Modern Day Office-Jewellery Waiting To Be Yours!

There is a very famous saying…Jewellery is a woman’s best friend! Okay okay, we accept it’s not an actual saying, but it should be! Jewellery makes you feel unique, powerful and beautiful, in short, it makes you happy! What other reason do we need to own a whole lot of jewellery!

Jewellery has the power to make any attire look different just by its mere presence. You want to make a plain dress look jazzy, wear a neckpiece. You want to tone down that fiery red colour of the dress, wear those classy evergreen diamond studs. You want to add some flair to the monochrome suit, don a bracelet! It’s really that simple.

Worried it will burn a hole in your pocket? Well, this is where we step in! Lazada, an online shopping giant, offers you endless choices in jewellery and usually has great offers accompanying those choices. Chances are, whatever you pick, there will be some mind blowing offer coming your way.

And that is not all; is there to sweeten the deal further. This website has an amazing collection of discount coupon codes and voucher codes, which are surely gonna benefit shopaholics!

So here are some pieces you must possess. You can thank us later!

ZUNCLE 18K Gold-Plated Bracelet Pearl Bangleszuncle-18k-gold-plated-bracelet-pearl-bangles-gold-8359-5955887-4d485aa63fa3569ef1a9273ad9ca45e1-zoom
This gold bracelet proves that minimalistic is the way to go! A very simple and elegant design gives this piece class! Wear this with a black, brown or beige suit to balance the toned down colours with the vibrant presence of gold. Grab an excellent offer of a 67% discount on Lazada. These guys make shopping so much fun!

Solitaire Earrings6mm-solitaire-earrings-made-with-swarovski-zirconia-9857-0148621-1659dce4bfb4e28a6050aed08baf1e46-zoom_850x850If you don’t already possess one of these, then boo-hoo! Wherever you are, whatever you do, solitaire earrings are an absolute must in your collection. This pair is what you wear if you want to make a statement but don’t want to be obvious about it. Solitaire earrings make a powerful statement and it is a fashion piece that has evaded all sense of time and place. Solitaires are also your go to earrings if you are not in the mood to think or are too confused over what to wear. Up for grabs on Lazada.

Rosevette Swarovski Crystal Moon Cat Earringrosevette-swarovski-crystal-moon-cat-earring-gold-6286-979973-1-zoom_850x850If you like cats or earrings or semi-precious stones or a combination of the above, these earrings are a must buy. The earrings are quirky and fun and a great conversation starter. You are bound to have questions or exclamations if you have cats in your ears. Oh! Did we forget to say that they were super uber cute and are up for grabs at Lazada!

Swarovski Crystal – Four Leaf Clover Pendantswarovski-crystal-four-leaf-clover-pendant-blue-1217-6872371-1-zoomMade with Swarovski elements, this pendant is 18K white gold plated and comes with a chain. We are pretty sure you understand the significance of a four leaved clover. Well, we can’t guarantee if it will bring you luck, but we can guarantee that it will look stunning with your dress! Available at Lazada at a whopping 76% discount!

Bluelans DIY Faux Pearls Crystal Necklace Earrings Set Goldenbluelans-diy-faux-pearls-crystal-necklace-earrings-set-golden-export-2037-950127-1-zoom_850x850We believe pearls are as classy as one can get. You want to wear jewellery that screams sophistication, pearls are it. The pendant and the earrings can be worn together or as separate pieces. The pearl earrings with the drops look classy but not uptight! Who says we can’t have fun with pearls! Grab a set at Lazada today!

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