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Lazada Special Lip Care Products Will Keep Your Lips Glossy And Pinky

We all welcome winter with open heart but the moment, our mind goes to skin and lips; we promptly get whimsy as skin and lips dryness troubles us a lot. We need something in our hand all time which can help us keeping our lips hydrated, isn’t it? To make this non-economical work economical, the leading and promising online store, Lazada has lined up a number of premium class lip care products at notable prices.

You know, not this much only but splendid store also offers an extensive collection of different products like beauty, fashion, gadget, health and many more at heartwarming prices. Hey, buddies! Now why stress yourself going and searching for your essential products when some clicks can get your items to you in no time?

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Here are some lip care products, you can try.

SON&PARK Air Tint Lip Cube (Peanut Milk #11)lp5This new concept lip color in which you can enjoy two kinds of textures with one formula. It helps in hydrating your lips with lasting color that stays on for hours and produces the shining serum rouge. Get this from Lazada at 16% off.

SON&PARK Two Way Lip Chalk (Sunny #02) lp2The dual-type lip chalk expresses white pastel color and intricate lip-lines.The silky-smooth application keeps makeup fresh for long hours without any sticky feel.It creates simply a seductive full-out pout or naturally luscious, kissable lips with gradation effect. Get this from Lazada at heavy off.

SON&PARK Two Way Lip Chalk (Wooni #03)lp3The dual-type lip chalk expresses white pastel color and intricate lip-lines. Its ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Pomegranate, Grape Seed, and Euterpe oleracea Fruit Extract make color last long and provide moisture and nourishment. Get this from Lazada at heavy off.

SON&PARK Lip Crayon Intense (Paprika Orange #02) lp4A customize texture that gives you the richest color sense!You can pamper your lips from dewy sheer color to a semi-mat, vivid color. Get this from Lazada at discounted rate.

SON&PARK Air Tint Lip Cube (Love Sick #09)
This new concept lip color in which you can enjoy two kinds of textures with one formula. It helps in hydrating your lips with lasting color that stays on for hours and produces the shining serum rouge. Get this from Lazada at 16% off.

Sneak-Up In Your Sneakers With Latest Trends On Zalora

It is said that one can tell a gentleman by his shoes. Do you think so? Well, I do. It isn’t only restrained to the ages behind but also today. There are people who still believe that your shoes can define or rather predict your character. Woah! Next time you meet such people or actually anyone of that sort make sure your shoes are clean and tidy;)

Well, talking about shoes, I got to remember that long long ago, (not that long dear, stop now! I am not talking about the Stone Age, haha!) there was a time when fashion was divided in two categories-  women’s wear and men’s wear. It still is now, but the line between the two seems to blur now. Didn’t you notice? Right! I mean colors that were once stereotyped for women are now very casually flaunted by the men’s too. Whereas, on the other hand women are seen wearing oversized shirts, boyfriend jeans and other things that came under men’s fashion.

If you can relate to me then you would agree that there has been a rapid growth of unisexual fashion. Well, one of these things include- Sneakers. Sneakers, earlier worn by sports person slowly were passed on and kids were seen wearing then to flaunt fashion statements. Hence following their Sneaker-step, teens and everyone in that case started to wear sneakers. Looking at the widespread fashion trends and competition between brands they too brought innovation in making of sneakers.

Therefore, there are now various events organized even for sneakers! One of them is the Malaysia Sneaker Expo. Last weekend, Malaysia witnessed it and there, varied sneaker fashion was showcased. As every year, this year too sneakerheads came up in great numbers wanting to get clicked in their best sneakers by the street photographers. I am sure; you too are a fashion freak and take care of it from head to “sneakers”:P. So, lemme update you with the latest trends so that you can add them into your closet too.

Dude, don’t tell me you are not going to buy another just because you have a pair already! Sneakers are never enough for you, right? Oho, you were worried about the budget?! Tell me that way no! Why do you worry when you have Zalora, one of South-East Asia’s prominent website? Zalora has got great deals for you on sneakers and when you join your hands with CollectOffers you get additional Zalora discount coupon code and voucher codes.

Okay, so now that you going to shop for some pairs let me update you with the latest trends:

Striper CVO Sneakers red-sneakers-1This year there were a lot of shades of red seen at the Expo. The sneakers with such shades made them a highlight at the Expo. This sneaker is by Sperry, keeps your feet dry and very comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Faux Leather High Top Sneakers2Sneakers are not restricted to canvas shoes nowadays, leather sneakers are the highlights. However, in the Malaysia Sneaker Expo the shades of brown and tan were seen at full trench. This one by Zalora will let you escape from the casual ensemble yet making you feel comfortable.

Washed Faux Leather Sneakers 3As I already said that there have been shades of tan and variety of sneakers been showcased at the expo. This one by Zalora fits in the category. With these your OOTD will be kept casual when you wear them.

Two-Tone High Top Sneakers 4Two-toned sneakers are one of the designs out of crazy doodles or patterns on shoes that will be a trend if you see the Malaysia Sneaker Expo. The flares of fire, more than two tone of colors used on the footwear and many others.

Old Skool Toy Story Sneakers 5 Well, if you literally don’t go with the name this one was the shade I was talking about. This one by Vans, the denim and cowboy print makes it stands out. The multi toned shoes is really cool to wear on a weekend or a casual day out.

So, now you can watch more of the expo trends and buy them at Zalora at affordable prizes.

