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Gamer Alert: Latest Gaming Gadgets To Get Your Hands On!

Gamers get set to try your hands on the latest gaming consoles and elope into a new world of graphics. As you know when it comes to gaming it’s a wide-wide world out there when it comes to choose gaming consoles, accessories and everything related. Above that choosing the perfect one for yourself or the special gamer in your life is a daunting task!

The first covenant of video games was born and died long, long ago in the 90’s but things are different today. Its 21st century guys! Today virtual reality has taken the world by storm.

The gaming resolutions and the aura it creates while you play on your console is a hard to define moment for the gamers today! Remember, we used to play those hand video games and felt like a pro when talked about any new gaming tech. And now when a new tech is launched or game in that case then we are like “Naah! The graphics aren’t cool enough Xbox has better graphics than this!”

Time changes and with time technology is evolving and so there are developments in games as well, two things that go hand-in-hand I believe!

One could easily see the graphic developments in play stations so easily. I love my ps3 but when I saw the resolution changes of GTA5 on ps4 and compared it on my ps3 my heart broke. I so badly want to upgrade!

There wasn’t anyone to tell me which qualities of a particular console is better as when you go to a shop the person praises all the console. You are surely like “I know every game is cool but then you cannot buy each of them” duh?!

Well you can buy gaming online through Lazada and Courts as it would save you time and also money! Yes, join your shopping via CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

So, out of many lemme just update you about 5 gadgets that you could check-in for and grab them!

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim ps4-500gb-slim-latest-model-cuh-2006a-free-2-games-black-7930-6781229-5a9cae57e04c0d49273f1fd49721ad04-zoomThis PlayStation is a lighter model of the PS4 series. The biggest change you would see in ps4 slim is the design that has got curves and the matte finish ditching the two tone gloss/matte finish of ps4. There is also change in its energy as ps4 is more energy efficient while playing games like call of duty you would not hear the sound of the fan which was also an issue for few gamers like me! You could also wait for PS4 Pro till November (okay! I have started blabbering like the shopkeeper I know) No, get this one!

Microsoft-Xbox One Core Console xboxOwn the Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle, featuring a 1TB hard drive, Fallout 4, and a full-game download of Fallout 3. The next generation gaming is here! You know the best feature is obviously it coming with the 1Tb hard drive which lets you save games and enjoy games like Halo 5:Gaurdians: Rise of the Tom Raider and many more.

Nintendo 3DS XL Console ninThe New Nintendo 3DS XL comes in black, with striking artwork of the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala on the outside of the system’s upper part. This was about the look whereas, ZL and ZR Buttons have been added next to the L and R Buttons, and a new C Stick can be found near the A, B, X and Y Buttons, expanding your control options.

Alienware 17 alienware-17-gaming-laptop-6th-gen-gtx970m-7101-9222423-1-zoomThe Alienware 17 is thinner and lighter than any 17″ laptop created before, but that doesn’t mean it has skimped on performance. When paired with the optional Alienware Graphics Amplifier featuring a desktop GPU of your choice, you can transform the Alienware 17 into the ultimate at-home entertainment experience. Just plug in and get lost in the vivid display and massive performance boost of desktop-class graphics.

Asus ROG G752 asus-rog-g752-vy-gtx-980m-17-3-gaming-laptop-3694-2422423-1-zoomOne and only ROG G752 with highest end Nvidia GTX980M dedicated graphic card for your ultimate gaming experience! It gives unbeatable performance with the 6th generation Intel skylake core i7 processor.

These were the five out of many other gaming consoles and gadgets available and you could buy them.


Diwali Glimpse: Desi Looks Holding Your Breath

Diwali is near. Lighting diyas, decorating rooms, shopping crackers and many such joyous things will be going on in your head, yeah? But I am sure the most important point is, ‘how to look unique?’ is scratching your head, isn’t it? Especially if we talk about girls, My God! They get mad if don’t find their favorite dresses.

Well, throw all your tension away girls as the leading and promising online fashion stores LimeRoad, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Snapdeal and many other have brought the widest collection of never seen before ethnic dresses to make your Diwali special. C’mon, don’t slip away this wonderful chance!

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Let’s see which dress you’re gonna pick first.

White unstitched georgette straight unstitched suit set1This Diwali don this alluring white georgette straight suit and flaunt a desi look. This white color straight kurta is printed with the golden design. Buy this from LimeRoad at 50% off.

White mirror embroidered georgette lehenga with jacket2This Diwali light your home wearing this traditional white lehnga with the jacket. The decent design over the dress makes you look different in the crowd. Buy this from LimeRoad at discounted rate.

White georgette a line kurta3Get a fairy looks donning this frilled white georgette a line kurta and flaunt a traditional look. Buy this from LimeRoad at discounted rate.

Semi stitched georgette Bollywood fabric dress materialAlways watch on the big screen and try to get likewise looks of Bollywood divas, right? Well, LimeRoad will make your dream come true as it has lined up a variety of ethnic dresses at discounted rates. Buy this white palazzo set from Limeroad and win the hefty discount.

