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Keep Your Mobile Phones Fully Charged With The Portable Chargers From Lazada

Today in such competitive world, the mobile has become the most demanding device. For from personal task to professional including ticket booking, bill payment and so many other things; we are nowadays entirely dependent on this device. Seeing this necessity, you can now estimate how important it is to keep this fully charged all the time, yeah? But, you can’t carry electric board everywhere with you. To overcome this issue, you can use portable charger which would obviously not take much space inside your bag. These chargers are available in a widest range at the splendid online store Lazada at much-discounted rates.

This splendid store has lined up not only the portable charger but a variety of things like beauty products, fashion products, home related products and much more; that too at heartwarming prices. Don’t you think going market and searching for your necessary stuff demands a good labor? Why putting this much effort when internet can get you everything in no time?

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Take a look on these chargers and buy according to your convenience.

Infinix PB-10BR 10400mAh Power Bank (Silver)pc1
This aluminum textured surface has 2 connection ports with LED torch. It can be used with all types of smart phones. Its capacity is 10,400 mAh. Buy this from Lazada at discounted rate.

Pineng PN968 10000mAh Power Bank PN-968 Blackpc2
Its capacity is 10000mAh and has power of protection against overcharging. It has dual USB output design and impact proof and shock resistant design.

Original Xiaomi Slim V2 2015 Design 10000mAh mi powerbankpc3
It has inbuilt world class circuit chip protection and nine layer of protection. It can charge/discharge up to 93% conversion rate. Buy this from Lazada at discounted rate.

Pineng PN-951 10000 mAh Power Bank (Black)pc4It capacity is 10000mAh and has dual port. It has facility against overcharging. Buy this from Lazada and enjoy the hefty discount.

Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000 mAh Powerbank (White)pc5
This powerful charger has 20000mAh capacity and LCD digital display. It has Li-ion battery. The gadgets nowadays completely rely on battery to allow us to bring them with us wherever we go. This however comes with a catch. The technology for the battery lifespan has not caught up with the advancement of the gadgets themselves, causing the batteries to run out on you quickly leaving you high and dry. Romoss is here to spruce up the juice for all your gadgets. Buy this from Lazada and enjoy the hefty discount.

Makeup Essentials: What’s In Your Bag?

There’s a frequent question asked to us ladies that why do you carry a bag every time you go out? What is stored in your bag? I am sure you too have faced such questions thrown at you. Well that is still a secret to others as what do we carry in our bag.

Omitting others, we all know that how important it is for us to carry our bag. I mean there are a few things we cannot afford to miss, especially few makeup essentials. The weather is changing and so should our fashion closet and our makeup bags, right? Yes and the weather effects more to us when we are out. But so obviously we cannot carry our kit out each time outdoors. Duh?!  And then we need some ‘life saving’ essentials as we call it with us.

Changing weather affects our skin a lot. i don’t know about you but I get to know about the weather changes through the change of texture of my skin. I mean this weather makes your skin so dry!! You need to take lot of care about it.

Well, not only this but there’s also few must haves that work in every season and should always be present in your bag. I know you all agree to me but you get confused as what you should carry and what not. Carrying this confusion forward you tend to forget important things and then it becomes difficult for you to cover up things out. Oh god I can sense the eagerness and sigh of relief on your face with all that I have said!

Having said that, there are various websites online like Sephora, Lazada and Althea where you can always get your makeup products at affordable price and varied range. Yes I know, that since there are products that you always need to have and therefore spending too much again and again ain’t a wise thing. Who does not loves additional discounts? To avail exiting offers on these websites shop via CollectOffers and enjoy discount coupon codes and voucher codes for these websites.

Moving on and not wasting much of your time lets discuss about five major products that your bag should have.

Day Moisturizer day-moisturizerThis moisturizer from Estelle and Thild is one of the products that you should always have in your bag during this dry weather. Moisturizing lotion helps you keep your skin hydrated just as water keeps you. Never forget to carry one with you.

Kohl maybelline-kohlThis one by Maybelline is from their eye-studio crayon eyeliner range. The best feature about it is that I can be used both as kohl and eyeliner. The two in one product.

Perfume or Deodorant  perfumeWell, this is one such product that you should always carry with you. The evergreen kind of product, I must say. Smelling good is an essential thing. This one by Nine Point says that is always dry and cozy so you feel and smell very comfortable when spray it.

Face Powder 
If you have got very oily skin this should be in your bag always. Face powder lets you keep your makeup intact and also get you rid of the excess oil on your skin. This one from Becca is a very soft powder best for the season.

Lip Balm balmsThe season is all about dryness! You all know that lips are prone to getting dry sooner than your skin. Therefore always have a lip balm and keep you lips soft and moisturized with lip balms or gloss too.

These were the five essential products you must have in your bag while you step out of your home. What are you waiting for? Restock your bag and keep these things available with you next time you go out!


Turn Your Eyes To These Tantalizing Dishes!

I guess, barely would I have heard someone saying, ‘I don’t like eating’. Whether going to a party, official meeting or any other special occasion; after the appealing looks, the food is the only thing where our attention goes first, yeah? I understand, it sounds bit weird but don’t be shy friends as I am also alike you. Ah! It’s a human nature actually, you can say. 😉

Okay, now would drag my attention from normal human beings to foodies!

