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Unlock The Ethnic Street Style With Indonesian Batik Prints

Lately there has been a lot of discussion on the latest fashion trends. In a month we have reached from Fall/Winter 2016 trends to Spring Ready-to-Wear 2017 trends. Adding to it a lot of ruckus has been made on the different prints like floral, stripes and every other pattern that are and will be in fashion.

What about Batik? No (Whaaat is thaaattt???)? Well, batik is a technique originally from Indonesia and now is popular in many parts of the world. Batik prints were once to be worn by the Indonesians at important cultural ceremonies and now you can see them in the latest designs as well.

For your information, you won’t have to roam or search for the batik prints as Zalora and Berrybenka have got a special place for batik prints available in different styles and that you could carry in varied ways! Ain’t that mind-blowing?

If you thought that batik prints are for a particular genre wear then no! Batik prints are something you can carry on every day, on lunch, weekends all in all a sober and simple. Believe me the ethnic street style can be best flaunted with batik prints.

Want to look different and get noticed by everyone with their appreciation and compliments? Then you must surely get the Indonesian batik prints and flaunt the ethnic and simplicity in you. Not only shopping online is one that provides you loads of options but sometimes it proves to be fruitful. How? Now if you join in your purchase with you get additional Zalora and Berrybenka discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Now that you have got a keen interest in the Batik prints and fabric let me give you a glimpse of what would make you stand out!

Anakara Woven Top Krisantium anakara-zThis beautiful black top with multi-colored batik print gives a very ethnic look though on a top. This one has got georgette sleeves and gives you a very comfortable feel. Pair it with with denims and get that gorgeous look instantly.

Batik Combi Cullote batik-2-berryAs you know that palazzo are so in fashion! Be it gull length palazzo or 3/4th you have names to all. This one is a very trendy and classy outfit. One you could wear very comfortably. Pair it with a solid black crop top or t-shirt and you are going to look amazing.

Arjuna Weda Viscose Batik sackdress batik-dress-3-zNow you see here, as I said Batik is not only about ethnic but you could also try out this batik dress which is very western and yet gives you a very sober look. The material is cotton and the pleats gives it a different look overall.

Djoemat Happy Bosses Batik Parang cold-shoulder-berry-4Cold shoulder tops! Love them, love them! For all those fashion junkies like me should go for cold shoulder tops and try this one out for sure! The batik print is very light and yet it gives the top a definition in itself.

Djoemat Happy Flower Batik Dress Setamanbatic-berry-5This beautiful short sleeve dress will look adorable with heels and has got the impression to make you look like a chic.

These were few designs out of many that you could try on and stay stylish this season!

These Effective Eye Patches Are The Secret Of My Fresh Eyes

Whatever work we’re doing, we need to keep our eyes there only, yeah? The 6-8 hours’ sleep is the only time when the eyes get time to relax. But, in such hectic and stressful life, do you think that this little duration can sooth your eyes deeply? Well, the clear answer is no! So, what can you do to make your eyes look fresh and healthy? My suggestion, use some high-quality eye patches which help your eyes to keep healthy and nice.

These eye patches you may find online also. Yeah, the leading and promising online beauty stores Althea, Sephora and many other are offering premium class eye patches at discounted rates. These patches you can apply as a toner which after 20 minutes you can remove easily and get fresh eyes.

For more savings, you can join hands with as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save ample amount.

Here I am gonna discuss some very important eye patches.

Petitfee Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eye Patchsg1Ruby powder keeps skin youthful and healthy and you can experience specificity of the ruby which represents passion and life. The water dropped eye patch promotes concentrated care of a delicate eye area. Buy this from Althea at 55% off.

Petitfee Gold & Snail Hydrogel Patchsg2These eyes patch restore skin elasticity and make skin smoother. Buy this from Althea at 55% off.

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Patchsg3After cleansing and toning, remove the pack from packaging and place over eyes for 10-20 minutes. This eye patch brings life to your eyes. Buy this from Althea and enjoy 80% off.

Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eyepatchsg4Apply toner on the skin after cleansing face. Take patches out of a container. Apply the eye and spot patches to required areas. Remove after 30 minutes later and gently pat for the remaining liquid to be absorbed into the skin. Buy this from Althea at 55% off.

Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patchsg5The gold gives skin invigorated around the eyes and EGF helps firming skin. Buy this from Althea and get the discount of 55%.

Astound Your Tech Junkie With The Enthralling Gadgets On eBassket

Gifts are appreciated and loved by everyone. If anyone answers no to it, stop acting! 😛 No, genuinely at some point of time it symbolizes the love of the sender and kinda motivates us and feel special. Don’t you think so?

