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Enhance your look with elegant earrings from Zalora

‘I have enough jewelry’ is a phrase heard by none and it’s not possible either as every time you see those sparkling stuffs something from inside forces you to make them yours. Though, it’s not always possible to move out bejeweled but a lovely pair of earring can always do wonders, right? To provide best and designer earrings to all the ladies of HongKong, renowned online store Zalora is always there.

Earrings might be a small ornament but they play a big role in making you look presentable. Just like our mood, earrings also come in various sizes, colors and designs. To choose the latest and prettiest earring for yourself you can always count upon Zalora, which gives endless options to choosy women’s at affordable rates.

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Let’s take a sneak peek at Zalora’s vivid collection of earrings.

Sparkling Crystal Earrings (50%OFF)earrings green
The Sparkling Crystal Earrings from La Cetti at Zalora are an easy option to enhance your look. Made from fine metal parts, the earrings are best to be worn out with gowns. These lovely pair of earrings at Zalora can be bought at 50% discount.

Fancy Star (54% OFF)silverearrngs
The dazzling Fancy Star earrings by BOUTIQUEHK are best be donned with short party dresses. The silver color, Rhodium plated earrings can be like cherry on the cake for your chic look. Zalora provides Fancy Star earrinsg at 54% off.

Triangle Stud Earrings (45% OFF)studs
No matter if you are working women or housewife, Triangle Stud Earrings are made for both. The lovely studs by River Island are made up of Zinc and have bullet fastening. Shoppers can get these lovely studs from Zalora at 45% off.

Ribbon Fancy Star Earrings (66% OFF)flower
The lovely Ribbon Fancy Star earrings by BOUTIQUEHK at Zalora are best to be worn with casual dresses. The white earrings by BOUTIQUEHK have crystals embedded. Zalora offers Ribbon Fancy Star earrings at 66% off.

Fancy Earrings (63% OFF)black
The Fancy Earring by BOUTIQUEHK can woo any women’s heart. The crown designed on the earrings can also make you feel like any queen. The black stones outlined with crystals look very appealing. So wait not buy these beautiful earrings from Zalora at 63% off.

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Redmart Redesigns Singaporean Lunch Box With Nutritious Food In 2016

Vegetable_BasketNeither playing in the open nor demanding unrealistic things worries a mother of a school going kid. What worries a mother the most is the lunch box of her beloved baby and things that return uneaten. These hits and misses in the child’s lunch box are more frustrating for the mother from her baby’s health point of view compared to efforts she puts in to prepare a midday meal for her child. Especially you are a working mother, serving a child with all the fresh and nutritious ingredients for breakfast and lunch box is a daunting task.

imagesMinimizing fridge and pantry clutter are certainly advisable but if you get a chance to visit the supermarket only once a week putting in place a plan for a healthy diet is next to impossible. Is it really? Nope, with having Singapore fully covered by Redmart, stocking highly nutritious, nourishing and fresh ingredients isn’t at all unmanageable. Redmart has become even more preferable online grocery destination for Singaporeans with CollectOffers served exclusive Redmart discount code, which reduces your grocery bill almost by 30% every month.

Do you know that 2016 is the International Year of Pulses? No matter which way you cook your food, pulses are one of the most important ingredients in your breakfast and lunch to get the best nutritional punch during the day. Whether you prefer Origins Organic Quinoa Seeds, Artisan Grains Pearl Couscous or Udhayam Bombay Toor Dal, pulses are the great source of protein, vitamins and fiber. Bring the pulses home from Redmart reflects your wisdom and tells the fact that you know no compromise on the quality of the food. shutterstock_111228863

P8119281Nobody needs to be told about the importance of the fresh vegetables, right? If you want to avoid rotten vegetables in your kitchen, or if you wish to keep your vegetable as fresh as the first day, Redmart is the best way to order fresh produces online. It is because of the resources that Redmart uses, you get the best quality of organically produced vegetables and fruits in Singapore. Australian Broccoli, Indian Carrot, Japanese Cucumbers, Italian Baby Spinach, Organic Pumpkin and Tomatoes, Redmart is known to bring the best quality fruits and vegetables from across the world.

bl23_new_basket_jp_2556715fThe highest quality food isn’t the only thing about Redmart that has impressed every Singaporean. It is the prices of the groceries that has made Redmart the Apple of Singaporean eyes. Delivering quality at your doorstep with heavy discount has become a forte of Redmart. Whatever be your need; mean or seafood, dairy products or bakery products, frozen food or baby food, or even the kitchen storage and kitchen accessories, Redmart never says no and brings everything home at a time you want.

