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Rejuvenate your skin with 5 skin-friendly beauty products from Althea

Do you know what can make a woman feel jealous the most? It’s not her friend’s jewelry or designer dress but her baby soft, wrinkle free skin. Yes, I can see many heads nodding reading this. Well, all my beautyholic friends don’t go anywhere as this article might be fruitful for you. Singapore’s entrusted online beauty store, Althea is up with some exclusive beauty products that can help you get flawless skin.

Skin care is an important part of beauty regime hence, Althea is offering ample of discount on skincare products. From moisturizers to body care product all are available at Althea at affordable rates.

Beauty can last forever but it takes a little effort to be kept evergreen. In today’s scenario, when everyone has a jam-packed schedule its next to impossible. So this is when Althea’s aesthetic beauty products can be fruitful for you, as they are time-saving and easy to use.

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Come let’s take a glimpse at the variety of beauty products available at Althea.

Yuja Water C Serum04__skinfood_yuja-water-c-serum_goeun_thumbnailWant to get radiant skin then include Yuja Water C Serum to your beauty regime. Favorable for all skin type, Yuja Water C Serum is available at Althea at 23% off.

Don’t Worry Wrinkle Spotfile_2_10As the name suggests, get rid of the wrinkles and spots with Don’t Worry Wrinkle Spot by Chica-Y-Chico. Althea offers the anti-wrinkle roll-on at 54% off.

Verbena Scalp Scaling Set__en_thumbnailSo much work pressure and stress puts bad effect on your hair scalp which eventually ruin your hair growth, so include Verbena Scalp Scaling Set to your beauty regime to get rid of these irritating issues. Althea offers this scaling kit at 63% off.

Full Body Set Moringa Line_-__en_thumbnailTake good care of yourself with Full Body Set Moringa Line at Althea by Hello Everybody. Althea offers this wholesome package at 50% off.

Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream02_snail-ultra-cream_thumbnailWant to get a smooth skin? Then buy Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream from Althea. Regular application of Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream can get you smooth skin. Althea offers the moisturizing cream at 57% off.

So all those who have made up their mind to buy these skin-friendly products can hurry up and log on to Althea. While for those who wish to get extra savings, is a perfect destination.

Get ready to be the style queen with modish jumpsuits from BerryBenka

I know it’s everyday struggle of a woman to look different and voguish but it is not an easy job as one can get tired of experimenting with looks. So what about including some cool designer apparels to your closet which are comfortable, stylish and not too expensive? Hmmm, already liking the idea? Well, Indonesia’s renowned online shopping store, BerryBenka has lined up a wide range of classy jumpsuits that can make you look ‘WOW’ every day.

There are so many options in jumpsuits that no one can look the same every day. Whether you want jumpsuits till knee length or ankle length, all are available at BerryBenka at affordable rates.

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Jumpsuits give you the comfort to walk any way you want and the confidence to stand differently. Let’s see what stylish collection is available at BerryBenka to lure fashion lovers.

Ducan Jumpsuitducan jumpsuitLet your style speak with Ducan Jumpsuit from BerryBenka. The trendy jumpsuit features a wrap closure on the front. You can get it from BerryBenka at 27% off.

Candy Jumpsuitpurple jumpsuitLook smart and simple with the Candy Jumpsuit available at BerryBenka. The jumpsuit features contrast golden buttons and drawstring detail section of the waist. Shoppers can get it from BerryBenka at 25% off.

Vc Collar Short Pant JumpsuitgreyjumpsuitLook chic in the Vc Collar Short Pant Jumpsuit available at BerryBenka. The v-neck short jumpsuit with collar can be brought from BerryBenka at 25% off.

Jordan JumpsuitlookboutiquestoreGet the breathtaking look by donning Jordan Jumpsuit available at BerryBenka. The peplum design jumpsuit is great to be donned at evening parties. Grab it from BerryBenka at 205 off.

Emboss Luna JumpsuitprintedjumpsuitsAdd the Emboss Luna Jumpsuit to your closet for casual wearing. The printed jumpsuit is perfect to be donned at casual outings. Get it from BerryBenka at 30% off.

So, ladies don’t waste time and make quick move to make these lovely silhouette yours. Don’t forget to make, your shopping partner to bag extra savings.

Make style your best friend with trendy outerwear from Zalora

To look fashionable you need to put a lot of efforts but what if just simple apparel can enhance your style quotient? Singapore’s popular online fashion store, Zalora has lined up a wide range of trendy outerwear that can elevate your style statement.

