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Capture And Make Memories With DSLR’s From Lazada

Photographs: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say this word? A trail of your pictures, memories you made with your loved ones or nature pictures you clicked or oh..!! The candid ones you posed for?:P just kidding..!! Okay back to my question, whatever you may have come across your mind they were the beautiful memories you created, right?  And you cherish those days now with friends and family.

I am sure you all will agree that whenever you click pictures from your cameras they do not give you those natural photographs for some or the other thing is missing. It may be light of too dark. Things don’t happen checking all this up? If a bird is flying it won’t wait for the right brightness for you to click picture duh?? And you end up with back to back edits. Editing isn’t bad but the whole motive of “natural photographs” is lost.

Well guys it is the world of HD. All you need to be a photo-pro is to own a DSLR. We all love big apertures and beautiful captures, don’t we? And I can sense you were thinking of buying it right? But you ended up postponing the thought because of the ‘high-end- and updates versions are too pricey? I fail to understand why you take worries when I am here to save your money. To get your plan back in action and eject the worries South-East Asia’s trusted website Lazada has got delightful offers for you on DSLR’s. And since you all promise me to not take worries and trust on me I have got news for you, join in your shopping with CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupon codes and voucher codes. *Click* I captured the big smile on your face..!!

Let us have a look at the DSLR’s trending on Lazada:

Canon EOS 100D Kiss X7 capture1The Canon EOS 100D Kiss X7 is one of the lightest and most compact DSLR cameras in the market. Though small, but this camera has features of the other cameras of Canon Family. The Canon’s amazing Hybrid CMOS AF II System is featured in this ultra-portable DSLR. The sensor system is built perfectly for shooting photos and recording video as well in Live View. The HD captures are an add-on to the product.

Nikon D5300 nikon-d5300Enter to a new world of Wi-Fi enabled DSLR with Nikon D5300. Well, you all may be thinking what’s the need of Wi-Fi in a DSLR? Right? Well, you instantly transfer photos to your phone, tablets or pinpoint the GPS using the Wi-Fi. The camera has such high quality lens that even after you enlarge or crop your images, it doesn’t lose that same sharpness and detail making editing much easier without losing the quality from the original unedited image.

Sony Alpha a77 capture2When we are talking about gadgets how can Sony be left? Sony Alpha a77 is claimed to be the world’s fastest camera. The interchangeable lens of the camera has got the auto setup for light and clicks the best natural photographs.

Fujifilms X-T1 capture3Fujifilms X-T1 takes manual focusing to another level; you will now be able to get a sharper image each time, thanks to the Digital Split Image feature found on this DSLR by Fujifilms.

Samsung Galaxy NX Camera Kit capture4The advanced sensor technology in the DSLR makes your pictures come alive. Adding to the features it has the largest sensor available in a mirrorless system lens camera produces stunning depth-of-field and out-focusing effects.

*Click* *Click* Okay now I have captured enough of your shocking faces pictures. You can change your pose now. Hello?? Please no more shocked poses. Go on and bring on your shop poses and click the happy poses with your DSLRs.



Dangled Earrings From Lazada Making Eyes At You

Yeah! Perfectly said, the fine fashion accessories donned along with stunning dresses make you look wow. And when it comes to earrings, girls’ keen eyes automatically get cautious to choose a perfect one as wearing earrings promptly turns you into a different sassy you, which another accessory can hardly do. Well, dear fashionistas don’t stress you this much with such vigilant search as the leading online store, Lazada has brought hordes eye-catching earrings that too at heartwarming prices.

This splendid store not only offers you alluring jewelry but puts forward a variety of things like gadgets, fashionable men and women’s dresses, beauty product, health-related products and much more with heavy payback. Sounds pocket-friendly, yeah?

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Let’s see which one is matching best to your dress.

Arche Crystal Dangling Pendant Personality White Gold Plating Earrings (White)er1Instantly become a center of attraction in these Highly Refined Arche Swarovski Crystal Dangling Pendant Personality Earrings. Buy this from Lazada and save 76%.

