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Shopping This Time From Microsoft Will Not Hurt Your Penny-Pinching Attitude

Who would deny keeping classy products in their electronic collections? And whenever the name Microsoft suddenly pops up amidst the ongoing discussion, the entire conversation comes to an end with few words i.e. Microsoft has no comparison!

One side where the splendid brand has maintained this much credibility among people, on the other hand, its non-economical budget plan for electronic items troubles a heavy proportion especially those who want to have Microsoft Products but can’t do such a huge investment.

But you know, lucky you’re this time!

Yeah! The online leading and promising electronic stores Lazada, Cdiscount and much more are offering hefty discounts on a number of Microsoft products at notable prices. A blessed opportunity, yeah?

Grab this wonderful chance promptly and line-up the premium class products from Microsoft. For savings lovers, there is something yet to disclose. Love to know savers? Actually, the online platform avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes hence, make it as your shopping partner ASAP and enjoy copious savings.

Pick the item from here you’re needed:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core i5 256GB 8GB Win10Promc1The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core i5 256GB 8GB Win10Pro features 8 GB RAM, Storage 256GB SSD, graphics Intel HD Graphics 520 and OS windows 10 Pro. Buy this through Lazada and save 10%.

Nokia Microsoft Lumia 435 8 GB (Black)mc2This high-quality product is made of good material. Get this stylish mobile from Lazada and save 60%.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Pc Receiver – Blackmc3Microsoft Xbox 360 Pc Receiver – Black feature receiver for PC with 2.4 GHz wireless technology that gives you high performance embedded control within a range of 9.14 meters. Order this through Lazada and save 20%.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 – BLACK – BLACKmc4Take advantage of Blue Track Technology, which combines the power of optical technology with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on any surface. Plug-And-Go Nano Transceiver plugged in when you leave for a trip. Get this from Lazada at 12% off.

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover Cmmr SC English HDWR (Magenta)mc5This lightweight surface touch cover is compatible with surface RT, surface pro1. It features Thai/English keys. Buy this through Lazada and save 64%.

Redmart – Your Glocal Fruit Market for Exotic Fruits

There are just so many fads around what to eat and what not to eat. Well, we know one thing for sure, you must, we repeat, you MUST eat fruits! A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and fibres, fruits help you stay healthy and young always.

And what’s better, these are healthy and tasty at the same time. Now you know as well as we do, that is a very rare combination indeed! Healthy and tasty rarely go together. Fruits supplement your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to remain healthy. A fruit rich diet ensures you have a glowing skin, a strong heart and a happy stomach. We are pretty sure it’s an easy sell.

We understand buying fresh fruits is a hassle and something we don’t get too often, but that is somewhere we can help. Redmart has an excellent variety of exotic fruits, all of which are fresh and ready for your consumption. Choose from the website today and stock up on those fruits.

To make your shopping spree more fruitful partner with, where attractive Redmart discount coupon codes and voucher codes are waiting for you all.

Let’s look at some fruits and their health benefits.

GrapefruitPrimarily grown in South Africa and Turkey, Grapefruit is tangy with an underlying sweetness and is very juicy. Grapefruits are low in calories and are excellent sources of Vitamins A and C. When made a part of the diet, they help in losing weight, keep your blood pressure and heart under check and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Wow! Let us stock up on those grapefruits today!

KiwiIMG1559_1414553707057Primarily produced in Chile, Italy, New Zealand and Greece, this green fruit with black freckles is as nutritious as it is tasty. Add this to any salad to bring a nice burst of colour and flavour. Rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and anti-oxidants, this fruit is one Health Dynamite. Weight loss, better sleep, and healthier heart, all because of this fuzzy looking fruit. Order your pack on Redmart today!

Strawberries715756200092_1_1435302461707Imported from USA and Australia, strawberries are a very popular ingredient in yogurts, puddings, cakes and salads. Again a Vitamin C rich fruit! Excellent in boosting the immune system and acting as anti-oxidants, strawberries help keep those nasty wrinkles at bay, leaving you looking younger for longer. Did we mention it’s available at Redmart?

Fragrant PearsIMG1577_1411026970479
The natives of China, these fruits have been harvested in China for more than 1,300 years! It is an excellent fruit to detoxify and regenerate blood fluids. The Vitamin C and elevated fibre content make it a great fruit for good health of skin and heart. The delicious taste, heady fragrance and excellent health benefits…What is not to like!

