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Make Your Grocery Shopping Easy And Delightful From HappyFresh

Grocery shopping always seems to be so tedious. Don’t you too feel so? Going to the market buying groceries (where sometimes you don’t get your brand or product) and then such a huge billing line! However one cannot change this course of routine every month.

You have to go on this phase, but what if I say that now grocery shopping won’t be a bore and you will also not have to take out extra time especially for your monthly grocery shopping. Yeah! You heard it right, your grocery shopping could be better if you switch over to online. Well, you may say that one cannot guarantee the freshness or the products might be expired or something but there you go wrong!

HappyFresh – Southeast Asia’s one of the trusted grocery website, where you get groceries from the store nearby you! Yes the one where you were about to shop from. Now what?! No they do not hike their price or you do not need to pay extra. Yes that is what the benefit of online shopping is. Above that if you shop through CollectOffers you get additional discount coupons and voucher codes.

Isn’t that double treat? You save time and money too! So let us have an insight on the few of the products that are available from HappyFresh:

Fineline Wash Super Sweet Floral Hill 57d7b665617b5be64dd34a5860dd63db6c5dc68b-largeThe concentrated laundry detergent and a fabric softener. The product has got a scent smell of flowers. The refill is of 400ml in quantity.

Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat Wollongong Tanyongmat47fb0f7c940cfa2d9bd7db4113d9498caefa47ab-wide Wollongong tonnes for the three southern provinces of Mus. It has got the authentic taste and a sweet smell that is unique.

Pure Chicken Fillet 2c3b79b6762ec9c6276ee120713adf72193b84ea-wideThe pack of Chicken Fillet is delivered to you fresh and at a very affordable price. The product weighs about 348 grams.

Software elephant noodle casserole 8fbaed4b4c4e9d32a5787e4429fe7111050cc5d2-wide-1Food cooked noodle casserole. A perfect ready to cook meal option. The 95gms of pack can be cooked in water in the microwave.

Boone’s cornflakes: 1b059d71bd865b7fd3da7cb36f17db45c8eac7c1-largeCornflakes the perfect breakfast cereal. With HappyFresh, you can expect the best and a variety of range options available.

What are you waiting for?! Now shop for your grocery from the store nearby you without spending much time at your place.




Makeup For Every Lazy Girl Made Easy By Products From Sephora

Hello darling..!! I am sure the changing weather is playing its trick to make you all the more- lazier! Same pinch babe. There are several (or some) such days where you don’t feel like to get up from your bed doing makeup and getting ready is far beyond! Well, you then may consider me your soul sister for today.

And yes one thing more if today is also one such day where you’re on a boat between the hush and laziness on point you can bookmark this page as it would have so many similar things to talk about. You may call it a guide, a hack or anything but this will surely help you out in your minimal makeup routine without making you get you up fully at 8a.m. early in the morning!

There are so many tricks and hacks available which tell that they do not require much of your time and energy however I find themselves to be futile! Why? Sweetheart, I am pretty sure this ain’t your first guiding blog that you’re going through (if it is, then I promise you don’t have to snuggle for another). So you must have seen that the tricks all the more require the same time and energy than any usual day. Tell me if I am wrong?

Well, from my end I have got for you 5 basic hacks and guide that I would like to share with you all and the one’s that is genuinely for a lazy girl like me! (there isn’t anything bad in being a lazy, we love ourselves :P)

I hope you are not that lazy in spending money for your makeup products. Are you? Well, then you need not worry you’ve got Sephora– southeast Asia’s prominent beauty website that has got rich products on a wide range! And yes for you being lazy I hereby honor you with additional coupon codes and voucher codes on your shopping from Sephora! Yes, you simply need to shop through CollectOffers and it is done!

Okay now without ruining your time let me give you a quick trick on the breakthrough:

Wet Wipes wipesYes a true partner for every lazy girl out there! You never want to get up from your bed in the chill weather to wash your face, I mean touching water is far beyond forget washing face! 😛 So always keep wet wipes intact and swap your face for that fresh look!

BB Cream bbRight now, if a beautiholic would be here she would have definitely advised to put on primer then concealer and what not but babe you are a beautiholic with an extra-ordinary talent! Instead of making your skin look patchy or caked just apply a BB Cream and your base is done! No need of making several attempts to coat your skin.

Eyelash Curler curlerI know how difficult it is to get that perfect line of eyeliner. And especially when we are talking about the lazy day, oh please! You just require an eyelash curler and your kohl. Line your curler’s portion that will press your upper lash and curl your lashes. Magic! What did you see? You got that perfect liner. Didn’t you? And your lashes are also curled!

Lip Gloss glossI prefer gloss over lipstick. Why? It works as a balm as well as it has got color! (Now you know how lazy I am) So just pop on the lip gloss and you’ve got poutilicious lips!

