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Add These Logical Gems From Lazada To Update Your PS4 Game Library

It’s really fiddly to find the juicy nuggets of gaming excellence in a prodigious line-up especially for those who just have entered in PS4 bandwagon. But, the globally renowned online store of Malaysia, Lazada is here to help you with the extraordinary picks at unbelievable discounts. Many are new releases that will keep you up with the latest and greatest, but some are proven gems that every true gamer needs in their locker. The ‘Ratchet and Clank’ is one of those much-chatted games among Malaysian gamers nowadays.giphyThe PS4 is the aesthetically pleasing in design and practically silent, even when playing some high-level games for long periods of time. The PS4 features an 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU with an 800MHz AMD Radeon GPU and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM hence, is more powerful than its earlier versions. Its gaming library is increasing every week and you won’t be able to deny that the PS4’s 900p/1080p HD resolution makes even the cross-platform games so much better.

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So whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to boost an already established gaming library, read on, find something you like and get playing!

Ratchet & Clank – PlayStation 4max1It is a deeper version of the origin story, with over an hour of cinematic, including footage from the feature film. All-new visuals showcase the power of the PlayStation 4. it is collected as a massive arsenal including new weapons and fan-favorites from across the entire series. Get this from Lazada at 37% off.

PS4 FIFA 17 Standard Editionmax2New Football Worlds – Frostbite injects, even more, detail into the worlds of FIFA 17. Experience all new environments like tunnels, locker rooms, the manager’s office, and the team plane. Buy this from Lazada and save 13%.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens [PS4]

max3The Force Awakens marks the triumphant return of the No. 1 LEGO video game franchise and immerses fans in the new Star Wars adventure like never before. Players can relive the epic action from the blockbuster film in a way that only LEGO can offer, feature all of the storylines from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, retold through the clever and witty LEGO lens. Get 45% off buying through Lazada.

Resident Evil 7: biohazardmax4Opening the doors to anew era of horror – The next major entry in the renowned Resident Evil series makes a dramatic new shift as it comes to next generation consoles, Windows PC and PlayStation VR Returning to the series’ roots – Resident Evil 7 biohazard will deliver an experience reminiscent of the series’ signature gameplay including exploration, puzzles and a realistic tense atmosphere for players. You can save 22% if order through Lazada.

Ps4 The Last Of Us Remastered max5Its features explore a brutal post-pandemic world; fully realized with the power of PlayStation®4 system, include additional game content: over $30 in value, delve into Ellie’s past in Left Behind, the single-player prequel chapter, eight new multiplayer maps in the Abandoned and Reclaimed Territories packs, in-game cinematic commentary from the cast and creative director. you can save 39% if make an order through Lazada.




Modern Day Office-Jewellery Waiting To Be Yours!

There is a very famous saying…Jewellery is a woman’s best friend! Okay okay, we accept it’s not an actual saying, but it should be! Jewellery makes you feel unique, powerful and beautiful, in short, it makes you happy! What other reason do we need to own a whole lot of jewellery!

Jewellery has the power to make any attire look different just by its mere presence. You want to make a plain dress look jazzy, wear a neckpiece. You want to tone down that fiery red colour of the dress, wear those classy evergreen diamond studs. You want to add some flair to the monochrome suit, don a bracelet! It’s really that simple.

Worried it will burn a hole in your pocket? Well, this is where we step in! Lazada, an online shopping giant, offers you endless choices in jewellery and usually has great offers accompanying those choices. Chances are, whatever you pick, there will be some mind blowing offer coming your way.

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So here are some pieces you must possess. You can thank us later!

ZUNCLE 18K Gold-Plated Bracelet Pearl Bangleszuncle-18k-gold-plated-bracelet-pearl-bangles-gold-8359-5955887-4d485aa63fa3569ef1a9273ad9ca45e1-zoom
This gold bracelet proves that minimalistic is the way to go! A very simple and elegant design gives this piece class! Wear this with a black, brown or beige suit to balance the toned down colours with the vibrant presence of gold. Grab an excellent offer of a 67% discount on Lazada. These guys make shopping so much fun!

Solitaire Earrings6mm-solitaire-earrings-made-with-swarovski-zirconia-9857-0148621-1659dce4bfb4e28a6050aed08baf1e46-zoom_850x850If you don’t already possess one of these, then boo-hoo! Wherever you are, whatever you do, solitaire earrings are an absolute must in your collection. This pair is what you wear if you want to make a statement but don’t want to be obvious about it. Solitaire earrings make a powerful statement and it is a fashion piece that has evaded all sense of time and place. Solitaires are also your go to earrings if you are not in the mood to think or are too confused over what to wear. Up for grabs on Lazada.

Rosevette Swarovski Crystal Moon Cat Earringrosevette-swarovski-crystal-moon-cat-earring-gold-6286-979973-1-zoom_850x850If you like cats or earrings or semi-precious stones or a combination of the above, these earrings are a must buy. The earrings are quirky and fun and a great conversation starter. You are bound to have questions or exclamations if you have cats in your ears. Oh! Did we forget to say that they were super uber cute and are up for grabs at Lazada!

Swarovski Crystal – Four Leaf Clover Pendantswarovski-crystal-four-leaf-clover-pendant-blue-1217-6872371-1-zoomMade with Swarovski elements, this pendant is 18K white gold plated and comes with a chain. We are pretty sure you understand the significance of a four leaved clover. Well, we can’t guarantee if it will bring you luck, but we can guarantee that it will look stunning with your dress! Available at Lazada at a whopping 76% discount!

