All That Apple’s iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Say Is To “Have It And Flaunt It”

It is beyond my imagination to find you going ga-ga under the hood of Nissan Versa when you can afford a luxury of Porsche Panamera. It does not have to be a class war every time, but a lifestyle when we think of possessing something. I don’t know if you would agree or not, but Apple infuses more value to your being than any other global brand does, simply because it connects you with your fascinating future. In other words, iOS means I Own Something (Extraordinary). Beyond functionality, Apple has always been a ‘status symbol’. Apple is one of the world’s leading brands in gadgets. I mean you own an iPhone and you come into the spotlight among your friends. As if the gadget has some magnetizing power to attract people towards it. Tell me if I am wrong?

Apple’s iPhones have always been making great buzz with its new releases. This time it’s their next iPhones: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Well, with the unveiling of the latest gadget by Apple last week of September, there were various speculations made about what new has Apple got for us and about when will it be launched in various parts of the world.

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Before anything else let me share with you each and every detail about the gadget. So firstly, let’s see what new features iPhone 7 has got.

• Design: This time iPhone is available in five colors- Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. Jet Black color is the brand new high-gloss premium version with a mirror finish, complete with a stainless steel Apple logo. The Black color diffuses light and has a black Apple Logo. Proving all the rumors correct, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with no jack. No need to panic guys, this does not mean that you cannot use your old headphones because they are providing you with a 3.5mm Lightning port adapter. Well, initially when we had heard about it we all thought this step to be foolish one but then thankfully they ship you the adapter and also their wired Apple EarPods.

• Wireless AirPods: Why not know something about the AIrPods which have already created news all over the world? These AirPods are, I must say really intelligent all thanks to the W1 chip inserted inside. These will work only when they detect your ears. Each of them has a battery life of about 5 hours. A double-touch of the new AirPods can launch Siri, too, while a built-in mic lets you vocalize your request. Now, when Apple is making you pay for something it really is giving you some cooler stuff to flaunt. All of a sudden the wireless EarPods sounds something really cool thing to own. Doesn’t it?

• Audio: For all the music lovers..uh correction, for all the loud music lovers, who love to listen to music with high bass you all will love the speakers that iPhone 7 provides. This is the first iPhone model which comes with stereo speakers one on the top of the iPhone and the other at the bottom.

• Display: Though not much difference in the size of the screen , the iPhone 7 has 4.7 inch screen as that of iPhone 6 and a 5.5 inch display of iPhone 7 Plus as iPhone 6 Plus. The new features added are that with a 25 percent improvement to brightness it has a wide color gamut, cinema standard, color management and 3D Touch. Yes, that’s something to drool for.

• Power: Well this is the most important feature that I must say, has been improved in the phone. Both the variants run on A10 Fusion processor for which Apple claims it to run 40% faster than iPhone 6 as it was built upon A9 Fusion processor. However, that is not where the power feature ends, as the A10 also has a hexa-core GPU. This GPU is capable of making visually demanding games and apps run much more smoothly on the iPhone 7 Plus. Now that is some news for all the gamers..!!

• The Camera: The camera of the iPhone7 Plus is hands down the best any iPhone series had ever had. This handset is the first one to come up with a dual lens rear camera. This is also a major difference between the two handsets. Now for all the photography lovers, the dual lens feature allows wide-angle images to be shot and optical zoom; the lens itself offers a 2x zoom which further can be zoomed up to 10x. Divine..!! isn’t it?
Well, that’s all about the new features about iPhone 7 and 7 plus. There is no such difference in the RAM of the handset with the previous ones. They come with a 2GB RAM and the difference is in the internal storage capacities. iPhone 6 plus had its base model from 16 GB and this feature has been removed from the 7 and 7 Plus models. They have a range starting from 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.
To introduce you with the prices at which you are offered the models-

Apple iPhone 7 (32GB): Rs 60,000
Apple iPhone 7 (128GB): Rs 70,000
Apple iPhone 7 (256GB): Rs 80,000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (32GB): Rs 72,000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (128GB): Rs 82,000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (256GB): Rs 92,000

As the pre-bookings and pre-registrations of iPhone has already begun in many parts of the world. This time it also is a race for all the iPhone fans as who gets it first. Start registering for your iPhones and be the first one to own and flaunt it.

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