving for it remember it is just a click away!

And next you’re in the land of Indonesia I know you won’t be able to resist yourself from taking a dig at these delightful cuisines!

Instant Makeup And Get A Sparkling Party Look With These Flashy Products!

Nowadays only status matters hence, people are persistently trying to improve it more and more. Party party and party, all time! Sometimes official party sometimes with family or friends, yeah?

Well, this party term usually makes every girl crazy, crazy for what to wear or how to look exclusive in the crowd. Hey, girls! Well, am I saying anything wrong??

You can don a pretty dress but dear friend, without a perfect makeup it’s absolutely a waste. But if you have a collection of some premium class makeup products in your wardrobe then getting an appealing party look will never be a big deal to you.

These makeup products you can buy online though. Actually, the leading and promising fashion stores Sephora, Zalora and many other that too at discounted rates. I think this option is perfect for shopping along with saving.

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Here are some skin products of your interest.

BENEFIT COSMETICS They’re Real! Push-Up Eye Liner Minimk1Create a wider eye appearance with this lash-hugging gel eyeliner. This wearable shade lasts for 24 hours and prevents from smearing. The flat wide guard gently pushes lashes aside to ensure that the liner gets close to your lash line. The closer the line, the larger your eyes will appear. Buy this Sephora at discounted rate.

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundationmk2Veil your skin with foundation coverage that feels water-light, while it evens and perfects the complexion. Each weightless fluid drop imparts subtle luminosity that blurs imperfections and creates a soft focused glow. In a range of flexible shades with light, buildable coverage Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation imparts a healthy, natural glow. Get this from Sephora and win the hefty discount.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Shine Lipstickmk3Achieve an iridescent glow on your lips. This lipstick delivers a sheer finish. Its nourishing formula leaves your lips smooth and radiant for long hours. Its precise design enables you to create a well-defined lip appearance. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Smart Rollermk4This string of stencils allows you to customize as many nail designs as you like instantly. Buy this from Sephora and enjoy the discounts.

BECCA Highlight/Lowlight Palette Pressedmk5The Lowlight Sculpting Perfector™ Pressed defines the features with a natural shadow finish, while the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed™ Opal gives light and lifts for a soft, pearlised glow. Get this from Sephora at discounted rate.