Arche Descendants of The Sun Series Crystal Korean Stud Earrings (White) er2This fabulous fashion and sleek style earring are made of White Gold Plated Brass. This silver toned jewelry is highly polished that makes you look attractive. Buy this from Lazada and save 58%.

Arche Elegant Wavy Zirconia Stone Top Fashion Stud Earrings (White) er3This fabulous fashion and sleek style earring are made of zironia & White Gold Plated Brass. This silver toned jewelry is highly polished that makes you look appealing. Buy this from Lazada at 72% off.

Arche Blooming Flower Wreath Swarovski Zirconia with 925 Silver Stud Earrings (White)er4Instantly become the center of attraction in these Highly Refined Arche Swarovski Crystal Dangling Pendant Personality Earrings. Buy this from Lazada and save 75%.

Arche Sparkling Earringser5This fabulous fashion and sleek style earring are made of made of Cubic zironia, Shell Pearl & White Gold Plated Brass. Buy this from Lazada at 68% off.


This Fall Let Your Eyes Do The Talking With Eye Makeup By Sephora

Hello Prima Dona..!! As you all know the season of fall has just stepped in and you could see all kinds of fall trends that are in vogue nowadays. And I know all you beautiful ones are always in wow with the ramp trends and keep yourself updated with them to apply them with your daily routine. I am sure you all have already started pondering the internet with all sorts of trends. During summer the makeup you wear has to be sweat free, whereas during fall this is not that case. Hence you cannot wear the summer makeup during fall or any other season in that case, duh..!! That’s an obvious statement..!!!

Well, one thing before I begin with anything further, the thing I fail to understand that why do ladies wear a full face makeup when only a dab of some could make them look subtle yet so beautiful amidst the time they spend. I personally believe that it is completely a shear waste sometimes that we try to cover everything with makeup and then at the end feel our makeup to be caked..!! Don’t you relate with me? I am sure at least once or twice you might have had this feeling.

What I personally feel is that eye makeup is the self-sufficient makeup one can opt for to look complete and save time as well. Of course a gloss or lipstick is a must with it; here I am talking to avoid the face makeup in all not always but sometimes. You all know excess of anything is bad and minimal is the new cool. Therefore, why not keep our makeup n point and dazzle every day?

You know talking about fall, the first thing that came to my mind was the shades of leaves. I mean think about those orange, burgundy and purples all around, dreamy right? Well, what I wanted to point out was that these colors can so be used in our makeup routine too. I know you all are thinking that naturals and nude shades are already in store with you and then spending again on all the way new cosmetics would spoil your budget and cost you plenty. Yes I can read minds..!!!  But no need to haggle yourself with such things as South-East Asia’s most loved beauty website Sephora has got best offers for you in store and then by joining your shopping with CollectOffers you get additional Sephora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Well let me give you the fall updates, tips and of course the makeup products you are going to fall for this fall:

Kat Von D Tatoo Liner kat-von-dEyeliners are something every damn woman go crazy for. I am sure that you all might have already searched for the cat- eye tutorial. What if I tell you all that research is going to pay this season. The black liner is in trend rather than any other color go for jet black eyes. The Kat Von D liner is going to be the perfect partner for you this fall. Ok, here’s a pro tip: apply dotted liner and then join the dots to give the perfect shape to you liner. To avoid the mess cover the extra liner with concealer.  And you’re gonna rock the chic look.

Sephora Collection eyeshadowAnother trend you can say is a shocking one. Its glitter..!! With glitter the first thing that comes in mind is summer..right? But then whether you add on any adjective to it but the trend won’t change this season. Therefore to add on the glittery glitter in your look Sephora has got its dazzling eye shadow palette. The colorful five colors that are perfect for the fall, it relates you the shades of season. Umm..lemme give you a pro tip here: to add on glitter for a street look all you do is apply a black liner and above that a glitter liner to get the perfect fall look adding the oomph factor in you.