Clueless, how can an outerwear help you look appealing and trendy? Well, my dear ladies, it’s very easy as all you have to do is to buy a cool cardigan or kimono from Zalora and team it with your simple t-shirt to give it a modish feel.

Zalora houses some of the best and chic outerwear for women, who like to keep their fashion statement simple yet remarkable. Those women shoppers, who have a special inclination towards savings can make their shopping partner. is one stop solution to avail attractive Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s take a look at the coolection at Zalora.

Knitted Contrast Back Fringed Cardiganprintedcardigan
Enjoy weekend parties dressed in Knitted Contrast Back Fringed Cardigan from River Island. Made up of Acrylic blend, the knitted cardigan has cool fringing trim. Zalora offers it at 45% off.

Printed Fringe Kimono Cardigan whitenblueprint
The trendy Printed Fringe Kimono Cardigan by Something Borrowed is great to be worn at night events or parties. Made up of polyester, the printed cardigan can give you a chic look. Shoppers can get it from Zalora at 48% off.

Love Lace Kimonoblacklacework
Now all those who like to keep their look simple yet appealing can buy Love Lace Kimono by Zalora. The light construction allows your outfit to peek through and the lace and lends a distinctly feminine look to you. The relaxed fit kimono at Zalora is available at 50% off.

Love Embroidered Waterfall Cardiganwhite
The trendy bohemian number will surely woo you all as it has got charm to make you look beautiful yet hot. The white color, slip on style cardigan at Zalora is available at 50% off.

Basic Drape Pocket Cardiganblacknwhitestripe
Made up of Polyblend material, the Basic Drape Pocket Cardigan at Zalora is best to be worn on casual outings or for daily wear. Zalora offers this striped black and white cardigan at 45% off.

So all those, who are already in a mood to buy these lovely outerwears can log on to Zalora. However, those who are wish to save extra can make their shopping partner.

Smell tempting with designer label perfumes from Flipkart

Body odour is something that can turn off anyone’s mood even of oneself. Now when its summer, it’s almost impossible to retain the freshness of body but as it’s said that where there is a will there is a way, delightful fragrances at India’s most popular online store, Flipkart can help you come over this odour pain.

Yes, perfumes and deodorants at Flipkart can really help you keep yourself fresh and smelling. The pleasing smells at Flipkart are all by popular brands such Nike, UCB, Victoria’s secret, Armani etc. All smells are very different from each other and can personify one’s personality.

Thinking about the budget? Well, my dear Flipkart brings before you the wide range of perfumes at affordable rates. However, those who wish to bag extra savings can make, there shopping buddy and avail lucrative Flipkart discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Come let’s take a look at the perfumes available at the renowned online store.

Armaf Club de Nuit Body MistnuitmistThe oriental fragrance by Armaf is created for stylish and confident women, who like to live carefree. Flipkart offers, this amazing product at 395 off.

Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend Body MistCaptureRemain fresh entire day with Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend Body Mist at Flipkart. The exotic smell of the body deo is meant for today’s women. Shoppers can buy this cool smell from Flipkart at 46% off.

Victoria’s Secret Body Miststrawberry and champagne fragranceSmell good and feel good with Victoria’s Secret Strawberries & Champagne Fragrance Body Mist at Flipkart available at 34% off.

Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mistjapanese cherry blossom mist
The Blissfully romantic and fulfilling, Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist is another great option at Flipkart. Shoppers can get a rebate of 3% on it.

Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Body MistpinkchiffonFeel refreshed with the delightful smell of Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Body Mist at Flipkart. Shoppers can get this lovely smell at 40% off.

Hmm, now don’t wait and keep staring at them but go and shop as no one would offer you them at such affordable rates. For those, who like to enjoy extra savings can make their shopping partner.

With elegant bathroom accessories from Lazada make your living comfortable

Coming back home after a long tired day and taking a hot water bath makes you feel so relaxed. However, what if your bathroom has more comfortable interior and accessories? Won’t that make you feel more comfy? Yes, Singapore’s renowned online store, Lazada has lined up an exclusive range of bathroom accessories.

Small things matter, so include some stylish stuff to your bathroom and make it look classy and beautiful. Lazada, the popular online store of Singapore clubs all useful accessories that can make your restroom look cool and more organized.

No matter whether a shopper is a man or woman, savings lure all. So those who love to bag extra savings can make your shopping buddy, as only here you can get a handful of attractive Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s take a look at the products offered at Lazada.

Non-Slip Back Rug Bathroom MatmatNo one like to move around with wet feet, so add Non-Slip Back Rug Bathroom Mat to your bathroom interior. The beige color non-slippery mat by ELENXS at Lazada is available at 585 off.