Dry Shampoo dry-shampooYes yes! Dry shampoos are love! Instead of washing your hair just spray on the dry shampoo and lady you’re on a roll!

I hope you find out to be different from others and especially a useful one. If yes then what are you waiting for? Go shop! (don’t be lazy here)





Keep Your Beverages Tasty With Branded Thermos From Lazada

We usually plan a picnic or short trip with family or friends hence; we have to keep some refreshment along. And, you always wish the packed must be fresh throughout the tour, right? Hey, buddies, your worries are justified and that why the splendid online store, Lazada has brought the widest collection of branded thermos at notable prices.

This leading store not only offers you thermos but a variety of products related to beauty, fashion, electronics, home and much other alike. Hey, don’t think much now! Go and grab your favorite designs before it’s too late!

To save more amounts, make your shopping partner as it avails you a handful of discount coupon code and voucher code so an ample amount can be saved effortlessly.

Here are some best collections.

Thermos SK-3020(GL) 0.71L S/Steel Food Jar with Spoon (GL)lz1It is ideal for hot and cold beverages. A stainless spoon is also included with it. Its extra wide mouth is easy to fill, serve from and clean. Buy this from Lazada at discounted rate.

Thermos 1.5L Thermocafe Basic Living Carafe (Silver)lz2It has thermocafe vacuum insulated carafe. It keeps beverages hot for 8 hours cold for 12 hours. Buy this through Lazada and get 30% off.

Thermos 480ml Ultra Light Stylish Tumbler (BGD)lz3The Thermos vacuum insulated bottle, Unbreakable 18/8 stainless steel interior and exterior withstand the demands of everyday use, Drink lid opens with push button ease and locks closed for leak-proof travel, Contoured body is comfortable to hold and fits most automobile drink holders, Ideal for hot and cold beverages. Buy this through Lazada and get 25% off.

Thermos SK-3000 0.47L S/Steel Food Jar with Spoon (CGY)lz4Thermos vacuum insulated Food Jar. It is ideal for hot and cold beverages. Extra Wide Mouth is easy to fill, serve from and clean Leak-proof Lid 5 Years Limited Warranty Limited Edition Best for foods & soup Stainless Steel Spoon Included. Buy this from Lazada at discounted rate.

Thermos JNL-602WB 0.6L Warner Brother Ultra Light Flask lz5Thermos vacuum insulated Food Jar. It is ideal for hot and cold beverages. Extra Wide Mouth is easy to fill, serve from and clean Leak-proof Lid 5 Years Limited Warranty Limited Edition Best for foods & soup Stainless Steel Spoon Included. Buy this from Lazada at discounted rate.

Don’t Say Your Heart ‘No’….Now Enjoy Every Trip With Expedia Affordable Deals!

No matter if this is me or you; we all love and dream to explore the whole world, yeah? Who would say no for an sight of Eiffel Tower or who would feel bore if someone asks for a visit to London Eye?? No one, yeah of course no one ever!

But, why mind saying ‘no’ when heart saying ‘yes’??

Dear Friends, I know the reason of this confliction. It’s nothing but your budget which sometimes doesn’t cooperate, right?

But now say ‘bye bye’ to all your worries as the splendid hotel booking agency of South East Asia, Expedia is giving the hefty discount on hotels across the world.

To keep yourself updated with such enthralling deals join hands with as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save a voluminous amount.

Here are some deals I am gonna discuss with you:

Grand Service Suite at Times Squareex1This hotel features a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. WiFi in public areas is free. Other amenities include a spa tub, a business center, and dry cleaning. Book this through Expedia at discounted rate.

Baros Maldivesex2This hotel features a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. WiFi in public areas is free. Other amenities include a spa tub, a business center, and dry cleaning. Book this through Expedia at discounted rate.

APA Hotel Shinjuku Gyoemmaeex3Along with a restaurant, this hotel has valet parking and spa services. Wi-Fi in public areas is free. Additionally, dry cleaning, laundry facilities, and a 24-hour front desk are onsite. Book this through Expedia at discounted rate.

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a Luxury Collection Hotelex4The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a Luxury Collection Hotel features 2 restaurants, a Japanese restaurant serving delicious dishes with seasonal ingredients and an Italian restaurant with homemade pasta. Book this through Expedia and enjoy the hefty discount.


Step-In From Smartphones To Genius Phones With Artificial Intelligence Apps

Artificial Intelligence, Wosh!! Such a heavy word, isn’t it? Well, so is its working and its development in today’s technology. In a brief artificial intelligence is a longstanding science fiction staple that is coming into its own. There are several software applications coming up for mobile phones in order to make our life a bit easier.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous across the whole world and I can surely say that you too change your smartphones with the latest technology and launch. The thing is we have all become tech savy. Okay, tell me, why do you change your smartphone so frequently? Either the answer is to flaunt the latest gadget in your group (let me tell you this is also a reason for you love technology and you flaunt that) or of course the technology!