I am sure you get confused when it comes to gifting something to your loved ones. The thought in itself arouse in you several questions, right? You think every person has a different personality, choice and opinion; keeping all these in mind choosing a gift for them is surely a rocket science!! Ah..and here you went wrong!

Yes seriously, gifting becomes really fun when you know the person very well. Like you know there are several options to gift a woman whereas for men, yes you do need to run your brains but still there are various option for him too. And if you need to opt a middle way round there then there is something you could get for both of them! Yes, think think!! Ok times up, lemme tell you, it Gadgets!! Yes tech is appreciated by each and every one of us.

Thanks to the technology industry for brimming with wonderful gadgets that charm your loved ones – be it the ‘adrenaline junkie’ friend, the ‘forever resolving to be fit’ parents or the ‘selfie-loving sibling’ gadgets are something that is craved by everyone.

So why not gift them gadgets which will be loved and used by them on day-to-day basis plus you won’t have to think too much 😉

Ahh..well when it comes to gift loved ones money isn’t an issue but then who does not love discounts? Yes discounts which will bring smile to your face too! eBassket, South-East Asia’s one of the most renowned electronic shopping website and to add icing on the cake join in your shopping via and you get additional eBassket discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Did I say gifts bring a smile to the receiver only?

Okay so let me give you top 5 gadgets that you could choose to gift:

LG Nexus 5X lg_nexus_5x_blue_1_1Mobile phones that everyone from a child of kindergarten to an elder person, uses it. Updated gadgets and that too coming from a brand LG! Nexus is the most appreciated smart phone of today, whether you have a selfie-obsessed friend or a tech junkie brother liked by both of the genders and all genres!!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A samsung_galaxy_tab_a_whiteGift your workaholic father, brother, friend a tablet with latest tech Samsung Galaxy Tab A! The tablet is available in 2 screen size variant one of 8 inches and the other of 9.7inches.

Beats Solo 2 beats_solo2_on-ear_headphones_gloss_blueThese headphones are the one which any music lover could ever get. Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful gesture. The headphones come in the noise cancellation category but ya maybe your friend might not listen to you after you gift him this gift, hmm! Haha kidding J

Canon DSLR Lens canon_2042b002_ef_s_18_55mm_f_3_5_5_6_is_1330465875000_519475Well, you know gifting a DSLR would be an OTT, but yes you could always cherish a photographer friend by gifting him a DSLR  lens, coz I know after buying a DSLR people are always craving for different lens and then don’t buy them for some or the other reason. Gift them the lens according to their camera and you’ll be really happy to see the sparkle in their eyes!

Sony Smartband Talk sony_smartband_talkI am sure you too have a fitness freak friend or family member, who is always concentrating on what calories he/she is consuming and always blabbering about their workout. Gift them this fitness band. The sony smartband has an accelerometer and altimeter and in-built loudspeaker which one can use while working out.!

So, cherish moments of gifting sweet gestures to loved one which now won’t cost you much! Hurry up and buy these amazing gadgets for the special ones.


Outdoor Games At Lazada Apt To Make Your Kids Active And Healthy

Isn’t it a lovely scene when you see a bunch of kids playing outdoor? The noise they make the little fights they share and then unite over something is so innocent and delightful. However, now technology has seized these joyous moments by making kids addicted to more indoor games, which leads to an unhealthy life. Enabling you all to bring some energy back in your kids life, Lazada has housed a wide range of outdoor toys.

The prominent online store of Southeast Asia clubs a variety of outdoor toys ranging from skateboards, scooters to basketball, in short there is everything that can interest your kid.

I know that you are thinking why to shop from the online store when can go around in market to buy them? Well, I can give you two major reasons why online shopping can be fruitful for you all.

Firstly, its saves time coz you will not have to juggle between shops to find the best quality product. Secondly, you can get attractive discounts at Lazada, which you can surely not get anywhere else.

Still, if the reasons are less then I have another important and tempting one, which is perfect to woo you all. While shopping online, make your shopping partner to avail attractive discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Hmm, now you got it why was I emphasizing on online shopping! 🙂

So shall we take a look at the products available? Great.

1Pair Finger Roller Skates0
Is your kid a fan of ice skating? Well then gifting him/her the Finger roller skates will be a great idea.

Inflatable Basketball Hoops6
Make your kid a basketball champ by gifting him/her the Inflatable Basketball Hoops available at Lazada.

Kids Scooter4
Buy your lazy bone a nice kid’s scooter to boost some activeness in his life! You can get plenty of options in kids’ scooter at Lazada.

Kids Archery Bow and Arrow Set 3
The Kids Archery Bow and Arrow Set at Lazada is another great option to gift your child. Who knows he/she turn up to be a great archer?

Dual Soccer Goal Sets2
Your kid can be the next Ronaldo, so gift him the Dual Soccer Goal Sets to polish his skills.