Medjool Dates88872730054802_1439443376514Produced in Israel, Iran and South Africa, Medjool Dates are known as King of Dates. With the highest potassium content in any fruit (yep, it has more potassium than banana), this fruit helps maintain the body fluid balance and help prevent high blood pressure. With its sweet taste and high fibre content, dates suppress your craving for sweets and keep you full for longer. So before you go on your next diet routine, stock up your dates from Redmart.

Red Seedless GrapesIMG1531_1414553876318 (1)
Produced in Australia, Europe, South Africa and USA, these grapes are packed with benefits and require little effort to consume, just wash and eat! The grapes are rich in Vitamin K that helps to prevent osteoporosis and promotes bone development. Rich in antioxidants too, this fruit is a must addition to your diet. Grab your bunch at Redmart today!

Mandarin OrangesIMG5522_1416288739912Harvested in China, Spain, Argentina and South Africa, these little beauties are tasty as they are pretty. Rich in vitamins, this fruit helps promote healthier skin with all the Vitamin C and E it has along with the rich fibre content. Get better skin, immune system and heart through this healthy and tasty option! Order a dozen from Redmart right away.

CollectOffers AirAsiaGo Malaysia Holiday Packages

Go Gaga To Stroll Around Malaysia With AirAsiaGo Enthralling Holiday Packages

A place where temples are next to mosques and mosques are next to the church, a place which welcomes everyone regardless of their culture or background, and a place which shows you the oldest rainforest & highest skybridge of the world is none other but the intriguing Malaysia. Now say! Do you think anybody can ever miss out on roaming such an excellent place especially when the leading online hotel booking agency of Southeast Asia, AirAsiaGo is offering exciting holiday deals at heartwarming prices?

The AirAsiaGo is providing you with the cozy stay at Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan, Kuching, Langkawi and so many sightseeing at affordable prices. This Land of Gold is also known as Food Paradise as at every corner you will find a great variety of mouthwatering Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Thai or any kind of food you’re interested in. Now when your taste-buds have relished the yum foods of Malaysia, your craving for rest at some breathtaking spots is natural. For this, none other than the stunning beaches of Malaysia where you can sooth yourself deeply enjoying crystal blue water. Apart from this, there are so many must-see attraction and must-do activities in Malaysia which you can live this time with the current smashing AirAsiaGo offers.

For more saving, you may also log in to as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Join hands with and save voluminous amount effortlessly now.

Take a look at these hotels if you find would be comfortable to you for a dreamy trip:

First World Hotelaag1Situated in the gaming and resort oasis of Genting Highlands, this hotel is 1 hour north of Kuala Lumpur. The guestrooms at First World Hotel feature expansive views, either of the surrounding mountains, hills, or resort. Rooms provide televisions with cable channels. Book this through AirAsiaGo and save hefty amount.

Labuk Hotelaag2All 34 rooms provide free WiFi, coffee makers, and LCD TVs. Other amenities available to guests include free bottled water, showers, and phones. Book this hotel through AirAsiaGo and save maximum amount.

Grand Margherita Hotelaag3Along with a restaurant, this smoke-free hotel has an outdoor pool and a health club. Free Wi-Fi in public areas and free self parking are also provided. Other amenities include a bar/lounge, a coffee shop, and 24-hour room service. Book this through AirAsiaGo and save hefty amount.

Pullman Kuchingaag4All 389 rooms in the hotel provide free WiFi, 24-hour room service, and satellite TV. Other amenities available to guests include minibars, free newspapers, and in-room massages. Book this hotel through AirAsiaGo and save maximum amount.

Temple Tree at Bon Tonaag5All rooms is individually decorated and offer DVD players and free bottled water. Guests will also find LCD TVs, refrigerators, and coffee makers. Book this through AirAsiaGo and save hefty amount.

Spruce Up Your Bedroom With Some Comfortable And Capacious Furniture From Lazada

Bedroom, is the most private place in your home and one that should be comfortable and inviting at the same time. A bedroom needs to be designed with extreme care. You want all the necessities in your room but don’t want your room cluttered. The room should be spacious and airy. The furniture should be comfortable and colour coordinated. The colour tones of the room should be eye soothing and calming. Phew! There are just so many variables to consider when it comes to decorating your bedroom!

In this fast paced life, we want our bedrooms to be a place where we can relax and rejuvenate. Whether you have a small or big bedroom, modern or contemporary style, here are some suggestions to make your bedroom your oasis.