AI is slowly and gradually increasing and taking steps towards higher developments. In the near future I am pretty sure this would also come up into the list of reasons to buy a new phone. You know AI is like a personal assistance on your phone.

There are application which can work as an alarm clock (Ah! Not the usual ones) you can apply questions to it and it will keep on ringing until and unless you don’t solve them! (You will never miss you’re meeting next time ;)). Then there are photographs managing phones that will make a folder for each similar photograph so that duplicate files can be deleted! Woah! Indeed a very great innovation in the mobile world!

And yes I can get you that when it comes to shop for latest gizmos many of you sometimes resist yourself from switching to new ones because of the budget! Well there are various trusted online websites of southeast Asia- Lazada, Courts and Microsoft that have got huge options for you with affordability. Join in your shopping with CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupons and voucher codes.

Let me update you with the gadgets that has got latest tech that would do wonders in your life!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 captureXiaomi Note 3 the latest addition to the Mi family. The phone works on the latest android version (marshmallow) and has a Snapdragon processor! The application would run smoothly as it comes with a RAM of 2 GB.

Microsoft Lumia 950XL 89d772d7-44ea-44fb-891b-1f5369c7805cThe newest entry of smartphone (rather genius phones, now) in the Microsoft family. This works on the windows 10 technology and has got latest features included. The iris password is the uber cool feature in the windows phone.

Apple iPhone 7 ip113475_dvDo I need to write any description here? The phone in itself has made a great buzz about its launch, its availability and its features! Well, one of the greatest examples of why people hog on the apple phones? The answer is sweet and simple one because of its branding and two for its playing with latest technology. Superbly and undoubtedly a genius phone.

Oppo R9 Plus capture2Oppo is a new entry in the smartphone race. However this budding company has made a lot of buzz with its latest tech gadgets. People who only wanted to buy the gadgets from the companies that have stayed from long time now do not mind to switch to oppo, of course because of its technology.

Oneplus 3 capture3In love with this phone. The cyanogen technology is incredible, in true sense it is a genius phone. With this phone the AI technology can be proved and worked smoothly. The phone lets you perform any task very smoothly and efficiently!

So, don’t you think that AI can make your smartphones genius? What say Gen-Y?!Hurry up and get your latest gadgets now!

You Know Why My Skin Is Again Silky Smooth As Before??

I don’t exactly remember when and how I lost my beautiful natural skin. Though I was totally hopeless but never gave up and maybe this was the reason which helped me to get back my flawless skin.

I followed everything like friends’ suggestion, so many skin care products, home remedies etc. etc. but nothing resulted positively.

One day during internet surfing I found some best body lotions and thought for a trial. I was so surprised friends as it was working magically. These quick effective products are so special to me.

And today I am fever pitched, you know why?? Actually, the leading and promising online beauty stores Althea, Sephora and many other are offering these products at very low price. Wow! It’s really heartwarming news. 

Little later but finally I found a way where these deals can be found collectively. Yeah! It’s none other but as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save ample amount easily.

Here I am gonna share my secret.

Whoo [K-Fresh] Jinyul Lotionnn1Jinyul Lotion is the essence of the ingredients used by royal women in the court. Your skin will reborn with the court women’s secret that dates back to five thousand years. Buy this from Althea at discounted rate.

Whoo Jinyul Balancernn2In this balancer, the ingredients are inspired by Gonjin-silk which was offered only to king and queen. Get this Althea at discounted rate.

Samsung Medicos NBI5 SC Emulsionnn3Its vegetable active ingredient helps in pH balance and maintains skin at its best. The absorption property makes skin smooth. Buy this from Althea at discounted rate.

Samsung Medicos NBI5 SC EmulsionTony Moly Nutra Energy Emulsion nn4Its hyaluronic acid to the cakey skin helps greatly in supplying moisture to the skin. It nourishes the sensitive and nourished skin.

Come Fall In Love With The Essence Of Indonesian Cuisines At Groupon

I have always felt that the best part of travelling is to discover new places and FOOD! You might have heard that food speaks for itself and no words, so do I agree with it that no words can perfectly define how delicious or tempting the food is. However there are so many places in this world that are known by their food, there is a particular food that will pop up in your mind while a country will be named.

But you know what? Indonesia is a country where you won’t get just one variety or type of dish but a trail of cuisines. Indonesia is known for its colorful, vivid and vibrant dishes full of diverse aroma and essence. You’ll find the famous Cantonese cuisine and the Javanese cuisine with the hint of China. Yes you got me right! The food of Indonesia is diverse!

