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These Eye Catching Accessories Adding More Into Your Fascinating Looks

So many times donning a new dress you whisper yourself seeing in the mirror, ‘it would look more pretty with beautiful accessories’, isn’t it? Though it is hard to pick an exclusive trendy dress out of a great volume but don’t you think getting a best match of accessories with that particular dress is even a more challenging deal?

I think, scratching head today in such crowded market where you may or may not get your dearest thing is literally an idiotic effort. Why don’t you enjoy shopping along with crunchy snacks just lying down in your bed? Yeah, actually the splendid online fashion stores Zalora, Lazada and many other are offering a variety of appealing accessories for every possible dress available in the market at heartwarming prices means cut effort and save money both along!

You know friends, last time I bought beautiful accessories from these stores through and won the hefty discount over there too. So, if you want to save more and more and more money, join hands with as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save adequate amount with no strain.

Here are some exclusive picks, let’s go through them.

Kelly Sunglasses by River Island1-1It is Channel John Lennon-esque signature round glasses with a hefty infusion of feminine allure, such as this stunning RIVER ISLAND summer curation and crafted with an alluring tort-patterned acetate frame complete with gold-tone dipping. Buy this from Zalora at discounted rate.

Necklace by Mango Stone Chain2-1Take the glory with this chain stone necklace from Mango. This modern muse is decorated with dangling colored stones, lending it a note of chic luxe. Buy this from Zalora at discounted rate.

Minimalist Xmas Tree Charm Bracelet by Something Borrowed3-1A fine piece of jewellery to please fellow minimalists, you can now get into Christmas mood the low-key way. This intricate bracelet by Something Borrowed features pine tree charms in mono gold tone for a minimal and sleek outlook. Buy this from Zalora at discounted rate.

Opal Cuff Pack by River Island4-1Cuff yourself up for a party night ahead with this gorgeous RIVER ISLAND accessory. Comes with a twin pack that can be worn separately or as a complete set, we especially love the semi-precious stone pendant with an assortment of encrusted diamante detailing for that added glam. Buy this from Zalora at discounted rate.

Wide Brim Fedora Hat by TOPSHOP5-1With how hot and sunny our country is, it is only wise to own one of these babies for your day out collection. Designed by TOPSHOP, this totally chic floppy piece boasts a minimalist theme that makes it easy to play mix and match with. Buy this from Zalora at discounted rate.




Retail Market Swings: Coupon Codes to Stay and Flourish

“E-commerce businesses are becoming more disciplined about their operations, they are burning less cash, they are improving their customer experience, and this Diwali season will be a very good indication of how the market is growing,” Nandan M Nilekani

India has witnessed one of the most rapid growths in e-commerce sector through the launch of online websites, increasing startups. In a couple of years there have been such vast expansions in the sector where I feel there is no looking back. Especially when talking about India, where the startup industry has just began to flourish. There have been various reasons for its growth; most basic is the extensive use of internet- be it mobile internet or through the mobile applications. As the experts say that the e-commerce businesses are becoming all the more disciplined about their costumer services as they are very well funded and have enough capital that can carry on for a couple of years. Whereas with campaigns like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make In India’ coming up we surely are going to see a rise in the trends of the e-commerce sector.

This growth has led to more and more use of mobile internet and the coupon code companies are leveraging on this rapid wave. CollectOffers, VoucherCodes are among few websites that offers discount coupon codes and voucher codes for nearly 2000+ online merchants alone in India. They provide digital discounts that can be used by the consumers while their online shopping.ecommerce-in-india-etailing-in-indiaAlthough there have been several forecasts made that the discount coupon codes may not flourish and succeed in India. But for now the statistics show a different phase altogether. As the Forrester report, “with a compound annual growth rate expected to be at 57 per cent between 2012 and 2016, the coupon sector is set to exhibit maximum growth.”

The data clearly shows us that the e-commerce industry will gradually walk towards growth rather than sloping down in the graph in the coming couple of years. This will eventually result in severe competitions among the e-commerce business websites, providing space for the discount coupon codes.

Competition among the businesses brings a lot of things into consideration. We all are aware that any kind of business involves taxation process. However, there had been cases where the tax has played a crucial role. One of them was when Kerala and Bihar governments had initially imposed taxes on the dealers which led to hike of products for both the dealer and buyers. “The additional entry tax was an anti-consumer move, leading to price inflation and depriving users of full benefits of online shopping.” An entry tax made it more expensive for e-commerce firms such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon to ship products to customer from outside their home state. For instance in Bihar, a product ordered within the state but being delivered from outside would attract both a central sales tax and an entry tax.ecommerce-1Moving on to the threats and the tough competition that various websites pose to each other. There have been statistics to show which website is leading in the various aspects including consumer services. There was a survey conducted by RedSeer and according to an article in Mint, “The second version of the RedSeer E-tailing Leadership Index (ELI) shows, Flipkart with a score of 95 was ahead of Amazon at 87, while Snapdeal came in a distant third at 66. Paytm was close to Snapdeal with a score of 65, while ShopClues and eBay India scored 59 and 56, respectively.” The survey considered three broad metrics: trust in a brand; product assortment and prices; and the overall buying experience in terms of ease of using the e-commerce platform, delivery speed/consistency of orders and ease of product returns or cancellations. It does not reflect sales performance or losses. From the first survey, Flipkart and the three other Indian start-ups, Snapdeal, Paytm and ShopClues posted significantly improved scores. Amazon India retained its high score of 87. All of this is partly because there is a change in the ELI methodology. Compared with the first survey, Flipkart offered a significantly better web and mobile app browsing experience and retained its status as the most recalled brand in e-commerce. The company has also cut down its product delivery time. Flipkart’s net promoter score (NPS) is improving, helped by returning to a largely inventory-based model, giving the company more control over product quality and delivery speed and consistency. NPS is a key metric of customer satisfaction.