Bluelans DIY Faux Pearls Crystal Necklace Earrings Set Goldenbluelans-diy-faux-pearls-crystal-necklace-earrings-set-golden-export-2037-950127-1-zoom_850x850We believe pearls are as classy as one can get. You want to wear jewellery that screams sophistication, pearls are it. The pendant and the earrings can be worn together or as separate pieces. The pearl earrings with the drops look classy but not uptight! Who says we can’t have fun with pearls! Grab a set at Lazada today!

Gear Up To Get Sodden In The Magic Of Malaysia

The land of beaches and wildlife, of growing cities and shopping – the amazing country of Malaysia has something to offer to everybody! In this time and age when technology is dictating our lives, it would be a good idea to leave everything behind and embrace the nature once again.

P.S., for those social media junkies, the holiday will offer you plenty of material to go hyperactive on instagram and facebook too! So what are you waiting for, let us see what is there in store!

Malaysia offers varied activities to be tried and experienced! For the ones looking for a laid back holiday, you can sunbathe at the beaches with the crystal blue water or go for a nice spa. All those fun lovers out there, the shopping options and the night-life here are to kill for! Did we mention the delights awaiting the adrenaline junkies – sky diving, scuba diving, water skiing, what have you!

And we saved the best for the last! For those complete foodies out there, welcome to the food paradise! The combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian food is like an altogether another holiday for your taste buds!

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Here are some must visit places in Malaysia that will leave you wanting more:

Kuala Lumpurhotel kualalampurIt would be a crime to start a list of go to destinations and not have Kuala Lumpur right at the top! The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is also the financial and fashion capital of the country. The Petronas Twin Towers with the public sky bridge and observation deck is a hot favourite amongst tourists. The designer boutiques, glitzy retail outlets as well as local craft sellers will all keep you entertained. The art and history museums are worth enjoying if this is more your thing. Check out the amazing hotel and travel deals on Expedia!

Redang Islandredang islandCrystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, enviable marine fauna, this island is a paradise for beach and water sports lovers. Snorkelling and diving are sports you can enjoy. If you just want to sit back and relax, there are numerous resorts you can enjoy in this beautiful island. Expedia to the rescue!

Kota KinabalukinbaluTropical islands, rainforests, national parks, you name it, they have it! Kota Kinabalu is the place to go if you like being close to nature and like quaint towns. Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest peak is in close proximity. So let’s get climbing!

PenangpenangThe melting pot of cultures, religions and most importantly, food, Penang is best described as harmony between modernity and traditions. If you are a foodie, then, Penang should keep you singularly occupied for an entire week. The capital of the state, George Town, has been named as one of the World Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO and truly represents the essence of this state. Check out the hotel offers on Expedia.

Cameron Highlands5Cameron Highlands, in the Titiwangsa Mountains, will take you back in the medieval British era. Tea plantations, English gardens, lush scenery, and beautiful flowers wherever you turn your head! For all you golfers out there, there are many golf courses to choose from…yay!

Rejoice This Year Hari Raya Haji With Zalora Exclusive Muslimah Wear Collection

Naturally, the Hari Raya Haji is a great day among Muslims and is known as ‘Day of Sacrifice’.

On this holy day, women love donning peerless conservative attires especially ‘baju kurung’, a loose-fitting full-length blouse and skirt combination. Seeing this adoration of ladies for dresses, the splendid online fashion store of Southeast Asia, Zalora has brought the widest collection of eye-catching Muslimah wears in different hues along with this extraordinary apparel at extremely notable prices.1This online store not offers you only Muslimah collection but also avails an extensive range of fascinating attires, captivating footwear and beauty products. This divine day comes in the last month of Islamic calendar hence, the Muslim society put all their effort to make this day exceptional.

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See here, which dress would be perfect to you this year:

Baju Kurung Modern by Gene Martino

Update your modern ethnic wear with this kurung from Gene Martino. Never fail in keeping it elegantly sweet and demure, this pair bears contrasting accents with button embellishments on the sleeves. Get hefty discount ordering through Zalora.

Berlian Kurung Kedah by HiDY


Minimal in aesthetics, the maximum in cozy comfort. These gorgeous HiDY curations perfectly encapsulate the spirit of minimalism.  Get hefty discount ordering through Zalora.

Aqeela Muslimah Wear 

One piece creation seems to possess a magical ability to exude their own brand of elegance, and this flowy Aqueela Muslimah Wear piece is no exception. Centering around a dreamy traditional-infused abstract motif as their highlight print. Get heavy discount ordering through Zalora.

Black Beauty Crepe Halfmoon Shawl by Soonaru Muslimah

Opt for a feminine touch when you introduce this classic piece to your ensemble of the day. Designed by Soonaru Muslimah, this item boasts a clean-cut silhouette, a solid-coloured canvas and a sheer quality that simply lends to its delicate nature. Get hefty discount ordering through Zalora.

Baju Kurung Modern by Gene Martino

A touch of modernistic infusion can go a long way in sprucing up a traditional piece, and this gorgeous Gene Martino curation serves as a perfect example. Shift your attention towards the fringe-infused hemline, finished with an asymmetrical cut that promises for an edgy appearance whilst up keeping your demure Muslimah identity. Get heavy discount ordering through Zalora.