Let Your Taste Buds Melt In The Enticing Singaporean Cuisines

I have always cherished the Singaporean Cuisines, the diverse variety and rich foods they serve are hard to define in few words. The mouthwatering dishes are even harder to miss if you are visiting Singapore or even living there. The first thing that clicks to me for the dish to be tasty is the presentation. I mean you definitely cannot resist yourself from galloping the dish if it’s lavishly presented to you. I am sure you all agree to me. Actually, it’s not only the presentation but the smell, the texture and many more reasons that the food will attract you towards it. I bet.

You know what? The Singaporeans often make discussions on food and the intriguing part adding to their food culture is that their greeting question includes “Have you eaten?” which makes one assume that this is how the Singaporeans think about meals. Cultural diversity, scenic beauties and many other things often mark the tourist attractions of a country/city moreover; Singapore’s food culture is one of the USP of its tourism.

Singaporean Cuisines can majorly be divided into five parts; you can very well determine the richness in their variety when they have got ‘five major’ cuisines..!! However, the five divisions are- Meat, seafood, rice, noodles, and dessert or snacks. The highlight of the Singaporean Cuisine is sea food but their star features are the Chinese delicacies. I think talking so much about the dishes I have made you crave for them, and you might be now thinking of ordering some for you, right?

Well then why are you waiting pick up the phone and order. Oh! Thinking of the price? You so want the food, like fashion and others to be on sale? Caught ya! Your wish is granted. What? No kidding, seriously delicacies can also be on discounts?! Duh? Okay then let me tell you where and how? Simply click to Fave, which is South-East Asia’s trusted food service website and order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant. And to add icing to the cake join in your shop with CollectOffers and you get additional Fave discount coupons and voucher codes.

Let’s have a look at few delicious cuisines at the restaurants:

Peking Duck and Sauteed Pork Meal at Xie Lao Song 2b-1000x601Peking Duck includes- Half a duck or Whole duck option, 10-piece lily leaf cake, Shredded scallions and cucumber Duck sauce, Sauteed pork and Eggplant with green beans.

Canton Paradise at Cantonese Cuisine lh-2222A diner’s concept by the Paradise Group, Canton Paradise restaurants aim to provide epicurean delights to please discerning palates. Each outlet imbues its interiors with the opulence and nostalgia evoked by the early sixties in Hong Kong, brightly illuminated table settings highlighting the vast spread of Chinese dishes that make up the restaurant’s sizeable menu.

Curry Fish Head Set Meal at Sri Veeras Curry Restaurant 33The dish includes variety of options to choose from a  curry fish head and two meat dishes which has a whopping eight different menus to choose from. Any two vegetable dishes to choose from six different ones. And plain rice.

Chinese Fine Dining Cuisine at Grand Mandarina 45-1000x60044444Bathed in the light of incandescent chandeliers that cast a glow through thin slits, the Grand Mandarina dazzles diners with modern oriental-themed decor and Chinese fine dining cuisine that dares to make mouths water. Here it includes a rich variety of chinese cuisines that Singapore cherishes.

A Steamboat Buffet at Polaris Gourmetvs-1000x600j666Polaris Gourmet puts a sophisticated twist to traditional steamboat cuisine with a mix of elegant décor and modern technology. With over 50 ingredients to choose from, diners have control over what goes into their meals combined with a choice of broths that will tickle taste buds and satisfy appetites. The buffet is available for two options one for adult and the other for child.


So, hurry and order your favorite cuisine now..!!

Those 7 days In Kuala Lumpur Are Really Cherished!

Truly speaking, before the start of the trip I had no idea that it was gonna be so interesting! But I am so thankful to my silly friends, who dragged me with them in the random trip to Kuala Lumpur which, I guess, they will have planned hardly within an hour. Since we were planned to explore every must-see corner of Kuala Lumpur hence, life seemed pretty dynamic but ultimately it was a bang for the buck.


The minute, we landed on the sparkling heart of beautiful Malaysia, we were welcomed by the outstanding Islamic Arts Museum, famous for world-class Islamic decorative arts. Aside from the quality of exhibits, the building itself is a stunner, with beautifully decorated domes and glazed tile work.

The Places Where We Jollified Hell lot!

Since we were the first-time visitor to Kuala Lumpur hence, the iconic Petronas Twin Tower offered us a great visit and photography opportunity. So many times I had heard people saying; Kuala Lumpur ensconced world’s top architectures and this became a reason for us to stroll with baby feet towards the Menara KL Tower, standing atop the Bukit Nanas Forest that boasts the spectacular views of the city. Apart from all this, we also visited old limestone hill- Batu Caves, earliest Moorish-style building- The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park where water slides whirl and twirl the river ride. The Aquaria KLCC and many more such places I can ever forget to mention in my travel diary.

Shopped Till We Dropped

Kuala Lumpur street markets are arguably the best market for the first-time visitor looking to experience the Malaysian culture. Thus, we headed to the street market of China Town famous as bargain market. We were wearing comfortable clothes and shoes as the market generally opened from sunrise until past midnight and the Bazaar could get pretty hot and humid.

Hotels, Where We Stayed

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Well, I was not that much aware but big thanks to one of my audacious friend who suggested us to book hotels online through a splendid online hotel booking, Expedia and many more. This could get us the hefty discount along with a comfy stay. Since we were fever pitched to get hotel bookings at such affordable prices so thought discussing this to friend that from where he got the great bookings idea. After lot many swaggering he told us about which avails everyone a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so everyone can save copious amount effortlessly.

The hotel where we stayed featured the well-furnished AC rooms with free wireless internet connection. The free-parking, 24-hour helpdesk, daily housekeeping were some facilities, specially offered to everyone by the hotel. The outdoor pool, exclusive meeting room, and health club were included as other amenities.