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Fall/Winter 2016-’17: Transitional Men’s Fashion Kisses New Charisma

“Hell…no…not the 20-something female obsessed with selfie way it is.” Sometimes yelling is more reassuring, isn’t it? Sometimes only, though. In fact, going by the fashion trends, and after analyzing the latest designer runway collections in London, New York, and Paris, you too can yell from the top of the Pont Alexandre III, “men’s fashion has gained a different trajectory”. Undoubtedly true as women’s fashion has stuck in stereotypes in last few years.Fall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends

Don’t you believe me? who cares, go and check the Financial Times report suggesting Millennials are spending less on clothes in the UK compared to food. Now isn’t that horrendous? Mind you, that doesn’t include male shopaholics yawping at yet-to-be-trend silhouettes! “Cannonade the sartorial cages” – Yeah, the yearning is so impulse because menswear have always been intended at solving practical problems rather than spicing up the looks.

Feeling sorry for the old folks but no-nonsense sartorial madness has already been manifested by autumn/winter 2016-’17 collections. Stop gawking at the most stylish girl around stocking your chin pondering as for she is a math problem. In fact, attaining a perfect winter look that goes beyond frenzied dollfaces’ frantic ‘cool and handsome’ notion isn’t as difficult as moonwalk.Men's Fashion Fall/Winter 2016-'17 Collections

Swooning already? Lemme promise you an assured madness that would reignite your love for the dapper and swanky looks accomplished through rich, warm colors, kissy cuts, ornate textures along with subliminal designs and feel-good fabrics. The season 2017 is all about addition as the seasons of substitutions and subtractions have passed by.

So ready fellas to ride the crowd with the hot and haute look? Let’s play the poetry of men’s fashion world that is rhymed in a definite masculine style and is a dash of fun at the same time.

Copper CoolFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
Usually, it is the blue, green and gray along with black that dominate the winter. Offering a slope to traditional colors, designers went 40 years back in the ’70s to reinvent today’s tuna with copper. So, just be the first to turn the page and design your wardrobe with a trench coat, trousers or even a tie in copper.

Slouchy TrousersFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
Men are always conscious about breathing space for their soul. Here, fall 2016/17 brings you a breathing space for your body as well. Milan runway collections showcased awesome hues and stylish draping on trousers that kiss the crop on the ankles, perfectly blended with oversize overcoats and jumpers.

VelvetFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
Evergreen, nope, not the color, but fabric I am talking about. Many trends come and go but Velvet has never disappointed any fashion designer as so long. From casual to dandy, whichever look you wear, velvet enables you to melt as many hearts as you want. Symbol of self-centered has become a sign of self-confidence now.

Duffle CoatsFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
What else would you think if not layering yourself about in winter, right? No, think of stylizing as well since Duffle Coats have reincarnated in a different league this winter. Cropped up or hooded top layer, experiments were running high at Paris fashion show, where Duffle Coats turned every pair of lips into a pout.

Shoe LoveFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
Exploded buckles and fringing attracted a million eyes when designer collections were presented in Milan and Paris. Because love for shoes isn’t limited to lasses, micro-detailing won the hearts. Yeah, the shoes – whether you are a boot lover or loafer or sneaker possessed, every shoe style can be a season’s essential.

Funnel NecksFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
This is something I personally like the most. Rollneck has been on revival path and made an entry in FW2016 trends with much a gusto. It’s not just warm feeling it gives you around the neck, the turtle-neck cut transforms your look from an average guy to metrosexual. zip-up or slip-over, wear with whatever.

High WaistFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
It’s crotch that reigned the men’s fashion for so long along with low-waist. Since designers were finding themselves enamored over ‘70s style, high waist reentered the scene this winter. What sets you apart this winter with a high waist is its retro-style charm. Trimmed and trenched with perfection invites an unquestionable vintage look.

DandyismFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
For some, life is money, and for others, it is an artwork. Naah, I don’t fall in any of these categories as there’s the third one, but that’s for later. The craving for originality is so high and therefore the awkwardness as well. But who cares about the world as long as you stand out and throw the world into an awe. And pursuing your own hobbies in a nonchalant fashion isn’t a crime, is it?

Western StyleFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
Some days are bad for our wardrobe. A Hundred outfit may not help you dress up one bad morning. Remember; when nothing works, the Western-style works for you, no matter what. When the undertone overshines, you know you have made no mistake wearing a Jean or Spaghetti to cut a look of a guy-next-door or a cowboy.

Pyjama SuitsFall/Winter 2016-'17: Men's Fashion Trends
Yeah, for Asian in me its too much to ask for attending an office or a wedding function in Pyjama. But trust me designers at London and Paris fashion show have completely altered the perfection bringing unimaginable touches to old-day pyjamas. Not your cuppa tea? Never mind; a Sunday morning coffee with your SO can’t be ruled out; only if she has a fashion sense.

Although offering a summary of Fall/Winter 2016-’17 isn’t possible, this is certainly you can start with before I come to nudge your senses with Fall/Winter hues that are making rounds. See ya soon; hope in a new avatar!

The Beginner’s Makeup Guide By Products From Sephora

Thinking of trying on the makeup all by yourself? There might be several questions coming to your mind, right? “What should I start with?” “What brand should I shop from?” “Will these products suit me or not?” Cut the drama and bring your questions to hault!  All of them will be solved right here, right now. Yes sweetie pies, don’t you all worry when you got my back. Smile with the world and you’ll dazzle like a diva.

You all might be thinking that everyone who write’s a makeup blog is a professional in makeup or a makeup artist, but let me disclose a secret that we are not, at least for me. Actually the fact is that we all have committed some or the other makeup disasters (if I am not in placing this word) and we still commit some mistakes. So, at some point of time we are also a beginner.

First and foremost thing every doll should keep in mind is that always know your skin type. That is a must. I can understand that since you are a beginner you all must be thinking that spending too much on makeup products wouldn’t be something great, since you all don’t know which shade will look nice on you, right? But as I said leave all your tensions on me. Sephora, South-East Asia’s leading makeup website has got alluring deals on your makeup products and you know what the other news is? If you join your shopping with CollectOfffers and get additional Sephora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Yes, this was the smile I wanted to see on your face. Now lemme give you few tips and update you with the products you must use as a beginner:

Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum  bbSince you are a beginner therefore, instead of applying heavy foundations or primers you should go subtle with BB creams. This one from Tarte is a light BB Cream perfect for your makeup base. And let me tell you that you must moisturize your face thoroughly before applying anything.

Long Lasting Kohl kohlKohl is the most essential product in your makeup kit. Always begin with black kohl before you experiment with any other color. And trust me you will always love the black one if you don’t want too much of shimmer on your makeup. This one is from Sephora Collection and is smudge free and long lasting as well. The best part is that you can always use your kohl as a liner and do Smokey eyes too. Well, those are way too much right now but try on.

Sinuosity Lash Mascara mascaraLove voluminous lashes? And I know using a false eyelash at this stage is fussy at times. The best way is to use voluminous mascara. This one from Sigma Beauty is hyper curl and thick mascara perfect for the lashes.

Beach Tint Lip Shimmer Soufflé lip-glossYou know playing with lot of colors for your lips may darken your lip and make the texture spoil. Therefore, whenever you are trying on a lip shade begin with a nude one or lip gloss. Lip glosses are the perfect beginner product. This one from Becca is a shimmery lip gloss whereas it is available in six different shades as well.

Base Duo Kit face-powderTo set everything up, though you had applied everything very light and no layers but still you need to cover your face flawlessly without any patches. Therefore, face powder. Apply this at the end and your good to go!

Hurray! This one was your mini makeup guide I must say, as there are several other products available and hurry up and grab your kit too!