Fitness Mode On As Rio Olympic 2016 Fever Soars Up!

I never knew that any other sports rather the gentlemen’s game Cricket could have ever made our hearts racing! Every loss in Rio Olympics 2016 made us down in the mouth and every victory filled our heart with joy. We became so crazy for it that we never wanted to miss any single event happening at Rio. In fact, the height of craziness can be checked by witnessing the love for fitness amongst the young girls and women.

Yeah, it seems like the healthy sport stars at Rio gave some serious fitness goals to the women all over the nation and pushed them hard to lead a more healthy life. Women, who somewhere amidst the responsibilities forgot to take care of their physique suddenly, got the motivation to lead a healthy living.

The ladies at Rio such as Silver medal winner PV Sindhu, Bronze winner Sakshi Malik, along with Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Deepika Karmarkar, Aditi Ashok and others have put have such a great show that none can stop itself of praising them. WOW, now that’s called women power!!!

Not only these ladies have made themselves so substantial but have also given some inspiration to those thousands of women, who deep down in their heart wish to dig out something valuable from their life. While some young girls are already in the making of next Olympic stars some have set their goals to look as fit as them.

The jerseys and shoes worn by the sportswomen in Rio have become a style trend and ladies are making them a part of their sportswear collection too. However, if you are still not having such stylish sportswear in your closet then you are missing out something!

Okay, don’t make a frowning face as I am here to help by giving you some lovely options that can keep you interested in getting healthier.

Remember, the time when only the accessories like new dress or water bottle was the reason why we eagerly waited to go to school? Similarly getting some new and attractive sportswear can boost up your energy and urge you to follow a fit lifestyle.

I am not saying that going on jogging or doing work out in your routine clothes will not make you fit but trust me the moment you will induct some lively and comfortable sportswear in your wardrobe you will feel a new energy!

So it’s time when I start the show and give you an idea what can make you look sassy even when you are tired. 😉

Running Shoes

Imagine you running in ballerinas or boat shoes? Not only it would look hilarious but would also ruin your foot. So be smart and buy good running shoes that help you move fast and comfortably. One more thing! Don’t choose boring color shoes, instead pick some with bright shades like pink, orange or green. The neon colors are more than welcome.
Track Pants

Like me do you also recall track pants as the loose fitted pants with just a strip by side? But if you will look out the new designer track pants available in the market you also get surprised like me. They are so trendy and cool that you won’t mind wearing them all day long! Like I said that a big change has occurred in the pattern of track pants now you get in various pattern and colors. Hmmm, maximum choices give ladies maximum chance to shop!


Get some cool and stylish sports t-shirt in vibrant shades that make you look lively and full of energy. While choosing a t-shirt be sure about the fabric.

Wrist Band

Your fitness look is incomplete if you lack cool wrist-band. They are an important accessory and can make your look really comprehensive and stylish.

I know that you all are all set to shop. But hang on, as I don’t want you all to get tired before your start your rigorous workout regime instead I want you all to enjoy some lazy hours before a hectic schedule!

Don’t go out shopping instead get the market to your doorstep. Yeah, you got it right, I am talking about online shopping. When India’s premium online stores such as Flipkart, Jabong, Homeshop18 and others are giving you hefty discount offers then why waste money anywhere else?

So, ladies, it’s now time to gear up for a healthy living!

Try These Hand And Foot Care Products To Boost Your Beauty

Hey! Aren’t you in those who have an awesome face but clumpy hands or feet? Trust me friends, this combo looks very clumsy and spoils your whole personality within no time. In the current glamorous world adolescents have become entirely crazy and running behind the latest fashion madly. Think! What reflection will you leave if wear a sassy dress through which your dull hands are visible? The hands & feet care is as important as face care.

Sometimes it is seen that girls are investing their time and money as well but getting no benefit in return. Reasons maybe so many but what I can predict here is the products they are actually using. The powerful skin care products are though available in the market but if you find trouble in getting them then you can use your laptop or mobile phones. Yeah! The globally renowned online beauty stores Sephora and Althea are availing premium class hand and foot care product and also, offering heavy paybacks over them.

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Here are some products that may do miracle for you:

Callus Care Heel Patch by Petitfeehf1On the dried heel, remove the on the patch and paste it. Wear it for more than an hour and remove then. You will get smooth ankle. Get this product through Althea at 40% off.

Callus Care Elbow Patch by Petitfeehf2It removes dried dead cell and nourishes the skin deeply. It improves the moisture of the skin. Get the smooth skin using this and buy this through Althea at 36% off.

Shyan Nail Coat by With Shyanhf3It contains abundant keratin so the thin layer of filler base makes the nails livelier. Get this from Althea and save 35%.

Second Nail Remover by With Shyanhf4It contains soaked remover sponge that helps to erase color quickly. You can save 40% if buy through Althea.

Wear White Body Whitening Cream by Lei Lanihf5This effective can be used, men or women. Also, any age type can use it. The cream helps in maintaining moisture and whitens the complexion. Get this through Althea and save 29%.

Philippines Beach Bum: Catch A Wave On The Powdery White Sands And Pristine Blue Waters

A very common question you’re asked when you return from any haunting trip is, ‘what was your favorite place?’

Truly speaking, I am very much confused personality in choosing the best among picturesque spots and especially when the discussion is going on for the charismatic Philippines.