Well, when you are travelling to Indonesia or if you in Indonesia you cannot forget to dive into the mouthwatering dishes that would attract you towards itself with the hypnotic smell. Oh God my mouth has already started to water and eyes sparkle while talking about it. I actually want to tell you that there are thousands of varieties of food that you will not be able to resist yourself from!

Finding where you can get such delicacies? The answer is Groupon, Southeast Asia’s prominent website that offers great deals on the restaurants of Indonesia. And since there are loads of variety of foods that you have to gallop (since you cannot miss anything :P) you will surely require to save, so join in your hands with CollectOffers and you get Groupon discount codes and voucher codes.

Okay, so not speaking anymore about the food and letting you know few dishes that you could relish your taste buds on. Let’s go!

La Mian with Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Sauce78193c24cd76e1ce41366a4bbe8a49b02a02878c18a4ed934f666d8a47329fd0872c5 For those of you who like berkuliner alias like to eat a variety of flavors of Xiao Long Bao and La Mian Special this one is one of the variety of Chinese dishes. Here you get authentic Chinese dishes to grab on and halal and non-halal cuisines. The menus are served at Paradise Dynasty made from fresh ingredients are cooked in the open plan kitchen, so the quality of taste of each grain is always awake.

Budae Jjigae 77873cd00692c3bfe59267d5ecfac5310286c3e14e4b408b0ba724aa3e225f96ab94eFor all those who love culinary cuisines, you can enjoy unlimited variety of menu choices of meat available, ranging from pork, beef and chicken. The meat has been seasoned with a distinctive blend of Ssikkek so completely absorbed and can be directly baked on the grill. For dessert, you can enjoy a selection of desserts available.

Cajun Platter 3Fish & co. presents the package seafood menu that each packages that you can eat with your family and friends. The menu options presented is The Best Fish & Chips in Town + Soup of The Day, Grilled Chicken, Cajun Platter with Paella Rice and other menu coupled with refreshments Blackcurrant / Lemon Tea can be refilled. Yumm..!! Didn’t your mouth started to water?!

Mall Kelapa Gading 4To enjoy a Belgian style waffle dish that is with a package of Prince Waffle you can surely go on for this dessert. You know there are days when you want to dive on desserts and yes one cheat day is permitted for the health conscious you! With this package, you can enjoy such Waffle Grande and Gourmet.

Japenese Buffet 5Satay- I am sure you all have heard about this dish very often served at Indonesia and one of the most popular dishes in there. Well if you are lover of Japanese food and have craving for it remember it is just a click away!

And next you’re in the land of Indonesia I know you won’t be able to resist yourself from taking a dig at these delightful cuisines!

Instant Makeup And Get A Sparkling Party Look With These Flashy Products!

Nowadays only status matters hence, people are persistently trying to improve it more and more. Party party and party, all time! Sometimes official party sometimes with family or friends, yeah?

Well, this party term usually makes every girl crazy, crazy for what to wear or how to look exclusive in the crowd. Hey, girls! Well, am I saying anything wrong??

You can don a pretty dress but dear friend, without a perfect makeup it’s absolutely a waste. But if you have a collection of some premium class makeup products in your wardrobe then getting an appealing party look will never be a big deal to you.

These makeup products you can buy online though. Actually, the leading and promising fashion stores Sephora, Zalora and many other that too at discounted rates. I think this option is perfect for shopping along with saving.

For more savings, you can make your shopping partner as it avails you a handful of discount coupon code and voucher code so an ample amount can be saved easily.

Here are some skin products of your interest.

BENEFIT COSMETICS They’re Real! Push-Up Eye Liner Minimk1Create a wider eye appearance with this lash-hugging gel eyeliner. This wearable shade lasts for 24 hours and prevents from smearing. The flat wide guard gently pushes lashes aside to ensure that the liner gets close to your lash line. The closer the line, the larger your eyes will appear. Buy this Sephora at discounted rate.

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundationmk2Veil your skin with foundation coverage that feels water-light, while it evens and perfects the complexion. Each weightless fluid drop imparts subtle luminosity that blurs imperfections and creates a soft focused glow. In a range of flexible shades with light, buildable coverage Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation imparts a healthy, natural glow. Get this from Sephora and win the hefty discount.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Shine Lipstickmk3Achieve an iridescent glow on your lips. This lipstick delivers a sheer finish. Its nourishing formula leaves your lips smooth and radiant for long hours. Its precise design enables you to create a well-defined lip appearance. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Smart Rollermk4This string of stencils allows you to customize as many nail designs as you like instantly. Buy this from Sephora and enjoy the discounts.

