Pop Up Your Nails With Exotic Winter Nail Paints

You know I kinda fall in love with my nails once I get my manicure done! They look so damp and gorgeous, oh God! (Eyes sparkling) I am damn sure you too love it. But hey! Don’t you think that since the manicure stays for weeks and we cannot always boast a French manicure every time! Duh?!

You surely need to pop up some colors girl! Its winters already and going lighty-light is no more a trend. It’s time for dark, dark and still darker! Why? Queen, I hope you know that makeup isn’t limited to your face and hairstyle? If you thought so, let me make it very clear you need to take care of your nails to! Take it this way, when you meet someone the first thing you do is you shake hands right? What it you’ve got brittle nails? Naah!

And yes one most important tip, there are separate trends for nail paints! Yes a manicured hand is the best calling card but then the nail paint color should go with your outfit too!  Imagine you’re all decked up- your outfit, makeup, hairstyle and even your footwear all are in trend and your nail paint  do not match up your outfit! That would be a fiasco, I must say!

Well, you need not worry coz I won’t let this happen to you. Let it be a worst nightmare only! Let me update you with colors that would be up this winter season and ones that you could match with most of your outfits so that you need not change the colors too often. Yess!!

Umm..Do you know the best way to shop for your nail paints is online? Coz if you name the color to your shopkeeper he would ask you the code, which you obviously do not know coz it’s a new add-on! And while shopping online you get the exact color at affordable price! Shop with Sephora, Lazada and Zalora as they are South-East Asia’s most prominent shopping websites, where you get to shop the latest trends!

Should add up discounts as well? Or you’re fine with it? Okay I know you love discounts as much you love trends so hop in your shopping ride with CollectOffers and you get additional Sephora, Lazada and Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Bon-ton, dark, rock, gothic or baby! Whatever you may call it, these are the few shades that are a must have this season. So let us begin our colorful ride of nail paints!

Dark Brown captureYes, dark brown which seems to be too close to black but isn’t! Dark brown is also a shade that would give your nails different look altogether and unlike black you too will feel the difference once you apply it. The best feature is that the winter trends equal to dark shades therefore it would match your ensemble as well.

Evergreen Red zoom_2f59b03283a3daf4d949eda4998bad3bbbe25c1b_1476361904_2332_laqaco_webYes one color that you could carry either in summers or in winters! So for all the simple and keeping it light princesses this one’s for you! The blood red mushy color kinda highlights your ensemble and completes your look!

Darker shades of pink zoom_90c0e030fad66ebf37b338d6246501fb3b6a5bab_1476362024_2335_laqaco_webYou know the shade grey-pink, yes that is a dusky color of pink that will make prima dona go gaga over, so before anyone else flaunts it you go grab this latest nail paint trend!

Purple capture3Don’t get the feel of gothic with this color. But imagine this color with snow yes! That was motive of me telling you that why winters are for darker colors, it fits in the weather and atmosphere!

Dark Blues capture4The very glossy effect and a color that matches your denims is so cool. You won’t have to change your nail paint too often as denims are one og the most wearable outfit and you can match this color with your ensemble easily this winter season!

Go ladies! Grab these wonderful colors and pop up your look with theses winter color trends!


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