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To-Do list For New Parents: Bring Home the Essential Baby Care Products Must for Babies!

We understand that being a parent means loving your children more than you have ever loved yourself! However, for those couples who have been blessed with this divine gift, it’s a little difficult to understand their role and follow the rule for perfect baby care.

We know that every parent tries to pick the best product for their child whether its baby oil, diaper, beddings or anything else, it has to pass several tests to get inducted in one’s child routine.

To help new mommies and daddies to get the best baby care and other essential products for kids Southeast Asia’s renowned online store, Lazada and FoxySales is up with an exclusive range of kid’s collection.

Though buying anything for your kids isn’t expensive ever but still there is no harm in savings some bucks if it’s not hampering the quality of shopping, right? So include in your shopping spree and make savings effortlessly with the attractive discount coupon codes and voucher codes stored there.

Let’s take a look at the offers available.

Mitu Baby Oil Bottle2Regualr massage of babies is an old tradition as it is said that it makes them strong, so include the Mitu Baby Oil Bottle in your baby’s routine and help him grow stronger and healthier. Shop it from Lazada at 28% off.

Mitu 10s Extra Thick Baby Pack1When travelling along with your kid, do not forget to carry the Mitu 10s Extra Thick Baby Pack in your bag as obviously you will not your baby to face harsh touch of any regular napkin. Buy it from Lazada at 28% off.

Kiddy Towel Set 4 Fruit Sailing Day3Make your baby feel special with the soft touch of Kiddy Towel Set 4 Fruit Sailing Day available at Lazada at 37% off. You can also use this set to gift any newly born baby.

Intime Baby Bath4Another good think to gift and also include in your baby’s lifestyle is the Intime Baby Bath tub. The tub is made up of rubber hence you will not fear of any injury if your baby is enjoying bath in it. Shop it at 40% off from Lazada.

Sleeping Bag In Pink ccolbagsThese innovative bags will keep your child cool even in the warmest night, so include the Inventa Sleeping bag to your child’s lifestyle. Shop it from Foxysales at 20% off.

Muslin Swaddle 2 Pack swaddlesTo keep your child warm in the cold temperature buy the soft Muslin Swaddle 2 Pack from Foxysales at 65% off.

So if you are looking for some fine quality baby products for your kids then we hope that this blog has helped you in

Make Your Skin Silky Smooth With These Comfy Moisture Creams

You know what is the major tension of girls? It is when they see any negative impact on their flawless skin; even bit dryness due to the changing weather troubles them a lot. Anyway, I can’t say wrong their concern because somewhere I feel beauty is the jewel of every young woman.

Well, if you feel your skin smoothness has lost in this dusty environment then use premium class moisturizer to soothe your skin. These non-sticky moisture creams get absorbed easily and make your skin natural. Globally renowned online marketplaces; Sephora, Zalora and Lazada are offering an extensive collection of such creams at nominal prices so you can buy creams from here according to your skin-type.

Hey! I have something very interesting to share with you all. It’s about savings. Yeah! gives you a chance to save copious amount when you make it your shopping partner as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Pick your favorite moisture cream now:

Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage by ENAVOSEbt1This Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage is product exfoliation which eliminates dead skin cell fall off easily and helps to whiten the skin. It helps pores with natural goodness. Buy this through Sephora and get 25% off.

Vital Moisturizing Cream by TRILOGYbt2This Joyce met riser versatile for all skin types. It doesn’t leave the skin sticky and is absorbed quickly. It adds moisture to the skin immediately while reducing the prominence of wrinkles on your face. Buy this through Sephora and save 30%.

Rose Moisture plus Moisture Balancing Serum by JURLIQUEbt3It is Serum antioxidant rich dance high, with more moisture and designed to help add moisture to the skin cell regeneration. It Protects skin cells with essential fatty acids, oils and concentrated natural plant ingredients help moisturize and revitalize the skin. Buy this through Sephora and get 15% off.

Cellogist Neck Lift Cream by ENAVOSEbt4This cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, chin and neck with the results and helps lift the skin in one step. This non sticky cream is fast absorbing. Buy this through Sephora and save 25%.

Flawless Moisturizing Lotion SPF 20bt5This soft body lotion will give you all day long. It gets absorbed by skin rapidly without making skin greasy. It gives a sweet scent that relaxes the body. Buy this through Sephora and get 20% off.

Don’t be careless for your skin; this may ruin your attraction. Select your favorite cream and get a flawless skin.

Appetizing Delight: With Frozen Foods Make Cooking Fun!

We know that the biggest problem for any woman is to cook meals on short notice but it could be sorted a little by imbibing the habit of including frozen food in your kitchen. We know some ladies doubt on its taste or nutritional values, but lassies it’s all a myth as they are equally tasty and healthy.

However, before picking frozen food you should check the brand and its date of packing but if you want to be assured enough then do your shopping from Southeast Asia’s prominent online grocery store, Redmart.