But if you put a gun to my head and force me- I would have to say, in the case of stunning beaches the Philippines has factually drawn an exclusive picture and comparing other beaches with it is like apple and oranges.

Though the queue of sandy seashores is pretty long but I can’t control my heart without speaking-up something fantastic about special coastlines. The Boracay Island is the most famous tourist destination in the Philippines. People here can do scuba diving, snorkeling or nightlife activities in great pubs. The EI Nido is listed in the most beautiful beaches because of its extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem. For swimming, relaxation, snorkeling, and sailing the Puerto Galera is striking white sand beach. If you’re crazy about peculiar coasts, the Samal Island can show you an enthralling image of white and pink sand. The Coron Island is a gem of natural beauty with sleep limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and seven mountain lakes.

Strolling on these islands makes you feel like paradise but whole day and night you can’t spend staying at beaches only, right? Finding resorts or hotels here may trouble you but if you take help from globally renowned online stores like Zenrooms, Expedia, or else; you can then enjoy a memorable trip with the peaceful stay. Also, these are offering hefty discounts on booking resorts or hotels there.

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You can have a cozy stay at these comfy hotels:

ZEN Rooms Station 1 White Beach, Double Roombe1ZEN Rooms Station 1 White Beach is the perfect place to experience Boracay Island and its surroundings. ZEN ensures that you get the best price as well as are provided with all the promised facilities and services by personally auditing the hotels. Book this hotel through Zenrooms at 34% off.

ZEN Premium North Station 1, Double Roombe2At ZEN Premium North Station 1, your comfort is our priority. ZEN Rooms offers you our brand guarantees; free Wi-Fi, air-con, a comfy bed, in-room shower and always a clean room. Additionally, the rooms feature flat screen TVs, mini-bars, and safes as well as a balcony with beautiful views. You can save 38% if book through Zenrooms.

ZEN Rooms Station 1 D’Mall, Double Roombe3At ZEN Rooms Station 1 D’Mall, your comfort is our priority. The sociable and efficient staff will attend to your requests. ZEN Rooms offers you our brand guarantees. Most importantly, we have free Wi-Fi, but also air conditioner, a comfortable bed, in-room shower and always a clean room. Book this through Zenrooms and save 35%.

The Peninsula Manila – Makatibe4The hotel features 469 well-furnished guest rooms with free wireless internet connection. An outdoor pool, 4-restaurant, private bathroom, 24-hour helpdesk are included as other amenities. Book this through and save 30%.

Remington Hotel – Pasaybe5The hotel features 712 well-furnished guest rooms with free wireless internet connection. Other amenities include the restaurant, bars, outdoor pool, free parking and much more. Book this through and save 27%.

Flaunt Your Awe-Inspiring Traditional Look In These Designer Lehengas

Few days back talking to my co-worker I found her very confused about donning lehenga in the family function. Nowadays she is on hard dieting so she can flaunt an appealing persona in the party. I don’t understand why people fix their head inside this negative thinking that all dresses look dashing only on slim-trim figures. I guess every physique is made for a charismatic dress that automatically magnetizes the attention of the crowd.

Do you think a dress-designer can target only to skinny personalities? Why, rest will not get him the business or the slimmer are more close to him? I am sure, no. Proceeding the discussion with my friend I also make her aware of the compelling collections that the globally renowned online stores Limeroad, Jabong, Myntra and many more offering. Trust me! She was left there with jaw-dropping expression seeing all beautiful ethnic dresses. And, moreover the heavy discount took her to the seventh heaven.

Apart from this, I gripped her mouse and opened to show her how significantly this platform is supporting shoppers in making maximum savings. Yep friends! Make your shopping partner and save copious amount as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Here is few rocking collection that can put you stand different from crowd:

Blue velvet lehengal1This blue velvet ultra-soft lehenga with velvet embroidery is the winning ethnic wear. Don this beautiful lehnga and make place in everyone’s heart. Get this lehenga from Limeroad at 45% off.

Red net lehengal2Wearing this lehenga choli in a wedding or function can change your personality and you look prettier. Rejoice festivities in this designer lehenga choli that merges the best of the past and future. With unique colors and patterns, this designer lehenga choli is sure to showcase your true personality as it features best quality fabric and design. Take a pick on this must have attire to redefine your true elegance. Buy this Bollywood designer lehenga choli now and make your personality more attractive. Get this from Limeroad at 45% off.

Coral embroidered lehengal3With unique colors and patterns, this designer lehenga choli is sure to showcase your true personality as it features best quality fabric and design. Take a pick on this must have attire to redefine your true elegance. Get this from Limeroad at 45% off.

Blue sequin work silk lehengal4This blue velvet ultra-soft lehenga with velvet embroidery is the winning ethnic wear. Don this beautiful lehnga and make place in everyone’s heart. Get this lehenga from Limeroad at 67% off.

Off white net lehenga cholil5Wearing this lehenga choli in a wedding or function can change your personality and you look prettier. Rejoice festivities in this designer lehenga choli that merges the best of the past and future. With unique colors and patterns, this designer lehenga choli is sure to showcase your true personality as it features best quality fabric and design. Get this fabulous lehenga at 65% from Limeroad.

Indonesia: A Perfect Getaway For Beach Lovers!