Egyptian Cotton Towel settowelA set of white towel in your bathroom will make it look more sophisticated, so buy Egyptian Cotton Towel set by MaGenta Plus to make your bathroom look classier.

3D Water Cube Clear Bathroom CurtainshowercurtainTalking about redefining your bathroom interiors, don’t miss to add 3D Water Cube Clear Bathroom Curtain, as it gives your bathroom a sophisticated and cleaner look. Lazada offers the curtain at 55% off.

Wall Mounted Rose Flower HookroseholderSay bye to the regular hooks and buy Wall Mounted Rose Flower Hook by Fancyqube at Lazada. The rose design hook at Lazada will enhance your bathroom interior. Shoppers can get it from Lazada at 47%.

Toilet Brush with HolderCaptureToilet brush is must essential but if it’s stylish then it’s much better as it will not spoil the look of your rest room. Buy modish Toilet Brush with Holder from Lazada at 70% off.

Well, shoppers if you all have already decided to buy these accessories for your bathroom then don’t waste time and buy them. For those who love to shop extra, they can make their shopping partner.

8 Must-Eat Nutritious Powerhouse Vegetables To Lead The Healthiest Life

Blame it on anything, a hectic life, family and kids, scarcity, environment, or whatever you choose, the problem of poor diet and unhealthy food seem not going to get better any sooner. For each of us, the reason may be different but the end result is the same: the neglect towards a healthy diet. Resultantly, we make do with ready-to-eat foods, snacks and aerated drinks to satisfy our need. Such foods are low in nutrition and high in fat, which in return increase the health-related risks in life.

The latest research on diet pattern in Singapore suggests that Singaporeans are more prone to fast food and therefore invite a significant source of the inedible chemicals. Although, the research does not elaborate on the consequences, we all are sure about the fast food lifestyle and health problems it causes. We rarely think about the solution and do not adopt even if it is in front of you.

Indeed, the life in Singapore is hectic and stressful. Infect, that is the reason why it becomes imperative for Singaporeans to opt for the healthy and clean food, not the fast food alternatives. None can deny the fact that when it comes to eating; nutrition-filled food, fruits, and vegetables are impossible to beat. So, is there a scarcity of fresh vegetables in Singapore? Not really, and nowadays, you need not even go to grocery stores or supermarket to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Online grocery stores, such as Redmart brings fresh vegetables from across the world and ensures to deliver as fresh as plucked from the trees to your doorsteps.

So, let’s check out the vegetables that Singaporeans must include in their diet to ensure they remain energetic, fresh and always healthy. Not only that, the list that we at CollectOffers have prepared would help you keep many near-terminal diseases away from you forever. So, fill up your online grocery cart with these veggies and you are assured to be on the way to a healthier life. All these vegetables that we list are packed with a particularly big nutritional punch. Use them in your breakfast or in dinner to live healthier and feel happier.

Beets (Health Score: 43)
healthiest-vegetables-beetsNot to be outdone by their tops, ruby red beets are a leading source of nitrates, which are good for your blood pressure. Plus, you get fiber and other nutrients from beets. This root vegetable contains high levels of antioxidants that help fight cancer. Beets are a great source of lutein, which protects the eyes. Don’t you think of throwing out its leaves, in fact, the beet greens are the most nutritious part of the vegetable. Cooking tip: Roasting beets boost their natural sweetness. Wrap each beet individually in foil and bake at 350 F until tender.

Spinach (Health Score: 968)
healthiest-vegetables-spinachThis green has healthy amounts of vitamins C, A, and K as well as manganese. Working 1.5 cups of green, leafy vegetables into your day may lower your odds of getting type 2 diabetes. Spinach is packed with carotenoids—antioxidants that promote healthy eyes and help prevent macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in older adults. Cooking the green helps make lutein (a carotenoid) more absorbable by your body. Cooking tip: Sneak spinach into your daily routine by adding it to scrambled eggs and casseroles or blending it into smoothies.

Kale (Health Score: 1,392)
healthiest-vegetables-kalePacked with nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin C, and bone-building vitamin K, kale has been billed as an ultimate super food. Not everyone likes its strong flavor. Enter up-and-coming kale. The immature kale leaves are deliciously tender and don’t require any chopping. This veggie’s curly green leaves are chock full of antioxidants that may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol. Cooking tip: Look for baby kale packed in plastic containers alongside baby spinach in supermarkets. Use in wraps, salads, and pasta dishes.