BECCA Highlight/Lowlight Palette Pressedmk5The Lowlight Sculpting Perfector™ Pressed defines the features with a natural shadow finish, while the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed™ Opal gives light and lifts for a soft, pearlised glow. Get this from Sephora at discounted rate.

Step Out Of The Mundane With Jewelry Pieces From Zalora

Clothes, Bags, Accessories and Footwear- things we women can’t get enough with! Especially nowadays when it comes to fashion the trends are changing so quickly. To keep up with the flow of trend and our style statement updated we have to pour ourselves into each style. As you know fashion trends are meant to come, stay and go!

Well, in accessories especially jewelry is a craving for most of us ladies. Take the name of jewelry and you see her eyes sparkling, her lips extended with a huge smile and an exceptional glow on her face. Don’t you agree ladies? Yes, I can very well sense the answer to my question with the smile you have on your face right now! Caught ya..*wink**wink*

Statement necklaces, chockers, rings or bracelets anything and everything in accessories catch eyes of people and you’re style statement goes a notch up. Aah! You think that with statement pieces your classy and sophisticated look is shattered, right? a way you’re right. Statement pieces and jewelries do give you a brand new look but, but sweetheart you are wrong to say that the “classy” style is gone away. No, not at all, you can wear a bold statement necklace and still look classy and dainty!

And guess what, Zalora– South-East Asia’s most trusted fashion website has got wide range on jewelries available at affordable price. Adding icing to the cake is that if you join in your shopping with CollectOffers you get additional discount coupon codes and voucher codes! Say what?!

And to let you know about how you code style your jewelry pieces let us have a look at the collection at Zalora:

Nigela Necklace statement-long-necklaceAdd the glitz and glam to your look with this beautiful necklace from Call It Spring. Best way to pair it up is to style your palazzo pants with basic t-shirt and wear this necklace; you will surely look a chic!

Adrirassa Necklace necklace-2This necklace is the one that can give you the glamorous yet classy look. The layered ethnic kinda necklace will look adorable with maxi dresses and with an all black ensemble.

Charm Bracelet braceletsThis uber cool charm bracelet is simple and can give your everyday look an extra punch. The seven charms and the central charm in pink color give it a chic look. This one could be best paired with denim and shirt or top.

Howiel Necklace long-chainThis classy and dainty neck chain is a latest addition from Aldo. The long chain and small gems used has got a minimal look. This one can be worn in various look. One of them is to pair it on a plain collared shirt. Button your shirt to the top and under the collar let the statement chain fall in between.

Gliewen Earrings earingA simple trick of ear studs and earings can do wonders to your look. These can add the glitter and shimmer to your ensemble. These can be paired up with any ensemble and outfit. These are a ‘wear without fear’ accessories. They can never go wrong.

What else do you want? Such wonderful accessories at such an delightful prices and additional discounts as well. Darlings hurry up and grab your pair of accessories!



Bestow The Cuddle Of Love To Your Baby With Products From Lazada

Babies should run, play, get dirty and have all the fun galore! This is the time they are most carefree and enjoy their each moment, right? Well, all this is what they do but what about you as parents? You cannot ignore their health and hygiene, can you? Not at all!

When it comes to baby skin they are really sensitive not at all like ours or any girl, woman who complains about having sensitive skin. The soft and squishy skin of a baby is the most adorable part. People go awe when they touch a baby skin. I am sure you too want everything perfect for your child and want to take the best care of your baby.

I can very well understand that when it comes to buying product for your baby there is a huge market waiting outside and it becomes all the more confusing, which one to opt for. So, today I am here to tell you about the basic essentials that would be perfect for the skin of your baby.

And yes when it comes to online shopping, that is also a confusion, as you have several; websites promising you with genuine products but here comes Lazada– South –East Asia’s most trusted and reliable website, which not only promises genuine products but also savings! Yes savings and you could save more if you shop through CollectOffers, you get additional Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

So let us have a glimpse at the products that you could get for your baby:

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath captureFor the soft cuddle and happy bath, get the aveeno baby calming comfort bath. The product comes in a pack of two bottles- Vanilla and Lavender. Your baby will have a comfortable bath without any rashes on body.

Baby Care plus Baby PowderpowderIn order to provide your child a no sweat day, powders are really necessary. The powder is clinically proven and is mild and safe for your baby.

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion baby-lotionEvery baby needs added moisture because of their underdeveloped skin. The body lotion by Cetaphil is one of the best product you could get for your baby.

Bath Towel for Infant towelNot only creams, lotions and soaps are necessary to be kept in mind for your baby’s skin but also the bath towel. Since your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive they need to be wiped with soft towels that are not harsh on their skin and they get no rashes or redness.