If you need a break from your monotonous life and want to unwind and relax at a beach, you need not look very far! Indonesia itself offers you excellent beaches you can enjoy! With over 14,000 islands, we are pretty sure you will not run out of places to visit!

Wherever you are travelling, we suggest you stay at luxurious beach resorts to get the best experience the city has to offer! The sun, the sand, the ocean, pure bliss! Add to that the luxuries of staying at a beach resort; complete with enviable service and top notch facilities….We are pretty sure you would not want to go back!

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Here are a few beach destinations we suggest and excellent resorts you can stay at to make the most of your time there.

Bali – Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Balibeach 1There cannot be a travel destination list for Indonesia without Bali on top of the list! The excellent beaches, volcanic hillsides, diverse flora and fauna, there is a lot to do while you are here! Enjoy your stay at the wonderful Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali for an amazing experience. This resort offers excellent amenities in all its rooms and has enviable spa services. You can also go golfing nearby and if a wildlife or adventure sport is your thing, all of it is a stone’s throw away. Expedia offers a great deal on the resort! Check it out!

Batam – Turi Beach Resortbeach 2This Island is your answer to great seafood, excellent water sports, shopping and affordable spa and massages. While you are here, do check out the Turi Beach Resort for your stay. This resort offers excellent amenities and will make your stay memorable. Golfing, fishing and adventure sports are nearby to the hotel and can be arranged for you as per your requirement. Check out Expedia for an excellent deal.

Bintan – Angsana Bintanbeach3White sand, secluded beaches, excellent resorts, this is a vacationer’s paradise! While visiting this island, you can stay at the Angsana Bintan, a tropical resort that will definitely meet your liking. Enjoy the open-air pavilions for spa treatments, outdoor pool and open-air beach restaurant. There are also many water sports on site! Partner up with Expedia for an excellent offer.

Gili Trawangan – Aston Sunset Beach Resortbeach4If you are looking for a remote island experience, then look no further! Excellent marine life, coral formation makes it a delight for diving in. The no-automobiles-on-beach rule make it a relatively pollution free experience too! While in the Island, stay at the Aston Sunset Beach Resort for an amazing experience. Boat rides and rented cycles can be arranged for you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Expedia offers excellent deals on the resort.

Lombok – Qunci Villasbeach5Lombok is near Bali and is relatively unknown, which gives us more pristine beaches to explore! The isolated beaches, friendly locals and the enchanting nature will keep you entertained. While in Lombok, stay at the Qunci Villas. Excellent hotel amenities, spa, golf and water sports are some things you can do while you are here. You can check out Expedia for good deals on the resort.

Immerse into the Golden Hues of Thailand with Once in a Lifetime Opportunity from

When life is a basket full of apples, there is no point in lying underneath lemons, yeah? Those would not wish to agree with me are either ignorant or are worrying about ROI. Guys, you can’t think about ROI when life’s pleasure beckons. And how would CollectOffers let you worry about the investment in holidays when it has something more exclusive to offer from its partner,

I have no doubts that like the most now facebook and twitter are passé and none have time for the reel life in front of the idiot box when real life can be so celestial in this Buddhist nation. Yes, you are right; you are heading right into the golden hue radiating from glittering temples and into the green comforts of tropical beaches with assured luxury accommodation ensured by Voucher Codes at a heartwarming price.

Indeed, religion and culture are well intertwined in Thai Life; however, the modern day Thailand goes beyond the scriptures and tenets. The most tantalizing feature that captivates throughout your days in Thailand is Thai Food. You rarely find an individual who has not heard about Thai food, if haven’t yet tasted. However wallowed in tradition, Thailand is one of the most visited countries by the holidaymakers.Thailand1

It is because of dramatically empyrean islands and relaxed sunny, sandy beaches, Thailand has become the holiday heart of Asia. Whether you walk into sensory busy morning market or get yourself boozzed into a pub by the Thai nightlife, you are assured of having a time of your life. Let me travel with you to the most fascinating Thai cities and get mesmerized while having all the comfort and luxury by my side.

The city of Angels has contradictions at its core to attract the opulence from the world over. The most common sight in Bangkok is a 200-year old home neighboring ultra-modern shopping mall. Painted in gold, the Buddhist temples create a perfect contrast with neon-lit strips of sleaze. But you leave all contrast behind when you set to relish the most delectable Thai cuisine. The sense of sà·nùk is what characterizes the Thai culture and its people.

If you are fascinated with Chatuchak Weekend Market, Wat Phra Kaew, Dusit Palace Park and many more such sights, you need the time enwrapped in comfort and luxury. And luxury in Thailand is not expensive, know how!

Chiang MaiChiang Mai
Just because the hustle and bustle of the metro life make you travel to Thailand, you would want to go to Chiang Mai. Escape the whirlwind of Bangkok and enter into the former seat of the Lanna kingdom, which is sanguine and tranquil. Just stroll around and wander as much as you can to recharge your spirit. Forested foothills, the monasteries, rainforest reserves, and churning waterfalls would leave you stunned forever.

Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Phra Singh and many such attractions will keep you busy all day long to make you want your comfort at the end of the day at one of the posh hotels.

Thailand, which has not just one, but two coastlines. The gateway to one of the coastlines is Krabi. You can’t imagine Thailand without being on one of the most pristine beaches of Krabi. Tucked under an unimaginable combination of limestone karsts and mangroves, Krabi offers you an experience that would penetrate through your memory lanes. Open Water Diver, scuba diving, and many such adventure water sports would keep your adrenal clock ticking.