Frozen Peas (Health Score: 173)
healthiest-vegetables-peasIt’s always a good idea to stash a bag of green peas in your freezer. Each cup of peas delivers an impressive 6 grams of fiber. Fiber helps you feel full, so you eat less later. It’s also good for your digestion and helps lower cholesterol levels. Calorie Count reported a ½-cup serving of frozen peas will set you back 62 calories and give you a decent amount of vitamins A and C, and an impressive 4.1 grams of protein. Cooking tip: Use frozen peas in soups, dips, potato salads, and pasta dishes.

Broccoli (Health Score: 392)
healthiest-vegetables-broccoliFew foods measure up to the disease-fighting potential of broccoli. Broccoli is one of nature’s rock stars. It’s a top source of natural plant chemicals shown to help lower the risk of some cancers. Each cup of the florets also gives you plenty of vitamins C and K. Because broccoli is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, and folate, it is also good at boosting your immunity to colds and flu. Cooking tip: Steam the florets for a simple side dish. Or add them to stir-fries, frittatas, and even smoothies that also have naturally sweet things, like fruit, to mask the broccoli taste.

Red Bell Pepper
healthiest-vegetables-red-pepperYou think of it as a veggie, but it’s actually a fruit. One medium pepper delivers B vitamins, beta carotene, and more than twice your daily needs for vitamin C. Red bell peppers are packed with dozens of heart-healthy nutrients like lycopene and folic acid. And recent research suggests digging into a pepper every day may lower your risk of developing lung, colon, bladder and pancreatic cancers. Cooking tip: For a fanciful main dish, cut the tops off peppers, remove the inner white membranes and seeds, and then roast until tender. Finish by filling with your favorite whole-grain salad.

Onion (Health Score: 9)
healthiest-vegetables-onionYou’ll get the most out of this veggie’s cancer-fighting antioxidants by eating it raw; cooking onions at a high heat significantly reduces the benefits of phytochemicals that protect against lung and prostate cancer. Usually considered a flavoring rather than a vegetable, onions can do the world of good for your health. Regular doses of onion skin extract helped lower blood pressure for adults with hypertension. Onions are also pretty smart for those watching their weight. Cooking tip: Try combining chopped raw onions with tomatoes, avocado, and jalapeño peppers for a blood sugar–friendly chip dip. Finish with a splash of lime juice.

Carrots (Health Score: 399)
healthiest-vegetables-carrotsThe vibrant orange hue should give you a clue as to how great this veggie is. The color indicates high levels of carotenoids, powerful compounds that research has linked to a reduced risk of some types of cancer and eye disease. Other veggies in the same color spectrum have similar nutritional benefits but Eat This, Not That. Pointed out carrots are probably the easiest to prepare. As for the specifics, Calorie Count reported 1 cup of sliced carrots contains 50 calories, 3 grams of fiber, a decent amount of vitamin C, and a whopping 408% of your daily vitamin A needs.

Besides these 8 essential veggies, you must try Microgreens, Collard Greens, Asparagus, Corn, Brussels sprouts, Tomatoes and Zucchini once in a week. Each of these vegetables is an amazing source of protein, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants that ensure you live your life full and get features into the list of most healthy men on the earth.

Look beautiful and trendy with stylish tops from Zalora

Is it always necessary to dress up typically to stand distinguished? No, as simplicity has its own charm. So ladies, it’s time to take it easy with comfortable tops from Lazada, a renowned online store of Malaysia.

Why always move out so decked up when casual simple tops can also make you look glamorous? I know that women don’t like to get indulged into tricky styling but they have to as they want to look beautiful and outstanding.

At Lazada, Shoppers can get tops both for casual and semi-formal occasions. Whether you like sleeveless, floral printed or solid color tops all are available under one-roof at Lazada at affordable rates.

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Let’s take a glimpse of the collection available at Lazada.

Moonar Fashion Women’s V neckoffwhiteshirtBlue denim with white shirt, is the coolest combination for any fashion lover. So buy Moonar Fashion Women’s V neck white chiffon shirt from Lazada at 50% off and move out in style.

Chiffon Dot Doll Collar ToppolkadottpLook cute and adorable in the Chiffon Dot Doll Collar top at Lazada. The polka dot top at Lazada has short sleeves and is available at 70% off.

Crop Vest T Shirt Blouse TopyellowtopFlaunt your waist with Crop Vest T Shirt Blouse Top from Lazada. The floral print top will make you look cute and appealing simultaneously. Shoppers can get it from Lazada at 33% off.

Summer TopblacknwhiteStep out in style with cool casual summer top in black and white color. The round neck top at Lazada is available at 3% off.

Mesh Patchwork Camisole TopblacktopWant to look attractive along with feeling comfortable? Well, then Mesh Patchwork Camisole Top is just for you. The elegant V-neck dress at Lazada is available at 59% off.

