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Amazon Fashion Week 2016: A Ride On Vivid Colors of Contemporary Classic

With winters taking its first steps and autumn biding a goodbye, let us go on a blissful and colorful journey of fashion. Fashion events bring to us the vivid ensembles and vibrant trends of the season, the same was presented by the Amazon Fashion Week associate sponsored by Maybelline New York.

The five day venture beginning from 12th October to 16th October showcased various designers of India. The event weaved under the theme of “Indian Modern Festive”. The event was witnessed by a plethora of style gurus, fashion bloggers, media professionals and fashionistas!

Various designers disclosed their couture but the highlight was the designer making a new entry to the list for the fashion week, Masaba Gupta. Yes the ace fashion designer Masaba unlocked her collection giving the audience a perfect example of “contemporary, classic and chic”. There were massive designs revealed with which one would go in awe with.

A fashion event and you miss the Bollywood connection? Not possible at all. The spell of hypnosis was casted when Actress Nimrat Kaur slayed the runway playing muse to designer Mandira Wirk. Donning a white delicate and detailed gown with extended cape, the actress was all praises for the designer’s Spring Summer edition that was titled “New Royal” and comprised pieces like paneled anarkalis, floor-sweeping bell bottoms, jackets, capes, crop tops, jumpsuits, tapered trousers along with drape saris and dhoti pants. All about the festivity!

Actors Konkona Sen, Soha Ali Khan and Mini Mathur had witnessed the show and added stars to the fashion event with their presence.

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Let us take a ride on the journey of the fashion week and focus on four designers which I believe were one of the highlights of the event and get you an update about their designs and patterns. What say?

Okay, so let’s go!

Masaba Gupta masabaStarting with Masaba, her show was showcased on the 4th day of the event. Her designs were an inspiration from New York city and perfectly revealedd it. Her show though featured a palette of monochrome but was dominated by colors of pink, cherry, shades of red and luxe of blue. The showstopper Athiya Shetty donned white flared pants with golden prints on it and a black crop top paired with a cape. She looked a chic and stole the show with the complete ensemble. Cape shirts, overlapped dress, shirt dress, tunics, gowns, crop tops and pants were the highlight for the show. Few sarees were also featured in the collection.

Pankaj & Nidhi pankaj-nidhiThe collection of Pankaj and Nidhi was inspired by the military traditions. The shades of tan, camouflage and accessorizing the designs with badges, medals, tassels, braid and a somber olive all that could be expected from a military inspired theme. How could be expect a Pankaj and Nidhi collection without an overarching air of femininity?! Their Sergeant Pepper-esque jackets came loaded with intricate embroidery and accessorized embroidered badges. With all the silver touch and shiny shimmer of disco was about the collection by Pankaj-Nidhi.

Ragini Ahuja raginiRagini featured her designs with chanderi fabric and revealed the designs and silhouettes that would be a must have for the summer 2017. The jackets and the ‘Ragini’ touch trousers were so eye catchy. Her idea was to showcase the oversized Indian ensemble. Which I believe was very flattery and deserves thumbs up, undoubtedly. The complete bohemian touch and overalls took the show to another level.

Pallavi Mohan pallaviThe designer presented an ode to honeybees and their hardworking nature. The silhouettes featured hues of lavender, baby blue, dusky white and chalk white. The fabric that was highlighted in her collection was silk and tulles. The highlights also included a line of ultra-feminine, ruffled, sheer looks in delicate peach and sky blue. Undoubtedly, a collection that toned the colors of summer 2017.

This was a brief on the Amazon Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection, to update you with the trends and highlights of the event!


You Wonder Why I Look So Younger?

Well, I am not younger but from children to aged people, everyone asks me, ‘how can you look so young in this age, what do you use?’ sometimes I think not to share my secret with anyone but then realize what loss I would face after all if somebody else also looks fabulous like me?

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YAAY, That Vibrant Nightlife Of Lagos Conquered My Heart Entirely!