There is no dearth of guesthouses in Krabi but for luxury and comfort, a cheap luxury hotel is the last resort.

Among Asians, Pattaya is the most favorite holiday destination in Thailand. Asians usually skip Bangkok and reach Pattaya directly. That craze for Pattaya has its reason in Pattaya’s infamous massage parlors and go-go clubs. The lustrous city; however, has made its mark for shopping malls and world-class amenities. If you have a sophistication on the mind, head to North Pattaya, but if you have fun in mind, go to South Pattaya. You will truly realize the worth of life.

Head North or go South, but choose only the recommended hotels to stay to enjoy traditional Thai massage and traditional beauty treatments.

We all have a unerasable image of Phuket on our mind for wrong reasons, but the city is an Asian ornament and its beaches are the pearls studded in the ornament. Once an attraction to cash-hungry merchants, today, Phuket is the top Asian holiday destination for fun-hungry holidaymakers. A vibrant mix of cultural influences, Phuket is known for manly beaches and girly bars, besides unimaginable pulsating adventure sports and water sport.

You can’t get enough of Phuket in one day, you need to soak it up for more. And if you want to blend a fun and relaxation perfectly, only the finest hotels in Phuket could be a treat of the life.

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Set Your Pulses Racing with Electronic Games and Win Hefty Discount from Lazada

The currently newly-born minds are coming in the world with extra creativity. Their obsession with electronic games is startling everyone. Do you also want your kid to beat this competitive world? If yes, the globally renowned online store, Lazada can help you here a hell lot! Actually, the store is offering  the widest collection of mind-scratching intellectual games with heavy paybacks.

‘Work smart not hard’, true saying! Creativity does not come instantly rather it’s a gradual practice of working upon such tricky games. Don’t miss-out on the exciting opportunity Lazada is offering. This Southeast Asia’s splendid store not only gets you the logical video games but also complete all your needs related to home, fashion, beauty or gadgets.

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Pick your favorite game:

Logitech F310 Game Pad g1Play console ports with their native-style controller or adopt a more relaxed position while enjoying PC games. F310 is easy to set up and use with your favorite games thanks to XInput/DirectInput *—the two most common input standards. Get this from Lazada at 34% off.

Retro Gaming Console with ROM Cartridgeg2Its connection is AV port. It has 400 classic games to play. It comes with two controllers for multi-player gaming. Buy this from Lazada at 65% off.

VR Box II g3The 3D Glasses is made of ABS and spherical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet that is environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed. You will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use a long time with the resin lens. Get 80% off ordering through Lazada.

New Nintendo 3DS XL (New Red)g4The New 3DS XL is your portable gateway into Nintendo’s beloved game worlds, with screens that are 90% larger than those of the original 3DS to immerse you more fully in the games you play. It has added functionality over the 3DS XL, with an additional right-hand thumbstick and ZL and ZR buttons on the back of the device. It comes in a sleek, foldable design with a red exterior and red trim. You can save much amount if order through Lazada.

niceEshop Dual USB Charge Dock Standg5It allows you to securely store and charge up two PS4 controllers simultaneously. Power it through the USB port from either the PS4 or PC. It has two controllers that can be charged simultaneously. Connecting the cable will also allow charging while still being used. Buy through Lazada and save 75%.


Nail Down Your Perfect Sunday Brunch Look With These Must-Have Accessories

Sunday Brunch is entertaining, it’s fun and it’s a great way to unwind and relax after a hectic week. It gives you a break from the kitchen and you get to spend time with family and friends. Can’t get better than this we say!

The event of Sunday brunch has gained a lot of popularity these days and gives us just another excuse to look our absolute best! Dressing up for brunch is not easy as it sounds. You have to find the right balance between casual and formal to fit into the brunch dress code and mindset.

There are a lot of ways to do that. You can go for a nice dress and simple accessories or you could go for a simple dress with a statement accessory. Whichever way you go, the right accessories make all the difference!

Zalora, an online fashion portal offers you excellent choices for accessories and you and choose to suit what’s best for you. The best part apart from the amazing choices is the plethora of offers they have at any point in time.

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Here are few accessories that will complete your Sunday brunch look:

HathatThere is no better excuse to don a hat than a brunch. It looks chic, it looks classy and it’s most definitely fun! Plus, it protects you from that god awful sun and its harmful UV rays! Wear this accessory with a cute summer dress and you should be ready to head off. Try the Ribbon Foldable UV Sun Hat from the house of Dandelion.

Jewellery has the ability to alter the complete look of your attire. If you are wearing a simple dress, wear a statement piece like a nice neck piece or dangly earrings to balance the simple look. If you are wearing a dressy number, go easy on the jewellery. A delicate bracelet or studs is the way to go in this case. The Circulos Necklace by Desigual is excellent for making that statement.

BagclutchSince it is Sunday brunch and the main aim is to sit back and relax, ensure that you are as less cluttered as possible. Carry a small shoulder bag or a clutch that can carry your basic necessities like keys, lip gloss and phone. This Metal Tip Classic Clutch by Something Borrowed is just right for a brunch.

ShoeswedgesWe say reserve those black heels for an evening out! For Sunday brunch, a sandal in muted pastel shades or nice floral or geometric prints is the way to go. These Watercolour Peep Toe Wedges from the house of Mitju is the right way to go!