Hmmm, already prepared to buy these lovely tops then don’t waste time and log on to Lazada. For those who like to do smart shopping can make their shopping partner.

With L’Oreal cosmetic products at Zalora redefine your facial beauty

All my lovely beautyholic friends, who can’t take any chances when it comes to their beauty, this week’s beauty edition can attract their interest, as Singapore’s renowned online store, Zalora has lined up a wide range of L’Oreal cosmetic products at discounted rates.

We all know that for women maintaining their facial beauty is a big deal that too when she is a working woman, who has to move out regularly in dirt and pollution and remains stressed. Just rinsing face with regular face wash cannot keep your skin fresh for long. So it’s always important to follow a proper skincare regime.

Isn’t it fun to make your friends feel confused about what is the secret behind your beauty? I know, most of the women love to make their friends and partner keep guessing the hidden fact behind their glowing beauty. When this guess game is so much fun, then why are not being a part of it.

Shop some of the best beauty products of L’Oreal from Zalora and get a chance to earn maximum savings. However, I can let you save even more by suggesting renowned online discount coupon code site, where ample of Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes are waiting for you.

Let’s take a glimpse at the L’Oreal products available at Zalora.

L’Oreal Paris HydrafreshlorealhydrafacewashCleansing plays a big role in maintaining your skin health so clean your face with L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Zalora offers the effective product at 20% off.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation4inonefoundationlorealTo hide down the spots and marks you can include L’Oreal Paris True Match foundation in your make-up kit. The 4-in-one foundation at Zalora is available at 9% off.

L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF50spglorealHarmful UV rays highly affect your skin, so use L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF50 available at Zalora at 205 off.

L’Oreal Paris Superstar Duo MascaramascaraEyes are very sensitive yet important part of your face, so make them feel special with L’Oreal Paris Superstar Duo Mascara at Zalora. Shoppers can get it from Zalora at 15% off.

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist DesignerlorealbrownEnhance your eyebrows with L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Designer stick. Zalora offers this 3-in-1 brown eyebrow stick at 20% off.

So ladies now that L’Oreal is offering its exclusive cosmetic range at discounted rates don’t think much go and grab them. To save more make your shopping partner.

With Contemporary Designer Muslim Wear from Zalora Be A Style Icon

Never though that traditional Muslim wear, could evolve so cool in the coming years. Yes, the typical Muslim dresses fondly donned by Southeast Asian women have now become quite trendy and appealing that too without any skin show. To let fashion lovers of Indonesia avail these stylish Muslim wears easily, renowned online fashion store, Zalora has lined up a wide range of Muslim dresses.

Adding a little more life to the boring and typical Muslim dresses, the designer has crafted some silhouette that can make a woman look glamorous even after being dressed up from head to toe. The flare, ground touching gowns, finely designed is now luring fashion lovers.

Accumulating some of the best and elegant designs under one-roof, Zalora has made a point to give away shoppers the latest attires at affordable rates. From floral prints to lace work Muslim clothes all are available at Zalora.

For those who like to enjoy maximum shopping in the minimum budget can make, their shopping partner to enjoy attractive Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s take a glimpse of the wide range of Muslim apparels at Zalora.

Haisan Gamishyellow greenThe Haisan Gamish by Naura at Zalora is great for daily wear and has an ability to make you look stylish and trendy. The cotton, green colored apparel at Zalora is available at 50% off.

Festive GamiswhitedressThe Festive robe by FAME is another great piece for fashion lovers who love to experiment with their style. The long sleeves white color dress at Zalora has a detailed waist band which makes the dress really appealing. Zalora offers the lovely broken white dress at 70% off.

MaliyamonochromedressThe monochrome dress from AISYAH is another great apparel to be added in one’s Muslim Collection. The black and white dress by AISYAH has a regular fitting and has a front zip fastening. Zalora offers the dress at 15% off.

Fawzan GamisnauraThe pretty and elegant white and floral printed by Naura is great to be donned on casual outings or formally. The lovely dress has snap front and long sleeves. Shoppers can get it from Zalora at 53% off.

Diagonal Layanah VintagegreyOld but old is the concept of this Diagonal Layanah Vintage dress at Zalora. The traditional attire which has the touch of modernity, make the dress very distinguish.

So, why wait and waste time thinking when to buy and how to buy when logging on to Zalora is so easy. However, for more savings don’t forget to make your shopping partner.