Cetaphil Massage Oil with Shea Butter oilGive your child the massage with the touch of a loving mother with massage oil from Cetaphil. The massage as you know helps in growth of your child’s bones and strong muscles therefore the oil massage is really necessary.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and grab these products from Lazada and get soft skin for your  baby.


Diwali Blast: Welcome Apple Products To Home At Discounted Rates

Hey, Indians! Our world splendid glittering Diwali is extremely close now; so what are your plans, guys??

Oh, please don’t hook me up with your boring stuff like dresses, crackers or home furnishing etc. etc.!

Amm…I am sitting leisurely, now tell me! People usually make big plans to hit in Diwali such as buying a new car or new electronics. So, do you have such plans?

Well, if you’re in the mood of bringing some electronic this Diwali then I guess, it is a perfect time to make APPLE, the trendiest and classy brand across the world, the part of your daily life.

Alas, it’s so expensive! No no, this Diwali not possible but next Diwali for sure; I have not this much amount; these sounds usually impinge to my ears when the discussion is going around APPLE Products.

Friends, hold your breath! The leading online electronic stores eBay, Flipkart, Amazon and many other are offering the never imagined discounts on a number of Apple Products.

Hey, saving lovers! Join hands with and stay tuned with such enthralling offers as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save copious amount easily and make every costly product the part of your life at notable prices.

These Apple Products are some exclusive picks, take a look at it!

Apple Macbook MJY42HN/A Laptopa1This gray colored Macbook features 512 SSD capacity notebook type, Mac OS X Yosemite operating system, 12” screen size, Intel core processor M and Intel HD Graphics 5300. Buy this from eBay at discounted rate.

Apple iPhone 5S- 64GBaa2With its remarkably thin, light and chic design, this space grey Apple iPhone is everything you need from a smartphone. Moreover, designed with a 4-inch Retina display, the smartphone offers you an enhanced view of the content. Plus, there is a 1.2 MP front-facing camera and an 8 MP rear-facing camera on this Apple iPhone, providing you great and impressive visual experience while capturing all special and funny moments with family, friends and colleagues. Buy this from eBay and win the hefty discount.

Apple retina MacBook Pro – MF839HN/Aa3This silver colored Macbook features 128GB SSD capacity, Mac OS X Yosemite operating system, 13.3” screen size, Intel Iris Graphics 6100 and 8GB memory. Buy this from eBay at discounted rate.

Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN/Aa4It features Mac OS X operating system, 13” screen size, CORE 15 processor, 2.5 GHz processor speed, 500 GB hard drive and 4GB Ram. Buy this from eBay at discounted rate.

NEW APPLE Watch sport 42mm Gold Aluminum Case with Midnight Blue SportBand MLC72a5The Apple Watch’s face itself is a touch screen, but to make things simpler, you can turn a side button called the Digital Crown to scroll through lists, zoom into maps, and more. The Digital Crown can also be pressed in to access the main screen. The watch’s only other button is located directly under the Digital Crown, which brings up a Friends menu from which you can quickly send a message, make a call, or communicate in unique new ways. The watch can be set to work properly on either wrist buy this from eBay and save ample amount.

Organize Your Bedroom With Versatile Storage Furniture From Lazada

Bedroom is a place where you spend the most of your time (although sleeping!). Most peaceful nights are spending in there; you spend your family time and watch the TV series marathons and what not! Well, what are the basic things you find in your bedroom? Most of you will answer- a bed, a wardrobe full of clothes, a dressing table and maximum a bed corner.

Okay now let us talk about reality! You find books and clothes scattered on your bed, PlayStation controllers, aah! The mess children create. Now, as a home maker or a working lady what do you do when you see such a mess created?! Of course you get angry but at the end of the hectic day you have to clear the bed and organize everything back. Tired of doing this? Well, here’s an easy way to organize your bedroom stylishly and avoid the mess!

Get the stylish storage furniture for your bedroom from Lazada, which is South East Asia’s prominent shopping website. They have got a large collection to style your bedroom and home with classy furniture at affordable price. And moreover join in your shopping with CollectOffers and you get amazing Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

The best way to organize and manage your bedroom is to add on furniture that can be used for storing as well. This will save your money and space also. As it is that the floor area of your bedroom becomes less because of the bedding and everything else that you cannot afford to fill in number of furniture also.

So let us have a look at the collection of storage furniture at Lazada:

Starhome Versatile Storage Cabinets 4 Insulation four-shelfThis one is a furniture that is spacious form inside and does not eat up your floor space too. You can keep it in a corner and put in all the stationary, small essentials, clothing and towels etc.