Not after much analysis but the suggestion from a few people diverted my mind to plan a trip to Lagos. Truly speaking, I had no idea even that it was gonna be a great fun! The Friday Nights where Lagosians unwind themselves after working all week long, The Traffic where people play out their Fast and Furious fantasies, The Glamorous Shows, The Night Markets and many things made my whole week so magical that I even forgot what was called a stress.4Hey, Singaporeans! I don’t say that I would explain you each and every memorable moment spent there but yeah, would assuredly try my best to walk you through that lively atmosphere so you can feel a bit of that ecstatic feeling just lying down in your bed.

The Friday Nights
Though the whole world celebrates the Friday night but in Lagos, it is named as TGIF when night clubs and bars are jam-packed with working-class folks. These clubs, apart from offering the chance to have a couple of drinks while grooving to the loud music, are the perfect places for visitors to get business connections.

The Traffic6Well, the best time to enjoy driving in Lagos is at night. If you stay somewhere, you get to see people play out their Fast and Furious fantasies.

The Glamorous Shows And Events
The city is famous as the entertainment hub of Nigeria. From red carpet events to stage plays and music concerts, you are assured to never have a dull moment.

The Night Market5In the Night Markets, you will find things more affordable than the day. The popular Adedeji Market in Itire is mostly patronized by working-class people within and outside the area the harsh sun rays and noise pollution of an afternoon.

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Not Only The Gizmo Spring On The Accessories As Well

Nowadays it’s all about glitz and glamour! A glitter here and a bling there, is all you see and want. Cosmetics and embellishments ain’t restricted to fashion and makeup. If you thought so, duh! You were so living in the Adam’s age! Accessories- be it wearable tech, gadget cosmetics, attachments or anything else tend to be so eye-catching and adds an extra ordinary pinch to your tech.

You might have noticed already that there is such a vast range of different accessories trending and becoming people’s favorite. How about taking it this way that you own a smartphone and it has its usual back panel, right? What maximum a manufacturer can experiment with the panel? Give it a sleek finish, a leather look, what else? Nothing. You too tend to get bored of seeing the usual phone panel which has apparently suffered jerks and falls and has been wounded. Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, this is a story of everybody. What can be done is that you get a cool back cover for the phone! Which will work as a protector and will give your phone a new look as well! Great isn’t it?

The things are only restrained to covers and cases there are a massive variety of such things. In a way you give your tech a new definition to your widget. And yes. The most important thing, each eyeball will then be on you and your device, ah catch the spotlight bro!

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Cases and Covers tb2vhjfmvxxxxcqxxxxxxxxxxxx_1876975872As I said that they are so much in trend right now. Work as a two way tool- protector and jewelry. There are not only limited covers and cases of cartoons, shows, or any particular but you can also get things customized too. You can have your name or your picture as well. So, hurry and grab on a new look for you gadget.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker speakersHello music lovers! I know you kinda bored of listening to earphones, I mean not everytime you want to tag along a wire in your ear. So here are the speakers that are portable, Bluetooth connected and you can enjoy the bass as well. What else do you need? Get the party started and put life into your party with the portable speakers.

Virtual reality glass mirror glass-mirrorThe virtual reality glass mirrors are a new entrant to the accessories range. These let you watch pictures, videos in 3D view. The best part of these glasses is that only the wearer is able to look at the things he is watching. The glass mirrors do not make you dizzy or causes eye fatigue. It can be adjusted according to your vision.

Selfie Stick selfie-stickAll the selfie lovers, tired of clicking selfies holding your phone in your hand? It tends to fall? Well, all you need is the selfie stick. The groupfies can be very well be clicked from the selfie stick. However, large may the group be you get the perfect selfie.

Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus stylusStylus is something really classy, I feel. The stylus gives a look of pen and is really stylish to carry and use as well. You too can own a stylus at a very affordable price and at great deals.

Still waiting? Hurry up and grab your accessories and flaunt the newly defined gadgets and techs among your group.