Fashionable maternity wear at Lazada boon for to-be mothers

Hello, all pretty soon-to-be moms! Loving the pregnancy glow on your face but afraid about the weighty issues? Or doubtful about how to look great even with the baby bump? Then I guess this article might help you. To let pregnant ladies enjoy the fashion trends going on, Singapore’s popular online store, Lazada has clubbed a wide range of stylish maternity dresses that will not make soon to be moms feel left out.

It’s often observed that pregnant ladies feel skeptical about wearing fitted clothes because of their body shape and weight but now it’s time to celebrate pregnancy by buying fashionable maternity clothes. Understanding the problems pregnant women face, now many designer labels have designed comfy clothes for Preggers.

Lazada houses some of the best and comfortable maternity apparels that can make any woman feel beautiful and relaxed. From minis to nursing tops, everything can be found at Lazada at affordable rates.

Though, Lazada offers all maternity apparels at affordable rates, but those future moms who like to earn extra savings can join hands with, to bag attractive Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes.
Take a glimpse of the fashionable and trendy maternity wear collection at Lazada.

Korean Style Maternity DressCaptureFeel free to move out in style even in pregnancy with the stylish Korean Style Maternity and Nursing Dress by OEM at Lazada. Lazada offers this dress at 18% off.

Summer Chiffon Vest DresschiffonvestpinkdressGet glamorous with Summer Chiffon Vest Dress is perfect for ladies who can’t compromise with their fashion sense. The loose fitted pretty pink dress by OEM is available at 48% off.

Win8Fong Maternity Dressblackmaternitymini dressThe black color Win8Fong Maternity Dress at Lazada is another great option for fashion lovers. Made up of cotton blend material, the knee length dress at Lazada is available at 67% off.

Chiffon Maternity Mini Dress pinkdressWho says pregnant women can’t go out and party? Well, if you have Chiffon Maternity Mini Dress from Lalang in your closet then you could showstopper at any party. The sleeveless pink color dress at Lazada can be bought at 67% off.

Maternity and Nursing Dressmulticolor dressThe multi-color Maternity and Nursing Dress at Lazada is again a nice and trendy dress for soon-t-be moms as it is very comfortable and the breathable fabric of the dress lets you feel relaxed. Lazada offers this lovely dress at 32% off.

So all future mummies, move in style with these fashionable dresses at Lazada. Also, those who want to save some extra bucks don’t forget to make your shopping partner.

Captivate your man’s heart with chic dresses from HomeShop18

What is the biggest problem a woman could have when going out on dinner or first date? Well, no points for guessing, as it’s obviously her confusion about what to wear. To give a little help to all ladies, India’s promising online store, HomeShop18 is up with a wide range of peppy dresses.

Making a decision to choose right dress can be time taking, but like it is said, ‘well begun is half done’, if you have selected the right dress then my dear you are almost set to conquer your man’s heart.

Understanding how important it is for a woman to get stylish dresses in time efficient mode, HomeShop18 has comfort with an exclusive boutique of fashionable dresses.

It won’t be a bad deal if you can save a little more extra on your shopping, right? The recipe to earn extra savings is logging on to, where shoppers can enjoy attractive HomeShop18 discount coupon codes, voucher codes and promo deals.

Let’s take a look at the vivacious dresses available at HomeShop18.

PrettySecrets Women’s Georgette Dress greencolordressThe green color georgette dress by PrettySecrets is perfect to be donned on dinner date. The sleeveless v-neck dress at HomeShop18 is available at 10% off.

Being Fab Women’s DressbeigedressFlaunt your fair skin tone with Being Fab Women’s Dress at HomeShop18. The beige color sultry dress features a keyhole neck and is perfect to set the mood on a romantic outing. Shoppers can get it from HomeShop18 at 63% off.

Miss Chase Women’s DressbluedressWant to look hot and chic then get Miss Chase Women’s Dress in blue color from HomeShop18. The round neck knee length dress features a beautiful strappy back that makes the dress look really sexy. Fashion lovers can buy this dress from HomeShop18 and get 40% off.

PrettySecrets Women DresswhitelaceAnother beautiful creation by PrettySecrets is the beige color dress. The lacework in front and the crop top design makes the dress look really gorgeous. The dress also features an appealing back, perfect to be worn on your date. HomeShop18 offers this lovely dress at 10% off.

Women’s Dress blackblackdressNothing can beat the dress in black color; so buy PrettySecrets Women’s Dress from HomeShop18 10% off. The shoulder strap dress by PrettySecrets is made up of polyester fabric. Shoppers can buy it from HomeShop18 at 10% off.

So now that you have taken a glimpse of the lovely collection at HomeShop18, don’t waste time and buy them. Hope I don’t need to remind you about, where ample of discount coupon codes and voucher codes are waiting for you.