BonBon 3 Pcs Storage Bag Bed Cover & Cloth bag-storageIf you do not want to get a wooden furniture and like to buy something light in weight which you can put above your almirah or inside and do not want that to look messy as well, then you should go for this cloth storage. Vey light in weight and stores your essentials and things too.

Gokea Storage Bag bagThis one is really soft and less space eating storage bag. You can fold the bag when you do not require using it. Fill in the less essential or once in a month used things.

Multipurpose Rack – Box four-shelgIf you want something big that could be used as your corner dresser as well opt for this storage box. Put on a mirror on the wall and below this rack you save your space and money for the dressing table and it looks very trendy.

Sonia Rack Clothes Rack Jumbo Cloth Cover kidA very cute wardrobe wherein you can store the clothes of your kids and organize your bedroom. It gives your or your child’s bedroom a very nice and adorable look.

So, what you waiting for? Get this stylish furniture for your bedroom and save huge!



Streak The Hottest Red Eye Trend With Makeup Products From Sephora

Hola beauty queens! Today I am going to update you gorgeous ladies with the old school red eye trend. Yes, you guessed it right, the red eye trend is back and back with a bang!

I know you might be feeling that this kind of makeup looks all the more gothic than could make you look a diva. But here you go wrong! You all might have seen the fashion events and ramp walk at events at Milan, Paris and New York, right? So there are things we take into note while going through the show. Not only have we gone through the fashion trends and the attire of the models but their makeup too. Red eye makeup is basically showcased on ramp walks by the models. But hey! You too can spring on the look without looking like a sleep deprived!

To be honest, red eye makeup trend is a tricky one. I mean you need to be really careful while choosing your shades and everything. And here I step in, I will help you out with your makeup and you too can put on the trend easily and just like a pro!

Makeup essentials and so many trends to follow up is a hell lot of expensive. I agree! You know girls have to go through so many things in a go- be it their fashion statements, keeping up with their style statements by the end of the month makes us a bankrupt. Well, I have got some lip smashing news for you; Sephora– South-East Asia’s prominent beauty product website has got really cool stuffs for you at affordable price and guess what? If you shop in through CollectOffers you get amazing Sephora discount coupon codes and voucher codes!

Great isn’t it? Okay then, let’s go step by step on what all you need to do to get the perfect red eye trend!

Step 1: Concealer from Laura Merceir concealerYou need clear out your face and no dark circles to be visible. Though the trend moreover seems to be a tired one but hey you don’t make trends just like that. So apply concealer and clear out your under eye, nose and chin very subtly.

Step 2: Eye Cream from Trilogy eye-creamApply The eye cream to depuff your eyes and eye lids to make a perfect base for the further eye makeup and make your eyes look puffy.

Step 3:  Eye Primer by E.L.F eye-primerApply the eye primer, dabbing it which helps in the eyeshadow color to stick properly. The primer gives a proper base to the shadow.

Step 4: Eye Shadowpallette This eyeshadow palette by pupa has the best shades for the red eye makeup. To begin with you can try out burgundy and dark shades of pink instead of jumping to red directly. This would give you a sight of how the look gets on you. If it is a Yay or a Nay!

Step 5: Eyeshadow Brush from Zoeva brushI mean of course how can you apply a perfect shadow without a perfect brush? So here it is the eyeshadow brush, very soft in texture and gives the perfect blend to your eyesahdow.

Now sweethearts what are you waiting for grab the makeup products and streak the hot and trendy Red Eye makeup!


YAAY…..Subway Mouthwatering Deals Magnetizing All Empty Bellies!

When the tummy starts craving, all food stuff around make your mouth watered and mistakenly if someone takes the name of SUBWAY, My God! Your craving gets uncontrollable, yeah?

But you will be surprised to know the Subway; which offers a number of delicious dishes is offering a wonderful discount to not only one person but in the total of 10.1And all these heartwarming things you can see on leading and promising online food delivery store Caterspot; where you can also explore likewise deals.2The subway is serving 20 pieces of 4” Subs for 10 people at discounted rate. These sub varieties include veggie delight, ham, turkey breast, turkey ham, spicy Italian etc.3For more savings, make your shopping partner as it let you know such heart winning offers availing you the discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save voluminous amount.

Now Pay Less For Stylish MICHAEL KORS Watches!

Time is a precious thing today so are the timepieces! Today the modern world is running along with the world and fashionistas are getting more obsessive to be the star of the fashion world. The Michael Kors Watch! Sounds classy and expensive, right?

Just give me a reasonable amount and close your eyes, I’ll put a smart and trendy Michael Kors watch on your palm. Yeah, the amount likely you invest in buying a normal lookout!

The leading and promising online fashion stores Zalora, Lazada and many other are offering the hefty discount on a variety of eye-catching and stylish watch. Means just crawling over the screen you can get your favorite timepiece inn no time.