Well, these numbers will be a lot of help to provide us a glimpse as to who the consumers trust more. Flipkart is leading the chart and will be expected to show a higher growth in sales rather others. While Amazon poses the nearest threat to Flipkart, it would be clear only after the Diwali sales that who has won at the end till then the prediction and mystery will continue.the-best-sources-for-online-coupon-codesAccording to the above data the e-commerce business flourishing at such a high rate it is hard to expect their failure. As they are flourishing therefore it brings in the competition among different companies. Already we have talked about India’s leading websites- Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal posing a great threat to each other. The competition leads to the race to capture huge number of customers towards them. Now the question is how will they be able to do so? What is it that the customer need? The answer is simple and confined. The customers need great service and most importantly things at best deals. The market is filled with so many e-commerce websites and to grab the customer’s attention all that is needed is discounts which we are able to see at a very vast expand during their sales. The festive season is on, and all the three websites and many others are out with their respective campaigns to shower discounts to the consumers. Some market experts are talking about a three-fold surge in sales next month as festive buying peaks in India, some others talk of five-fold growth, while the industry experts believe an expected surge in orders next month may just about put the industry’s volumes back to last year’s levels – sales of India’s e-commerce market have been moderate for first six months of this calendar year. Anyhow, while many believe in a manifold increase in orders this festive season, RedSeer says that sales this October will not be much higher than those seen during the 2015 festive season. And annualized GMV (gross merchandise value or the total value of goods sold) for e-commerce companies fell 5 to 10 per cent in the second quarter of 2016 so from there, it would be 8 to 10 per cent growth. Therefore, the most important factor that would play a prominent role for the battle to be won among the websites will be the discounts they provide. Simultaneously the discount coupon codes and voucher codes come into the scene where the consumers get additional discounts. Who does not love discounts?

Let us have a look at some of the statistics which tells us about the coupon code industry, according to the ComScore report in the year 2013, mobile internet use resulted in a 14.2 per cent growth of traffic in the Indian online retail market. The coupon business is 13.5 per cent of the total e-commerce audience in India, growing at the rate of 62.9 per cent with 7.6 million unique users a month. In 2011, 1 in every 10 internet users accessed coupons sites, but in 2013 this number had grown to 5 out of 6. Ninety-five per cent buyers search for deals online and 74 per cent view the coupons available at couponing portals.

All these statistics and data in short provide us with the answer to the question,” Will the discount coupon codes and voucher codes retain its position in the industry?”  Yes, they will flourish and will not disappear since they provide total benefits to the consumer and by the end of the day e-commerce sector rely on the consumer satisfaction.

Flaunt The Real You: Don’t Let The Winters Affect Your Skin And Hair

Winters have fallen upon us! With winters there are a lot of perks of the timings for the darling divas, don’t you think so? Imagine- the beautiful and breathtaking snowy background and you all dolled up with the fairy-like dress with the jeweled and shimmery makeup adding to your charm! Mesmerizing is the word. *knock knock* come back from your imagination sweetheart. So, do you think all this is just as easy and spine tingling as it sounds?!

Before you deck yourself up and spark as the frozen princess, remind yourself of the chilly breeze which brings with it the itchiness, roughness and dryness to your skin and hair.

Ah! The damn reason why people consider us women so fussy about our makeup and fashion. I mean, as each season has its features so does our beauty essentials. You would agree to me when I say that only applying coats of makeup won’t bring any fruitful results to you. Well, well then what am I here for? You don’t worry darl, I have got some basic and essential beauty tips that would make you swirl.

I know you have already spent so much on your winter shopping that you might have forgotten to save much on them for your essentials. No problem sweetheart, as Sephora and Althea– South East Asia’s prominent beauty product websites are providing you with variety of beauty products at affordable prices. And with the snow starting to fall, join in your shop via and you’ll experience offers falling on you. CollectOffers offers you with additional Sephora and Althea discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Now that you’re already drenched with different offers and affordable shopping let me just give a brief on the essentials that you might require in the season including few tipsJ

Moisturizing Cream moisturizerWinters is equal to dry skin. You need to keep your body hydrated always just like your body needs water so does your skin needs moisturizer. This one by The Faceshop is a moisturizer as well as toner to tone your skin and hide the patches on your skin. One of the most essential product for winters.

Lip Balm lip-balmYou might have experienced chapped and dry lips during winters. Therefore applying lipstick or lip gloss becomes hard and your lips tend to look cracked. You need to apply lip balm to keep it hydrated and smooth. This one from Benefit Cosmetics is a very natural and nice lip balm which hydrates your lips very well. Here’s a tip: Do not lick your lips! Licking your lips will make it worse and all the more chapped.

Serum serumWhen you’re too tired and you have forgotten to moisturize your skin then this serum is the best solution for your dry skin. Apply the serum and hydrate your skin with the oil base. This one from Innisfree is a soybean firming serum which benefits all skin types.

ConditionerconditionerNot only skin but our hair becomes dry too often whenever it gets exposed to the chill breeze. The most essential way is to apply the conditioner always after you shampoo your hair. Here’s another tip for you- always apply conditioner starting from the mid-ends and moving to the lower ends, avoid on scalp.

Hair Pack/Maskhair-packTo remove the dryness from your hair and get that shine back without spending too much in parlors on hair spa and treatments applying hair mask is the best solution. This one by Too Cool for School is an egg hair mask which is very beneficial for the hair and affordable too. Eggs are a very good hair remedy and this one will avoid the smell and mess while applying on your hair.

So these were few suggestions for beautiful and healthy skin and hair in winters. So what are you waiting for grab on the essentials before it’s too late!