Get cool and funky with trendy necklaces from YOOX

Aah! Jewelries are something that no women can deny, no matter how many she has. However, with the changing scenario, it has been observed that ladies have no longer kept their taste singular in jewelry in fact they are now open to experiment. Yoox, a renowned online fashion store has understood the love for modish jewelry amongst fashion lovers and has hence lined up an exclusive range of necklaces.

Gone are the days when women only loved to wear gold, silver or diamonds, now they all are ready to add novel touch to their style quotient by including jewelry made up of stone and beads.

Yoox clubs some of the most hip and happening neckpieces that can surely woo the hearts of fashion lovers, who like to experiment with their style statement.

Though, Yoox offers its products at affordable rates still those who like to save extra bucks can make their shopping partner to bag attractive Yoox discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful neckpieces at Yoox.

MSGM Necklacenecklace4Add a chunk of coolness to your daily look with MSGM Necklace at Yoox. The stylish neckpiece is an amalgamation of metal, glass and plastic. Yoox offers the trendy necklace at 10% off.

Brunello Cucinelli Necklacebeed earringsMove out in style with BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Necklace at Yoox. The necklace has beaded detailing and adjustable closure. Shoppers can get it from Yoox at 10% off.

Deepa Gurnani Necklacenecklaces3The DEEPA GURNANI Necklace is a perfect example of elegance. The beautiful necklace at Yoox is made up of soft leather and brass. Shoppers can get it from Yoox at 29% off.

Brunello Cucinelli Necklacejewelery1Team up your casual look with BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Necklace and get ready to bag compliments. Shoppers can get this cool neckpiece from Yoox at 30% off.

Brunello Cucinelli Soft Leather Necklacejewelery2Pump up your style with BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Necklace made up of metal and soft leather. The necklace has adjustable closure and is available at 30% off at Yoox.

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Make summer day hotter with your sensuous beach dress

StyleHunter knows that in the hot and humid climate of Singapore it’s very difficult to stay away from beaches, but another very important thing is to look different and attractive in your beach wear. StyleHunter knows that every time you go out on a beach to enjoy with friends and family you want to look at your best, so SH has selected a dress that will make you look elegant and sexy when donned at a beach.bluemaxidress

The vivacious turquoise blue color maxi dress chosen by StyleHunter will definitely woo the hearts of fashion lovers. The flare and the smooth fabric of the dress make it look really appealing.maxidressblue

The A-line silhouette with hollow neck line makes the dress look really graceful yet alluring. Despite being maxi dress, the apparel is perfect to be donned at shack parties at beaches or on a casual outing with friends.bluemaxidress2

The comfortable cotton fabric of the sleeveless dress makes you feel relaxed. Also, the nice blue color of the dress compliments the atmosphere around the beach. The dress features a belt that defines your waist-line ad gives you a perfect fitting.bluemaxi

Fashionistas can club this dress with stylish armlets, funky earrings or nice shimmery beach footwear. However, don’t get decked up with too many ornaments as that will spoil its beauty.

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Be a starlet with stylish mini dresses from Zalora

You are beautiful, graceful and lovely but is there any harm to be sassy? Well, not all know but it’s a fact that all women are naturally beautiful and vivacious, its only that sometimes they are unaware of their hidden quality. To bring out the playful you out of the cocoon, SingaoreMummy has selected a kind of apparel that has the ability to make you look pep and classy. 

In this week’s edition, SingaporeMummy has zeroes upon Mini dresses, which are loved by all women. Though, it’s not always necessary that all women have wore it or they include it in their fashion statement, but it is also a fact that all have a dream to wear it and flaunt it. 

Open your closet and see if you have got some cool minis that can make you look jaw dropping. In case you lack out some attractive dresses in your wardrobe then SingaporeMummy can let you know what kind of minis to include in your style quotient. Shoppers,who are careful about their budget and like to keep style aligned with budget can make their shopping partner to bag hefty discount coupon codes.

Come take a look at the exclusive apparels at Zalora.

Metallic Stripe Godet DressgodetdressBling in style with Metallic Stripe Godet Dress by Closet at Zalora. The Metallic color dress at Zalora has back zip fastening and is made up of poly-blend material. Zalora offers the stylish dress at 45%.

Lace Asymmetric Wrap DresswrapdressThe figure flattering dress by MOJO at Zalora is best to make you look chic. The round neck dress at Zalor is available at 54% off.

Lucy A-Line Embellished Dressembelished dressThe stylish Lucy A-Line Embellished Dress by MoonRiver is perfect to make you look trendy and attractive. The embellished dress at Zalora is made up of Poly-blend material and has short sleeves. Shoppers can get it at 63% off.