To make shopping more delightful include in your shopping spree to bag attractive Redmart discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s see what Redmart holds for shoppers.

Seawaves Frozen Cooked Tail Off Prawn8888142100640_1435316508286Tired of the sudden demand of prawns by your kids, then you need to keep Seawaves Frozen Cooked Tail Off Prawn in your kitchen. You can buy it from Redmart at 10% off.

Farmland ShoestringIMG1682_1412303481178Fries are your instant party snacks, but you can enough time if you pick the Farmland Shoestring pack from Redmart available at 10% off. The hygienically packed fries taste yum even if you fry or bake them.

Seawaves Iqf Vannamei Shrimp Meat Tail On8888142100572_1435316468240The Seawaves Iqf Vannamei Shrimp Meat Tail On available at Redmart is another great option to include in your kitchen. Iqf assures to retain the freshness and sweetness of the prawns. Shop it now and save 10% off.

Dr Oetker Ristorante- Funghi40017248191030009_1453803619478Fond of vegetable pizza? Buy the Dr Oetker Ristorante- Funghi decorated with the topping of aromatic mushrooms, diced tomatoes, edam cheese and fine mozzarella cheese. Shop it from Redmart now to save 15% off.

Kee Song Lacto Frozen Boneless Breast – Skinlesslacto2_1414393015470Cook some yum chicken dish for your beloved in almost no time with Kee Song Lacto Frozen Boneless Breast – Skinless. The pack available at Redmart comes at 5% off.

Dr Oetker Ristorante – Mozzarella4001724819806_0028_1452162828656For pizza lovers it’s a must to include the Dr Oetker Ristorante – Mozzarella in their kitchen so that they can gorge upon it any time. The wonderful aroma of fresh cheese provides this pizza with its elegant taste. The pack available at Redmart is at 155 off and features toppings of diced tomatoes, Edam cheese and a delightful zesty pesto sauce.

So now are you convinced why frozen or packed foods are important in today’s busy life? If yes, then buy some of them quickly.

Add Innovative Appliances To Kitchen And Make Cooking Easy

Who would deny relishing delicious food? Nobody of course! But hardly people see the effort needed to prepare that luscious dish. And situation gets worst if necessary kitchen appliances like Blender, Rice Cooker, Toaster or Coffer maker etc. are not the part of your kitchen.

After all how long will you cut a voluminous amount of fruits & vegetables with knife or tolerate the pain of stirring coffee in mug especially when guests are on the door? Friends! Remove your unnecessary labor and bring blender, coffee maker, rice cooker, oven toaster and much more that can overcome your cooking stress up to a good level. Hence you can save a fine part of time to enjoy with your friends. You can get easily these products at globally renowned online marketplaces, Lazada and GoBuy with high paybacks.

Not only for cooking strain even there is a provision to lower your financial pressure too. Love to know? This can be possible if you make your shopping partner as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save copious amount.

Take a glimpse on what should be added to the kitchen:

Oster BLSTVB-S Versa Performance Blenderhp1The Oster Versa Performance blender comes equipped with a powerful 1400-watt motor and a stainless-steel blade that spins over 250 MPH to blend effortlessly, taking on recipes most typical blenders can’t handle. The durable machine delivers the power needed to blend just about anything–from soup to nuts, making it easy to prepare fresh, flavorful foods that are part of a healthy lifestyle. Buy this through Lazada and get 20% off.

Oster Brewer Personal Coffee Makerhp2Now reduce the effort to make coffee with Oster Brewer Personal Coffee Maker which has 500ml stainless steel travel mug, convenient one touch brewing, removable permanent filter basket for easy filling ad cleaning. Buy this through Lazada and get 50% off.

Oster 4729 Multi-Use Rice Cookerhp3Be it a Sunday lunch with a loved one or an impromptu family dinner, nothing beats a serving of freshly cooked rice to make the meal complete. The Oster 10-Cups Rice Cooker 4729, as the name suggests, has an uncooked rice capacity of 10 cups, perfect for small to medium families. Buy this through Lazada and save 20%.

Oster 7052 Oven Toasterhp4No kitchen is complete without a reliable oven toaster. Heat bread, bakes, and broils your favorite foods with the Oster 7052 Oven Toaster. This oven toaster comes with two-rack positions and a fully adjustable temperature control to cater to your reheating and cooking needs. Buy this through Lazada and get 20% off.

Oster 5711 Mechanical Food Steamerhp5Make your cooking easy with Oster 5711 Mechanical Food Steamer. It generates steam in less than a minute, letting cooking start immediately. It has Double-tiered 6.1-quart capacity holds a variety of foods. Buy this through Lazada and save 17%.

You can’t stop eating as food is the life so cooking is inevitable. Add necessary kitchen appliances from the wonderful offers and throw your pissed off mood forever.