Benefit Cosmetics eyebrow-gelWe ladies mostly keep in mind the main motives of our makeup and then forget the basics which are hard to discover sometimes. That one basic is eyebrows. Yes sweetheart the last time you did everything fine and was still feeling incomplete? Eyebrows were the reason you couldn’t discover. You need to have a perfect eyebrow as it the most essential thing while we are concentrating on our eye makeup. And to get that perfect eyebrow look the benefit cosmetics have got the eyebrow cream gel color. It will give a natural look to you eyebrow and a stylish one to flaunt.

Marc Jacobs Beauty mascaraAnother very important makeup essentials Mascara. To give that fuller look to your eyelashes and pop-in look you all must apply mascara. Adding to it before applying the mascara, in case you have thin eyelashes then do curl your lashes with a eyelash curler. This voluminizing mascara by Mar Jacobs is very dark and gives you the voluminized look.

By Terry under-eye-concealerWhenever you are working with your eye makeup you tend to mess sometimes. Somehow the liner gives you the extra wing or something or the other. Here’s a pro tip: The perfect way to cover up the mistakes is to hide it right? Then all you need is to dab on the under eye concealer to hide the mess and also to give the complete finish. Moving on, the main use of the under eye concealer is to cover your dark circles and give you a fresh look. The tiredness and everything is swashed the next moment you apply the concealer.

These were some of the eye makeup products you need to have in your collection and what are you waiting for? C’mon buy on the products and keep queening…!!

Weekend Getaway: Create A Bundle Of Memories At Batam Island

Don’t know how many times, getting fed-up with the daily essential stuff, we think to escape away from our hectic schedule forever and wish never come back again to this hell. Well, the ‘forever’ case is absolutely not possible but can’t we take out some time for us at least few days? Even a weekend holiday can refresh you entirely, I guess.

You will be thinking how a weekend can renew completely and if doing so means a good amount is must keep in the pocket, right? Sorry friends, but you have got me wrong here! Ever heard about the Batam Island? Actually, at this breathtaking place, you can sooth your mind deeply, enjoy tantalizing sea foods on white sand coastal and the big thing you can quench your throat level desire of shopping in the market here famous for Bargain Buy. And, believe me, friends, the things here are undoubtedly a bang for the buck.bloggif_57ee39b8134faHere you can pamper yourself with the affordable spa, eat fresh sea foods, do endless shopping in Nagoya Hill Mall. If you are a Singaporean then the cheap beer here can fulfill your quota before heading back. Along with this, you can buy game accessories from here at much notable prices and do mountain biking through the dense green jungle. The Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple, Marvel at the Barelang Bridge and the backwaters are some of the special sightseeing.

Visit once here for sure and you can make the hotel booking through splendid online hotel booking agencies Expedia, Agoda, and many more as doing so will get you cozy stay at affordable prices. Also, join hands with to make maximum savings as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Here are some hotels where you can have a comfy stay.

HARRIS Hotel Batam Centerhg1The hotel’s 170 accommodations are scented with soothing in-room aromas. Guests will enjoy signature orange bedroom slippers, and rooms are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi. Book through Expedia and win the hefty discount.

Grand I Hotel hg2This hotel features a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and 2 bars/lounges. Free buffet breakfast, free WiFi in public areas and free self-parking are also provided. Additionally, a fitness center, a spa tub, and a conference center are onsite. Book through Expedia and win the hefty discount.

Harmoni Hotelhg3This hotel features 2 restaurants, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. Free WiFi in public areas and free self parking are also provided. Other amenities include a nightclub, a fitness center, and a bar. Book through Expedia and win the hefty discount.

Novotel Batamhg4All 244 rooms offer free WiFi, 24-hour room service, and TVs with cable channels. Minibars, coffee makers, and hair dryers are among the other amenities available to guests. Book through Expedia and win the hefty discount.

Turi Beach Resorthg5All 141 rooms boast private pools and offer WiFi and balconies. 24-hour room service and wired Internet are standard, as are LCD TVs with cable channels. Book through Expedia and win the hefty discount.