To save more amounts, make your shopping partner as it vails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save voluminous amount easily.

Here are some exclusive picks.

MICHAEL KORS Michael Kors Blair 2T Goldm1Make a statement whatever the occasion with this striking chronograph watch from Michael Kors. A chunky piece of modern watchmaking, the design comes with a large nude dial which displays a three sub-dial chronograph function. Get this from Zalora at discounted rate.

MICHAEL KORS Mini Blair Rose Gold Other Stainless Steel Acetate Watch MK6175m2keep it classy and glamorous with this gorgeous timepiece from MICHAEL KORS. Staying true to its classiness, this timepiece is adorned with glimmering diamante for a more refined luxurious look. Get this from Zalora at discounted rate.

MICHAEL KORS MICHAEL KORS Garner Black Leather Watch MK2574m3Keeping track of time is made sweeter with a piece of MICHAEL KORS on the wrist. The Garner watch features a grain finished leather strap accompanied by polished round dial to present a sleek and modern appeal for every minimalist enthusiast. Get this from Zalora at discounted rate.

MICHAEL KORS MICHAEL KORS Parker Stainless Steel Watch MK6378m4Fashionably in time, this timepiece from MICHAEL KORS features classic feminine design embedded with sparkling diamante details around the bezel for an exclusive note of chic demure. An ideal piece to be worn for your daily runs, this timepiece is also suitable for your night events. Get this from Zalora at discounted rate.

MICHAEL KORS MICHAEL KORS Norie Stainless Steel Watch MK3557m5The perfect piece of watchmaking that will take you from desk to dinner and beyond comes with this MICHAEL KORS’s watch from the Petite Norie collection. This sparkling timepiece features a small round mother-of-pearl dial with easy-to-read details. Get this from Zalora at discounted rate.

This Season Shine Bright With The Bling Affair From Zalora

I am sure you reaction whenever you watch red carpet footage and actresses embellishing the carpet with their sequined dresses and their way of carrying it, would make you go awe! I hope I notched up the right nerve?

You might think that wearing bling: be it sequined dresses or blazer or tops are an OTT thing, however it is not. I believe and must say that wearing bling requires lot self-confidence. You need to be cautious while styling bling! Woah, I am not scaring you, it’s just that too much of bling would overkill your look. So, the right styling and right outfit would make your look sparkle

As you all know that traditionally bling and shimmer dresses are an evening wear. But you could turn them into a day time outfit by minimizing the bling and keeping it a bit low. Well, here I am to advise you with how and in what way you can style your look with bling! Naah! For all those who do not hog upon the bling fashion they too can experiment with their look by not wearing the shimmer outfit but playing with accessories. The accessories as I say add to the oomph factor and are as important to style up as your ensemble.

As I said these trends are kinda restricted to the high profile functions or night out and clubs you could always take advantage of flaunting it for a lunch party or get together. Go minimal, flaunt sequins on black, gold, silver or white dresses as they make the shimmer and glitter go minimal and does not make you look like a Christmas tree!

I can get the vibe that when we are talking about experimenting with our style and fashion we need to invest properly and safely. As not all experiments pass with positive results therefore resolving this problem of your Zalora; South-East Asia’s most prominent website brings great deals for you on sequined dress! Adding icing to the cake is that if you join in your shopping via you get additional Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let me take you on a short ride of showcasing you the shimmer outfits that would add bling to your style statement.

Sequin Mesh Sleeve Dress black-dressThis dress would make you stand out this festive season. The black dress as I said adds to the shimmer and makes your outfit an OOTD. Add this dress to your wardrobe and it would get you all the praises and you too would feel not less than a star!

Embellished Curved Peplum Top peplumThis gorgeous minimal embellished top is the one which you can easily carry for a brunch. Carrying a minimal makeup and a sequined clutch would enhance your ensemble.

The Golden Sequin dress golden-dressThis dress by Zalia is yet another add on to your wardrobe and will be perfect for a chic evening. The monochrome gold used in the dress rescues it from not making it an over the top thing and makes this piece an amazing ensemble.

Gradient Sequin Skirt skirtStep into the room like a celebrity in this dazzling mermaid dress. The hues created in this dress take this dress to another level. Do not try to add accessories to this ensemble even while pairing it with a top add on plain solid tops or minimal print top.

Embellished Chiffon Slit Sleeve Dress seq-dressOne of my favorite dresses. Queens who do not like to hog upon the glitz and glamour thing they should try this one out. A simple chiffon dress takes an amazing transformation with just adding an embellished waist belt. The layers of the belt adds crown to the dress.

So sweethearts what are you waiting for? Grab these beautiful outfits and add the zing to your wardrobe.