Keep the colours of your bedroom in muted tones and add small bits of trinkets to make you room unique. Add a warm-hued rug to give it a more earthy feel. The foundation of the bedroom, however, is the furniture. Choose the right furniture to get the desired result of your dream room. All other accessories can be coordinated once the furniture is set.

To choose from a host of modern, contemporary or classical furniture, check out the amazing bedroom collection at Lazada. Lazada specializes in getting its customers the latest and excellent quality products within a budget. is also a website you should check out. This website offers attractive Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes, means that you will have more net discounts on your furniture purchases! Yay!

Here are our top picks from Lazada:

The central piece of your bedroom and the most important investment of all. The bed takes up almost the entire room and should be super comfortable so that you can sleep peacefully. If your home is a bit small, we suggest you buy a bed with storage space so that all your extra stuff can be stored there without your house looking cluttered. This IKEA Brusali Bed with Storage is ideal for the bedroom. Order yours at Lazada at great discounts!

Side Table3
This table acts as your personal assistant for all practical purposes. Keep your books, spectacles, medicine, alarm clock and water on this table. In the middle of the night, when you are all cosy in bed and you realize you did not take that medicine, you will thank us for suggesting the side table! The Nest Design Bliss Night Table is a great model and is available at Lazada at a whopping 50% discount. Order one today!

No, we did not forget about the wardrobe! Your wardrobe stores your entire world inside it and it is essential you get a size that will help you organize all your stuff in an efficient manner. Too small and you will have clutter all over the place. Too big and you will have your room more congested. Buy a wardrobe with a mirror attached to save setting up another full length mirror in your room. HB Philippines #88494 Wardrobe is available at Lazada at a hefty discount!

This versatile piece of furniture can act as a sofa, a single bed or a double bed, whatever is your requirement. Use the sofa if you are working from home and want to be comfortable but not too comfortable (like sitting on the bed!). Want to grab a quick shuteye but don’t want to spoil the made bed, this is it. Entertaining a few guests, just open the parts and voila! You have a double bed! IKEA Hemnes 4-1 Daybed is an excellent choice. Order yours form Lazada today!

Pocket-Friendly Destinations of India for Exciting Holidays

When I was eight, I was taken to the jungles by the Arabian Sea on the Gujarat-Maharashtra borders for weeklong holidays, and I thought I had discovered heaven. When I was ten, another fortnight-long trip to Rajasthan was waiting for me to happen. I thought I had found golden paradise. Honestly, I belong to the society where holidays are an integral part of the living style.

Along with me, this list grew. Sometimes with family and most of the time with friends, I kept on traveling until I realized that now I need to earn if I want to keep on traveling. Isn’t that the main worry why Indian middle class finds it so difficult to go on holidays? I thought, holidaying is very natural to every Indian class, but realized wasn’t a case.Indian Holiday Destinations

I may be right if I go back to the 90s. The unprecedented economic growth of 25 years has empowered Indians with much of the luxuries of life. Although holidaying doesn’t come naturally, Indians are no more reluctant to go on holidays once or twice a year. Another reason why young Indians take quality time off is challenges posed by the urbanization and ever changing work culture.

Aren’t you yet clear with my intention? Never mind, I want to inspire you to plan your next holiday in the month of October. Why October? Well, the rainy season would be over by then and winter would be knocking our doors. Hence, October is the perfect time to take time off and spend some time with friends to disentangle and unwind.CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Packages

Obviously, pocket-friendly holiday destinations I am going to suggest. The list is a result of the first-hand experience. So, give it a try, I am sure you would be finding your own heaven and would return with a filled heart and charged mind from your holidays. Don’t come after me, by the way. So, here we wroooom…

Gokarna: Get enwrapped by peace and tranquility!CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers
A few days away from the hustle and bustle on Bengaluru is your thing, Gokarna is your destination without thinking. The smartest thing you can do is switch off your smartphone and allow nature to enwrap you with peace and tranquility. Don’t get restless, or else, water sports activities will drag into the spins of fun you never had before.CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers

Om Beach is the ideal place to be useless and unwind. Use your communication skills and convince local fisherman for a ride in a banana boat for merely Rs 300. Besides, beaches, Gokarna is known for the temples of Lord Shiva. Hence, there is much more for you to explore in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Don’t forget to get yourself framed by the majestic Western Ghats.

Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1000
Gokarna has many budget friendly accommodation options, should you need.