SunglassesglassesThe most stylish yet practical accessory to wear for a brunch is sunglasses. We suggest you wear ones that are anti glare and protect your eyes. At the same time, do not make compromises on the style. Modern, classic, retro, choose what suits your personality best! Try the Ikida Sunglasses by ALDO.


With These Designer Jewelries Party Preparation Is No More Trouble

How irritating it feels when no jewelry in the wardrobe matches perfectly with the party dress you have to wear. At last, when you get fed-up entirely, you throw all your dress away and cancel the party plan, right? Well, the globally renowned online fashion store of Southeast Asia, Zalora will always shield you to get into this devastating situation as it is offering a variety of alluring accessories, which look impeccable on any dress you don.

This splendid store not only offers beautiful accessories but also presents a widest collection of sensual, elegant and charming dresses. Apart from this, girls can find here makeup and beauty products as well. You will be thinking all these things, markets are also availing so why ignore ‘touch and feel’ concept, right? But my dear friends! Are they offering the hefty discount as Zalora is? Yep! You can get tons benefit here on shopping.

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These are some accessories which must be the part of your fashion kit:

Karwendel Ring by KLFja1Yellow Gold Karwendel Ring by KLF features a gold plated 18cwt alloy ring band in a unique cone design link shape. It is perfect for everyday use and to wear on those special occasions. Get 96% off buying through Zalora.

Golden Flash Diamond Earrings by Little B Houseja2Golden Flash Diamond Earrings by Little B House features a trendy and classy look. It is suitable for all occasions. You can save 90% if order through Zalora.

KLF REGOR Necklace ja3Silver, White and Black KLF REGOR Necklace features hanging silver plated spoons with white cut crystal inserts and alternating silver plated ingots with Leatherette. This necklace is ideal for a sophisticated look. Get the discounts of 90% buying from Zalora.

La Soiree By KLF Fashions Of Londonja4Latest 2015 24K Gold Vacuum Plated Ladies Charm onto a copper substrate in a composite design, hard wearing, elegant and very fashionable. Get 95% off buying through Zalora.

Dominion By KLF Fashions Of Londonja5Latest 2015 24K Gold Vacuum Plated Ladies Charm onto a copper substrate in a composite design, hard wearing, elegant and very fashionable. You can save 95% if order through Zalora.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Style Statement Inspiring Soon-To-Be-Moms!

I don’t know if times are strange or we are strange by character. Having more than one reality to one universal truth has always dumbfounded me. She is a perfect woman when she gives a birth to the child, but the same perfect woman becomes subject to red eyes and black words while she goes through the mental raptures and physical agony.

But you know what? This abominable reality is getting the fitting reply by the most loved B’Town girl these days. Yes, we are talking about Kareena Kapoor Khan. A rebellion by character and compassionate by nature, Mrs Khan is redefining the perception we all nurture towards a pregnant woman. Her balletic and curvaceous public appearances epitomize the fact that you can’t snatch away from a pregnant woman her individuality and distinctiveness, though she is carrying a new world under her belly.

So what literally the daughter of the first family of Bollywood tells us? Looking eye-soothing beauty and subliminally fashionable is every woman’s birthright – even for those expecting their baby. Just because you are getting baby-bumps does not take away from you the sense of being beautiful. And those extra kilos deshaping the physical structure nowhere make you stand out of the queue of fashionistas.

It’s all in the mind, my dear. Your identity, your character and your persona; nothing has changed, you are still the same; imposingly gorgeous and mesmeric. Beyond, you are blessed with the God’s best gift. Hold your head high and face the world eloquently.

However, it is easier saying than doing, isn’t it? No worries, moms-to-be, let me make it easier for you to achieve your fashionable best even while being in this avatar.

To look beautiful you need to practice an important therapy. Are you ready? Well, don’t worry as this is the only therapy in the world that doesn’t make a woman feel tired, though your hubby dear can feel the pain while settling the bill. 😉 Well, I am talking about any woman’s first love, shopping! So, madame, it’s time to say good-bye to your plus size weird clothes.

Alright, let’s begin the maternity fashion bout and the first tip coming to you is to never compromise with your comfort. Buy clothes that are airy and are crafted of smooth fabric, so that you can stay relaxed all day long.

Going out and shopping is very hectic job but its 21st century my dear, now stores can up home on a magical device coined as ‘smartphone’. So now getting fashionable is just a click away.

All set to shop? Ok, log on to India’s most renowned online fashion stores such as LimeRoad, Flipkart or others, where fashionable attires are waiting for you at affordable rates.

No, no, no, I am not leaving you half the way, but staying back to suggest you some silhouettes that when added to your styling will do wonders. Let’s check out which dress will suit you the most.

Kaftan Dress

Like on diet you are allowed to have a cheat day, similarly during pregnancy you are allowed to trick people with a cool kaftan dress, which hides away your extra kilos and baby-bump to a great extent.

Maxi Dress

Want to be go out for parties but skeptical? Come on, get a life, you are just Preggers! Include some vibrant color or printed maxi dresses in your wardrobe and you are all set to move out in an evening party or beach parties.


Again you need to be a little tricky when choosing your kurta if it’s a hard thing then take inspiration from celebs. 😉 Yeah, whenever choosing a kurta make sure it’s has a lighter fabric so that it does not make you look fat and try and pick the kurtas with asymmetrical hem. Even the kurtas with pleats and flare will be a great option.


