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Enjoy The Delicious Dips At Everyday Price

In morning, evening or any time with family or friends; we usually enjoy the savoring food stuff while gossiping, yeah? Sometime chicken crunches sometimes junk foods; but one thing remains confirm for all the time, you know what that is? The dips, yep! I also do use so can get about your needs too. But happy me, now have to invest less than before since I have started buying this from the splendid online store, HonestBee as it is offering an extensive collection of relishing dips at notable prices.

This leading store is not confined only to these dips but offers a variety of things related to home essentials, women’s dresses, beauty products and many more that too at discounted rates.

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Here are some quality dips you should savor for sure, I guess.

Montanari & Gruzza Organic Parmigiano Reggiano 24M 500g dp1It is an organic parmesan cheese offering a perfect balance between nature and a premium product. The cows are raised on all-natural feed, and are free to roam the Italian countryside, foraging for grass and enjoying the sunlight, and are cared for without the use of antibiotics with a non-GMO lifestyle. Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.

Simon Martin Hand-sliced Jamon Iberico Bellota 48M dp2If you’re not the most agile slicer but simply love pata negra ham, this one’s for you! Hand-sliced in Guijuelo, this ham won Three Golden Stars in the International “Superior Taste Awards” in 2012 and 2013. Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.

Verrigni Mezzi Paccheri dp3Enjoy the delicious taste of the Verrigni Mezzi Paccheri and get drenched in the awesome flavor. Buy this from HonestBee and enjoy the hefty discount.

Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino DOC Casanova di Neri, Italy dp4It is a dark-berried vine, is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.

TVB Organic Strawberry & Banana Smoothie dp5A winning combination thanks to the creamy texture of the banana, and the sweet tartness of the strawberries. Always a big hit with the kids! Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.


Rizalman Ibrahim’s Ready-to-Wed Collection To Be Exclusively Available On Zalora

Did I hear wedding bells ringing? Oh! Congratulations queen. Aah..I can sense the mixed emotions you are going through right now. The excitement is pretty visible. Hmm, so the preparations might be on a roll right? Spending your time in deciding the venue, the decorations and everything else. Well, well now that you are preparing for your D-day, I am pretty sure the first thing that might have popped up in your mind would have been about the look of your wedding dress. Am I right? Or Am I right!

Yes darling, I know. I mean it’s pretty much obvious, every girl has at some point of her life pre-decided how her wedding dress is going to be like. And she wants to look her best on the big day. Don’t you want the same? There is no rocket science in telling that you want your dress to be one of the best plus look like a princess.

Rizalman Ibrahim, a couture designer, hailing from Malaysia with whose name you might be aware of and would have heard about his influential and beautiful designs, is back with his yet again elegant designer range. This time his range is named- Ready-to-Wed collection. Why am I telling you about this? Umm..what if I tell you that you can be the lucky bride to wear his bridal wear designs on your wedding? Yes, yes designer wear on your d-day! No, I am not at kidding. How?  Patience my girl, patience everything will be disclosed. Ibrahim is launching his latest bridal wear collection officially on Zalora, South-East Asia’s most prominent website. He announced about his latest collection launch a month ago and the pictures have left us awestruck about the collection and are becoming hard to wait for the collection. On the auspicious occasion of the 25th anniversary that is the Silver jubilee of Rizalman Ibrahim he is all set for the new venture. Yes I can hear the “yesss!!” “ yaayyy” and “hurrays”!! Well, there is a lot of other stuffs in store for you.

As you all are aware of that Rizalman’s signature form is the fitting cuts and elegant ‘kurungs’, “kebayas” which the designer presents in a fresh and new avatar each time. Malays and Straits Chinese of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore wear a traditional costume called the kebaya on special occasions. The ensemble consists of a blouse and fitted long skirt. If the kebaya top is sheer, a corset is worn underneath. The bottom is usually a fitted maxi skirt using batik, sarong or songket ; which are all traditional fabrics.

Two weeks ago Rizalman announced his newest venture which will be coming soon n Zalora itself by February 2017. Isn’t that uber cool? And you all might be thinking that since it is a designer outfit it will cost you loads of money, well that wouldn’t be an understatement but if you’re lucky enough you may get it in lower price! For that you will have to join in your shopping via CollectOffers and you get alluring discount coupon codes and Voucher codes. yayy..!!It’s time for some happy dance!!

Let us have a peek-a-boo at the Rizalaman’s bridal collection:


The ensemble of the latest venture of the designer shows a very classy and elegant designs which brings in the curiosity for the full collection to be launched. The embellishment used is minimal. It seems that Rizalman is all set to let the fabric and design do the talking!

bridal-wear-2 As I said that Rizalwan’s signature form are the cuts. His designs i feel, makes you look drop dead gorgeous and let you be the shining queen or princess whatever title you want to honor yourself with. This particular look gives the shape to the curves and defines it beautifully.


The bridal wear by the designer will make you fall on your knees. I mean jaw-dropping designs that will make you go speechless. everytime Ibrahim comes up with something new this is the reaction of the audiences.


The colors used in the glimpse of the collection is subtle. Pink background and the dresses are white in color with minimal or floral accessories used. The accessories are minimal so that his designs can be highlighted.

well, this was just a glimpse we will have to wait for February to come so that we are able to see his collection and you are able to buy the “designer” wedding dress for you wedding!

Detan Your Skin With These Effective Suncare Products

Yeah, I know, the technology today is very forward but still somewhere you would agree with my thought that all work can’t be done sitting in the bed, isn’t it? Just because you’ll have to go out and face the scorching sunlight, my genuine suggestion to you is use some quick effective suncare products that can keep your skin glowing.

Though there are a number of skin care products, available in the market but you can buy suncare products at discounted rates from the leading and promising online stores Sephora, Zalora etc. These stores have lined up a variety of premium class beauty products to make you look fabulous.

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Here are some compelling products which helped me a lot to get a flawless skin.

Brazilliance PLUS+ Self Tanner by TARTEsgb1It is a skincare-infused version of Tarte’s best-selling self-tanner with a custom application mitt. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

Luminous Body Perfecting Mousse by BECCAsgb2Give skin a hint of shimmer for boosted radiance while covering imperfections with this Luminous Body Perfecting Mousse. Always bronze and never orange, this liquid mousse formula blends in effortlessly, providing water- and transfer-resistant wear that lasts all day and night yet washes off easily. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

Tea to Tan Face & Body by BY TERRYsgb3This caramel liqueur spray gives the skin a sheer bronze color with no hint of streaks or thickness. Infused with black and red tea extracts, it moisturizes and protects the skin for that elegant-looking glowing tan. Buy this from Sephora and enjoy the hefty discount.

Hoola Zero Tanlines Allover Body Bronzer by BENEFIT COSMETICSsgb4
It’s your TANtasy come true! This smooth, non-sticky body bronzer glides on HANDS FREE and blends on instantly & seamlessly for a thoroughly believable bronze. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

Sun Control Sensitive SPF50 Face Emulsion by LANCASTERsgb5Lancaster Sun Control Sensitive SPF50 Face Emulsion is an ultra-light face cream that absorbs easily into the skin. It has an oil-free formulation that leaves the face soft and non-greasy. Buy this from Sephora and enjoy the hefty discount.