Spiti: Design your own serrated moonscape!CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers
In this Little Tibet, the only near-constant but heart-melting companion is the Spiti River and its turquoise-grey ribbon. Divided from Lahaul through the 4551m Kunzum La, Spiti has all that give you an experience of the divine. From natural beauty to vibrant culture, you are sure to submerge in your own happiness.CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers

The Spiti–Kinnaur loop is one of Asia’s great road trips, so you know what you are going to experience in Spiti. Design your own serrated moonscape and pour yourself a greenery of barley fields lying under monasteries thousand feet above. Being hidden in the Himalayan Mountain range, Spiti offers trekking and jeep safaris to witness scenic mountains, enchanting landscapes, glaciers, and a pristine environment.

Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 900
Take a look at some of the pocket-friendly accommodation options.

Jaisalmer: Be a golden hue of golden Thar!
Visited the city when I was only ten for the first time. The impression I was left with so strong that city has dragged me thrice in the last decade. Situated in the world’s one of the biggest desert, Jaisalmer is known as the Golden City of India. A land of fascinating sand dunes attracts you for the mind-boggling architecture of Havelis, magnanimous palaces, and stunning Jain temples.CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers

Let me challenge you if you could miss the Rajasthani folk dance and traditional music at one of the desert camps in the middle of the night. You would be thrilled by being absolutely close to India-Pakistan border while having your camel safari. The main attraction in Jaisalmer is Jaisalmer Fort and Desert National Park. Don’t miss them or else you will have to visit Jaisalmer again. I will be the game for sure though.

Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1000
Nope, accommodation is not an issue, budget to royal, all hails Jaisalmer.

Hampi: Get hold on the marvel of the ruins!CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers
If you have a heart for the history, I have architectural marvels from 13th century Vijayanagar for you. When you see the magnificent temples, ruined palaces, and artistically designed royal buildings, you know that you have reached to one of the 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Hampi. Naah, not just ruined buildings that attract you, there in Hampi, you have Lotus Mahal, Hazara Rama temple and Lakshmi Narasimha temple to visit.CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers

Sometimes, the broken history helps us create a better future. Therefore, Hampi has a special place in Indian History. However, it is not all lost, and therefore, it is one of the finest places in Indian to hang around without breaking the banks. Awesome weather and ambiance around the temples and architectures would not let you leave this place.

There are many budget hotels for you to stay a night in Hampi.
Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1000

Rishikesh: Flow with the adrenaline floods!CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers
I guess I was 20 when I visited Rishikesh for the first time with the family. Naah, not for the religious thing as Rishikesh is known for. The intention was to visit the breathtaking Valley of Flowers on the way to Kedarnath. Indeed, Rishikesh has religious importance, but for me, when adventures beckon, Rishikesh’s thrilling white-water-rafting comes in mind.CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers

The life in Rishikesh may revolve around prayers and festivals; it is the stupendous beach camps and the exhilarating treks that win your heart. If you are planning to go for bungee jumping or for river rafting, holidays in October are an ideal time to visit Rishikesh before the weather gets too chilly. Mountain biking and rock climbing give you a thrill you may have missed throughout.

Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1400
Dharmashalas are countless but budgetary comfort isn’t costly either.

Alleppey: An excellent bargain for the Beauty!CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers
If you can forget your existence for a few days, you yourself will become the nature, if you can’t forget yourself, Alleppey would make sure that you would forget yourself when you see the beauty of the place. It would be a surprise if you can’t find yourself in a peace in the midst of the Amazonian wilderness. That is what Alleppey has to offer.CollectOffers MakeMyTrip Holiday Package Offers

Probably far better than Venice, Alleppey is famous for its waterways, lagoons, and luxuriant countryside. Just lose yourself in one of the houseboats and cruise around the whole day lazily watching coconut trees, lush green river banks, and listening to birds chirping. And if you can strike a deal with a local fisherman, you can have your own ride in merely 100 bucks. That’s a theft, man.

Approximate expenditure per day: Rs 1100
Flat on rent may be expensive but budget hotels would be your bet.

This is the myth the holiday in India is getting expensive, if not for the visitors, for the Indians. We have shattered the glasses of myth around Indian holidays. CollectOffers has in its chest the most exciting holiday deals to offer where you can claim up to 70% discount on hotels and fabulous last minute deals for the flights.

So, if you think that present day job has screwed your life beyond imagination, this October, you will be able to revitalize you senses with CollectOffers Deal and will be able to chart a different path to your inner joy and satisfaction. Obviously, we don’t now count happiness, that obvious with CollectOffers, isn’t it?