You know, foodies have a different style; I mean the way they relish the tantalizing dishes and their amateur of tasting every new delicious item look really so fabulous that you automatically get enforced to forward your hands and take a mouthful of that magical food stuff. I am not lying; so many times I have done this to my friends actually. 

To be very frank, I literally do care hell lot to such foodies as I am one of them. We all foodies remain excited to the extraordinary homemade mouthwatering dishes, restaurant deals and food items available at exciting offers. Few days back, I came to know about these stirring opportunities which the online leading food delivery stores; Caterspot, Groupon and many other are gifting.

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Here I am gonna discuss one by one.

Enjoy Free Delivery!

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For office meeting, office lunch, seminar buffet or any special event, you need a great volume of food stuff and especially when foodies are around; you can order a variety of delicious food items with no delivery charge from Caterspot.

Enjoy Mind-Blowing Dim Sum Packages At HKD1150 Only!

Place your order online for Dim Sum Package including 10 pieces of BBQ Piggy Bun, 10 pieces of Sticky Honey Balsamic Wings, 20 pieces of Peppered Eggplant and much more for 10 people from the most popular catering, Caterspot.

Enjoy Delicious Bagel Package At Just HKD360!

Kill your hunger by placing the order online for delicious and delectable Bagel Package for 12 peoples from your favorite catering, Caterspot.
Enjoy Sashimi Platter From Urawa Japanese At Just HKD368!1-3

If you are with your lovely friends at your home and feeling hungry, then just visit now at Caterspot and place your order online for delicious and mind blowing Salmon Sashimi Platter, Sashimi Platter and Deluxe Assorted Sashimi from Urawa Japanese Catering.

Enjoy Blonde Beer For 20 People Only At HKD776!

If you are organizing get together of your friends at your home, then Blonde Beer – Customized Label will be your first and the perfect choice. So, order now Blonde Beer for 20 people from The Artist Restaurant at the sensible price of just HKD776 exclusively at Caterspot.

Get Fresh Groceries At Your Doorstep With HappyFresh

What if your monthly grocery shopping says “No lines, no waiting”? Life will be so peaceful, relaxed and fuss free. Isn’t it? Just imagine no maneuvering a wheeled cart, no wasting of time standing in the long-never ending queue and literally fruitless searches in different aisles to get your product and still getting your shopping done with shopping bags at your doorstep. This might seem to you too good-to be-true, right? Well, what if I say it isn’t whimsical at all? I am sure this news has shocked you.

Remember the last time you wanted to buy a shampoo of yours and you couldn’t find it in the specific aisle and you got that bottle in the hair oil aisle! How badly you got irritated about the fact “who the hell kept it in this section?”

Bring all these issues and worries to rest. I have got the ‘all-in-one’ solution for all of them. HappyFresh, one of South-East Asia’s most trusted online grocery shopping website. They have got all you need to fill in your cart from prominent stores of Bangkok. The best part of shopping grocery online is that you get all your products without any mess and conveniently. Worried about freshness? Well, then don’t be, because this is what makes HappyFresh different from the other online websites. They guarantee the freshness of your products especially when considering- bakery products, vegetables, fruits and anything you name.

Another feature that the website flaunts is their one-hour delivery at your doorstep. Wow! I think last time you took 2-3 hours to complete your grocery shopping?! You are smart enough to judge.

With monthly shopping comes the budget, well you get the products at affordable and genuine price while helping you to manage your bill shop via CollectOffers and you get whooping additional HappyFresh discount coupon codes and voucher codes, now this is called monthly shopping- Pocket-Friendly and Fuss-Free!

Let’s have a look at the products HappyFresh provides you:

Vegetables and Fruits fruits-and-vegetables-wallpaper-2When buying vegetables, the biggest issue is that is it fresh or not? HappyFresh brings to you its fresh vegetables handpicked by the experts to ensure freshness and delivers the best out of it. So, you never need to worry about the freshness about your veggies and fruits.

Bakery Productsbread-main

Breads! One of the other products people are concerned about its quality and freshness. The basic issue is that when you are paying for a product then why not it be healthy and fresh?! Therefore, when you buy bakery products from HappyFresh you can smell the bread; I bet it’ll be fresh as morning.

Dairy dairy-products-e1455613074391All types of dairy products are available on the website. The products include whipped cream, pasteurized milk, fresh eggs, cheese and many others. Don’t you worry about the packaging and any mishandling during delivery. You will get your product with all care taken.

Meat and Seafood bread-mainYou know the best part of shopping online is that you just select the product and the delivery boy brings them at your place where you have to just relax plus amidst the smell of raw meat and seafood and that you get everything with care.

Beverages 2178At HappyFresh you get different categories of beverages refined. Like- Coffee, health drinks and juices, tea, water and few more. On the whole the convenience you get while shopping online is nowhere else plus the quality remains.

Now, what are you waiting for? No need to hurry in your shopping as all you need to do is to sit back and order from HappyFresh.!!