Fringe Shift Dressriverisaland
Be the showstopper at night outs with Fringe Shift Dress by River Island at Zalora. The regular fit dress at Zalora is made up of poly-blend material, which fits you well. Shoppers can get it from Zalora at 45% off.

Chain Collar Mini DressblackSpell some black magic on people around you with Chain Collar Mini Dress in black color by Goddiva. Zalora offers the relaxed fit, chain collar dress at 44% off.

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Make your living room look heavenly with exotic home décor products from Ensogo

We all have become so much class conscious, we choose designer clothes, designer shoes, expensive cars but don’t you think we somewhere neglect our home interiors? Yes, looks create our first impression so why not include interiors that make everyone awestruck. Singapore’s most popular online store, Ensogo offers shoppers a wide range of home interior products at affordable rates.

Looks make a difference, so if you also want to mark a strong impression on your guests then add some designer home décor products to your home. Start with your living room, where most of your guests come in. Let your guests take a pause to think over our beautiful interiors and praise you.

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Let’s take a glimpse of the products available at Ensogo.

High qualitFashion super soft carpetdeal_box (3)Décor your living are with soft and stylish High qualitFashion super soft carpet from Ensogo. The sophisticated white fur carpet is slip resistant and can be hand washed. Ensogo offers the carpet at 76%off.

Wedding Festive Candle Ceramic White Elephantdeal_box (2)The innovative Wedding Festive Candle Ceramic White Elephant is a great option to make your living area look beautiful. The elephant shaped candle stand looks cool and novel. Ensogo offers the cute yet stylish stand at 40% off.

Modern Unframed 3 Panels Paintingdeal_box (1)The Modern Unframed 3 Panels Black Red and White painting at Ensogo, has got the charm to impress your guests and make your house look classy. Place it in your living room and get loads of appreciations from visitors. Shoppers can buy it from Ensogo at 98% off.

White ceramic vase Flower shapedeal_boxMake your living area beautiful with White ceramic flower shape vase from Eensogo. The simple modern ceramic pots can add an artistic touch to your living area. Buy this lovely vase from Ensogo at 28% off.

Cotton Linen Square Throw Pillow Casedeal_box (4)The stylish and trendy Cotton Linen Square Throw Pillow Case will add wonder to your interior. The modern prints and cotton fabric make them look really appealing. Ensogo is offering such lovely pillow cases at 64% off.

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Flaunt Your Curves With Stylish Bodycon Dresses at Zalora

Carving to know the formula of looking sultry and fabulous without enough skin show? Well, a Bodycon dress is the answer. Yes, the figure flattering apparels named Bodycon dresses are perfect to get the hot chic look. To enables women shoppers get the best of them, Hong Kong’s entrusted online fashion store, Zalora is up with a wide range of Bodycon dresses.

Bodycon dresses have the magic to make you look sassy yet classy. You can wear these body kissing dresses at any place or occasion. These dresses are not just made for skinny women but also can look great on voluptuous ladies.

Zalora houses some of the most fashionable and designer Bodycon dresses that will woo the hearts of fashionistas. Whether you want to pick a Bodycon dress for party or for casual outing, Zalora can be one stop solution for you.

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Come take a look at the wide collection at Zalora.

Ceci Floral Bodycon DressprintedbodyconThe Ceci Floral Bodycon Dress by Catwalk 88 at Zalora is great to be donned at casual outings as well as parties. The floral dress at Zalora has all the elements to make you look chic. Shoppers can get it at 205 off.

Red Betty Wrap Hem BconredbodycondressMake your friends envy your style by donning the woven dress in pencil style. The gorgeous red dress by River Island, has concealed back zip fastening and asymmetrical hemline. Zalora offers the dress at 40% off.

Strappy Lace BodyconbodyconwhiteSimple and elegant white dress Strappy Lace Bodycon dress by TopShop will make you fall in love with it. The floral lace overlay makes this strappy number has all the qualities for a transitional day to night look. Shoppers can get this lovely piece from Zalora at 45%.

Sequin Contrast-Bodice DressbodyconshimmeryFor party lovers, the Sequin Contrast-Bodice Dress is perfect. The dress features sophisticated sequin-embroidered detailing which makes it really jaw dropping. Zalora offers the dress at 50% off.

High Collar Crochet Bodycon DressblackbodyconDo a little black magic with the High Collar Crochet Bodycon Dress by JUST Boutique. The collar neckline and lace hollow back makes it look sexy and stylish. Zalora offers the breath-taking dress at 62% off.

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