White cotton banarasi saree5This banaras touch handloom stylish get together wear fancy women stylish banarasi cotton art manmade fiber saree. Buy this from LimeRoad and win the hefty discounts.

Make Your Home Paradise With These Jaw-Dropping Home Decors

How do you make your room from ordinary to extraordinary? Do you think adding awe-inspiring home decors somewhere enhance the attraction of your paradise? Truly speaking, the reflection of your room is dependent upon the things you choose to set inside the home.

You must have a very fair idea about which things can give a better match to your room walls and architecture. Since not only wall paintings or curtains or anything limited can ever make your room look beautiful hence all you can buy in one round at a single place only. How, right?

Actually, the splendid online store Lazada, Gobuy and many other are offering an extensive collection of a variety of home decors at a hefty discount. Means, sitting in your bed you can buy your favorite items at discounted rates.

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Here is some eye-catching home decors, take a look!

2PCS Floral Butterfly Sheer Curtains Sheers Voile Tulle Window Curtainph1This beautiful curtain piece makes a romantic atmosphere in your family. It is used as a window décor, room division or wall decoration. Buy this from Lazada at 56% off.

Hollow Tri-ply Wood Blank Love DIY Painting Picture Photo Frameph2This branded and high-quality photo frame is used to enhance the beauty of the wall. Buy this from Lazada and enjoy 50% discount.

Maoqin MQ005 Mirror Analog DIY 3D Number Wall Clock Blackph3This branded clock is used as a wall décor. Its theme is inspirational and touches the modern fashion. Its time display is analog. Buy this from Lazada at 52% off.

Beverly’s Christmas Tree 210S 6ft (Dark Pine and Light Pine Green) ph4The Christmas is near and every mind is now thinking to decorate an artificial Christmas to their lovely room. Well, you can buy 6ft long artificial Christmas tree made of PVC plastic. A sturdy plastic stand is also included. Buy this from Lazada at 67% off.

Color Changing Lumma Candles Set (White)ph5These artificial candles are made of plastics. These can be operated with a color changing. Each candle uses batteries. Also, these candles are waterproof. Buy this from Lazada at 63% off.

Pop Up Your Nails With Exotic Winter Nail Paints

You know I kinda fall in love with my nails once I get my manicure done! They look so damp and gorgeous, oh God! (Eyes sparkling) I am damn sure you too love it. But hey! Don’t you think that since the manicure stays for weeks and we cannot always boast a French manicure every time! Duh?!

You surely need to pop up some colors girl! Its winters already and going lighty-light is no more a trend. It’s time for dark, dark and still darker! Why? Queen, I hope you know that makeup isn’t limited to your face and hairstyle? If you thought so, let me make it very clear you need to take care of your nails to! Take it this way, when you meet someone the first thing you do is you shake hands right? What it you’ve got brittle nails? Naah!

And yes one most important tip, there are separate trends for nail paints! Yes a manicured hand is the best calling card but then the nail paint color should go with your outfit too!  Imagine you’re all decked up- your outfit, makeup, hairstyle and even your footwear all are in trend and your nail paint  do not match up your outfit! That would be a fiasco, I must say!

Well, you need not worry coz I won’t let this happen to you. Let it be a worst nightmare only! Let me update you with colors that would be up this winter season and ones that you could match with most of your outfits so that you need not change the colors too often. Yess!!

Umm..Do you know the best way to shop for your nail paints is online? Coz if you name the color to your shopkeeper he would ask you the code, which you obviously do not know coz it’s a new add-on! And while shopping online you get the exact color at affordable price! Shop with Sephora, Lazada and Zalora as they are South-East Asia’s most prominent shopping websites, where you get to shop the latest trends!

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Bon-ton, dark, rock, gothic or baby! Whatever you may call it, these are the few shades that are a must have this season. So let us begin our colorful ride of nail paints!

Dark Brown captureYes, dark brown which seems to be too close to black but isn’t! Dark brown is also a shade that would give your nails different look altogether and unlike black you too will feel the difference once you apply it. The best feature is that the winter trends equal to dark shades therefore it would match your ensemble as well.

Evergreen Red zoom_2f59b03283a3daf4d949eda4998bad3bbbe25c1b_1476361904_2332_laqaco_webYes one color that you could carry either in summers or in winters! So for all the simple and keeping it light princesses this one’s for you! The blood red mushy color kinda highlights your ensemble and completes your look!

Darker shades of pink zoom_90c0e030fad66ebf37b338d6246501fb3b6a5bab_1476362024_2335_laqaco_webYou know the shade grey-pink, yes that is a dusky color of pink that will make prima dona go gaga over, so before anyone else flaunts it you go grab this latest nail paint trend!

Purple capture3Don’t get the feel of gothic with this color. But imagine this color with snow yes! That was motive of me telling you that why winters are for darker colors, it fits in the weather and atmosphere!

Dark Blues capture4The very glossy effect and a color that matches your denims is so cool. You won’t have to change your nail paint too often as denims are one og the most wearable outfit and you can match this color with your ensemble easily this winter season!

Go ladies! Grab these wonderful colors and pop up your look with theses winter color trends!