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Wilder Than Ghosts, Bolder Than Beasts: Halloween Makeup to Carve Out Your Fantasies

Can you feel the spooky air around you? Are the nights becoming darker and trepidacious? Well, don’t feel strange it’s October, and it’s ought to happen coz’ this month celebrates the most ghostly night, Halloween Night!

WOW!!! I can see party animals cheering hearing the name of the fanciest, wild and unnerving party night. If talking frankly, in adolescence I used to get frightened looking at those scary faces and was simultaneously surprised thinking what kind of theme party was this?

I know am sounding a bit weird but it’s a fact as to me and many of friends party meant wearing fancy clothes, with perfect makeup and accessories in short nothing should go over the top. But this party was something else, just the opposite of regular parties.

Painted face, fancy costumes, unusual hairdo, and no limit makeup has always been the trend of such parties. This weird styling somewhere portrays the difference between normal humans and ghosts. That makes me ask, if really ghosts and spirits party and dress up like this?

Well, maybe but whatever it is, slowly and gradually even I have started linking this scary theme party, where people break their inhibitions and turn up in their fancy avatar.

For party animals, the Halloween night says no limit for fun, no limit for wildness, no limit for dressing up, in precise go crazy, just live the moment and shake your leg or booty (your choice) 😉

Though, it’s more like any costume drama but it’s the makeup, which fills life in the character you choose to depict. Can hear a big yes! I believe that applying makeup for this night is more typical than applying in regular days as here you have to match up your look, bring life into it along with keeping it appealing.

It’s commendable to see so much creativity starting from party setup to looks. Every year there is something new and this year also it is expected to see something extraordinary.

Even I have some new ideas for you that might help you in carrying a killer look! Wanna know what? Come along!

Galaxy Makeup1Yup as the name suggest, this makeup is galaxy inspired. All you need is to use the cosmetics in colors like electric blue or purple to give a backdrop of galaxy.

To bring out the best galaxy look you may use purple pigment-flecked powder shimmers with a pearl-infused formula that resembles the night sky.

Not to forget to induce some dusty pastels to romantic reds to show the lights prevailing in the galaxy. Oops! Did I miss to say that use glittery products? Yes, use some shimmery powders and cosmetics to carry the perfect galaxy look.

Devil Lookfb7cda1ad5ed33ab19d5a22979009b3b
It’s a bit strange, but we all have our one favorite devil character in our imagination and what is near to our heart can be expressed the best. However, to define a devil character better, it’s best to highlight your eyes.

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To get a deadly devil look you need to have a fine quality eyebrow pencil, a kohl and dark lip color.

Cleopatra Lookcleao
Who says that looking sexy is ban in Halloween party and you only need to look dreadful and filthy? So why not infuse the magic of Cleopatra’s beauty! According to me her sharp looks, elegant style and classy makeup made her more confident and alluring so why not experiment your Halloween night look with it.


Okay what you need for a perfect Cleopatra look? Not much only a concealer, eye shadows in may be cream, gold or blue color, black eyeliner or eye brow pencils, dark lip colors.

It would look more appealing if you use a tan shimmer dust.

Barbie Lookbarbie
If these scary looks don’t really appeal you, then you can choose the Barbie look. Yeah, be the glam doll and infuse a punch of pink in the dark and uncanny party mood.

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So buy one best quality eye shadow palette with all perky pink shades, one nice fuchsia lipstick and a nice eye liner and mascara to look glamorous. Don’t forget to keep your skin looking fresh with a shimmer dust or powder cake.

I hope the confusion has ended and now you have some idea of what to do this Halloween Night!

Before I Go , just wanna say, “If you’re a party freak then step on the floor, If you’re an animal then tear up the floor.” Get going guys!!!