Like I said before, don’t compromise your comfort. For casual wear, you can buy trendy shirt dresses or midi dresses that can keep you comfy entire day.

C’mon ladies, take some inspiration from Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor and aide from online fashion stores to re-invent your own style, which you somewhere lost. Break the myth coming from donkey’s years and set tell the world that expecting moms can also look sassy.

All I could say is that now the ball is in your court either you play it well and be a head turner or get trapped in the old-school mindset!

Ok, are you done with your fashion? But there is still something more left to your makeover? Makeup it is. So next week I will be back with some simple yet effective makeup tips that will enhance your beauty. Till then take care and stay fashionable!

The Power of Perfumes – Check Out The Must-Have Fragrances This Season

Perfumes have usually been a much-underappreciated accessory. Now times are definitely changing and we understand the impact a nice perfume can make. Fragrances also become a part of your identity sometimes, as one might forget your name but will never be able to forget the pleasing sweet smell which has captivated one’s mind. Smell is as powerful a memory creator as any of your other features. Everyone remembers their childhood memory of how their grandmas and moms smelt!

The perfume you wear gives a sneak peek into you. Yep, you heard us right; a perfume gives an insight into you as a person. It is either who you are or who you would like to be. Hmm….quite interesting! A fragrance if selected right creates an atmosphere of beauty and confidence. It makes you feel nice inside and out.

To top it, when you have people asking you what you are wearing, you can surprise them with the choices you make. Phew! Never knew there was so much thought to be out behind a perfume!

To upgrade your perfume collection or create an entirely new one, you must visit Zalora. This online shopping giant offers you great choices in perfumes at great prices! Choose from morning or evening wear, fruity smell to intense ones and never run out of choices!

Do check out for additional discount coupon codes and voucher codes. This website will ensure you get the best deal on Zalora at all points in time!

Here are our top picks for perfumes:

Passion Eau de Toilettethann-6083-5749854-1This perfume by Thann has a soft fruity and floral fragrance. The enticing smell of jasmine swirled with the soft fragrance of white musk has won our hearts! This perfume is a must have if you want to bring out your playful and seductive side. Ahem ahem!

Precleuse Fragrancela-manufacture-8241-3432954-1This perfume by La Manufacture is a burst of scents! The first smell that reaches you is the ever sweet orange. Next, exploding into your senses is basil followed by neroli petals. The heart of the fragrance is rose and it engulfs you in a world of unadulterated nature at its best! A must have fragrance for evening wear.

Happy Perfume Absolutejosee-6884-9399064-1This perfume from the house of JOSEE is, as the name suggests, happy! It is a day perfume and can be worn when you are having a nice picnic with family and friends. The colour of the perfume itself screams sunshine and fills us with warmth (pun intended!). A great buy for day wear.

Les Ornates X Queenie Chan’s Milky Rose Perfumeles-ornates-7323-9755064-1This perfume, from the house of Les Ornates is topped by the fragrance of Moroccan rose. It is complimented by the fruity smell of pear followed by white freesia and honey. White musk still forms the base note and we are in love with this perfume. A DNA hydro power up mask is free with the perfume!

Go on and update your perfume collection today!

Lazada Enriches The Splendid Appearance Of Your Home Offering Modish Furniture

A well-settled room indeed reflects the clarity of room but these are only the stylish furniture that define the class of your house. The fast-growing world is changing rapidly so are the furniture. But don’t worry home décor lovers! The globally renowned online store of Southeast Asia, Lazada will walk you through all the latest upmarket furniture so you can give an eye-catching look to your heaven.

This online store is rapping whole Singapore not only with the trendiest furniture but also in fashion, beauty, gadgets and so many other categories. The market assuredly avails you a variety of splendid home décor equipment but not that much as Lazada can. Also, Lazada offers you these top-class furniture at much-discounted rates.

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Choose which furniture match perfectly to your home:

Y8 Bedside Laptop Table with Wheelsmf1Know that it is dangerous to let your laptop lying on your bed. Why let it heat on your bed sheet when you can have a mini laptop table ready beside your bed. The Y8 Bedside Laptop Table comes with wheels so you can drag the table whenever you need. Convenient for those who are always on their laptop. The height is also adjustable. Get this from Lazada at 60% off.

Yale YSS/380/DB2 File Safe Blackmf2It is simple to operate digital keypad with LCD display and a programmable combination of 3 to 8 digits. It is made of solid steel to resist attack. The battery compartments are located inside the door to prevent tampering. Get this from Lazada and save 16%.

Leather Bed Frame (Queen/Single) – Ivorymf3This rip shaped slates stands heavy weight effectively. The Bed head is covered with sophisticated faux leather material. Get this from Lazada at 32% off.

Rinia Sofamf4This Fabric sofa with adjustable pull-out seat converts into the bed for visiting guests. It is made with durable and sturdy iron frame and metal legs. Buy this cozy sofa from Lazada and save 33%.

Mesh Pastel Floor Chair (Red) mf5We all know how painfully uncomfortable it is when you do not have a good chair to rest on. Sit comfortably in your home in this ergonomic Pastel Floor Chair! It is made from soft seat made of high-quality suede and comfortable with its adjustable headrest & back support. It’s lightweight and easy to move about so you can place it anywhere you want to. You can save 52% if order through Lazada.