Good if you have won the MasterChef title, but if you haven’t yet, Redmart ensures you become MasterChef at least for your family and friend. Whatever be your cooking style, CollectOffers offering Redmart coupon code makes sure you cook scrumptious food effortlessly and affordably. The promise is no kid would return home with lunch box uneaten.

Be a superwoman with advanced kitchen appliances from Ensogo

Housewives also known as ‘homemakers’ spend maximum time in kitchen cooking delicacies for our family, but what if some novelty is added to the routine process? Well, am talking about the weapons i.e. the kitchen appliances, which make any housewife more powerful. Singapore’s most renowned online store, Ensogo offers ladies a wide range of highly advanced kitchen tools.

A housewife is the sole responsible person to look after her family’s health. She makes sure that every meal her family eats is not only delicious but healthy. To make her more efficient, Ensogo has clubbed some of the most remarkable and advanced kitchen appliances that reduces stress and increases efficiency.

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Take a look at the latest kitchen appliances at Ensogo.

chopperPhilips Chopper
Make chopping vegetable a fun job with Philips HR1398 Chopper available at Ensogo at 36% off. The chopper is Dishwasher safe and has Simple press-down button. The 1.5lt Philips chopper can very easily chop meat, nuts, vegetables and herbs.

PHILIPS-Daily Collection Kettlekettle
Wouldn’t it be great if you can boil water soon and make tea and coffee simultaneously with breakfast? So buy Philips-Daily Collection Kettle from Ensogo having discount of 48%. The kettle has capacity of 1.5lt and is cordless, which means it could be placed anywhere.

Garlic Twist Press Peelergarlicpastemaker
Easy and fun to use, the Garlic Twist Press Peeler can be a great help to all women as peeling garlic is a very irritating and tiring job. Not only the Garlic Twist Press Peeler at Ensogo enables you to peel garlic easily but also minces garlic finely. The small but useful kitchen tool at Ensogo is available at 86% off.

Multi CookermulticookerWelcome the 3.8lt Multi Cooker from Ensogo to your kitchen and enhance your working speed. Available at 26% off, the Multi Cooker can perform many functions like stewing, steaming, frying, stir frying and more.

Cornell Stand Mixermixer
With Cornell Stand mixer in your kitchen you can easily make cake batter, mix eggs or make dough. The Cornell Stand Mixer at Ensogo is available at 35% off.

So all set to transform your kitchen to smart kitchen with the advance appliances but what about budget management? Simple, make your shopping partner and save maximum bucks.


Look as fresh as a daisy with beauty products from Lazada

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder is a popular saying prevailing from decades, but does it actually happens? No, am not questioning the saying but just asking that does really beauty is dependent upon the beholder? Then why ladies don’t ignore a minute mark over face or ever get satisfied with their appearance? Well, because we women can’t get settled for anything less especially when it’s about beauty. Knowing the fact, Singapore’s popular online store, Lazada is up with its exclusive beauty range at affordable rates.

Flawless skin is something that women crave for; though it’s not that difficult to get but not easy either. For glowing skin you need to follow two rules the first one says be happy and the second one says spend some time with yourself. Really, invest a little time looking after your skin and you can get radiant skin.

Malaysia’s popular online store Lazada offers women a wide range of beauty essential products that can enhance your skin quality. Though, ladies never care about money when it comes to shop skin care product but still who hates saving extra bucks, right? So, make your shopping partner and earn extra savings.

Take a look at the beauty products that Lazada houses.

Cleansing milk with alpine herbs (63%) cleansing cream
Cleansing is an important part of beauty regime. To get flawless skin, its important that you regularly cleanse your skin before and after applying make-up. Cleansing milk with alpine herbs at Lazada is available at 63% off and can help you in cleaning the skin dust out.

Collagen Eye Mask Sheets (50% OFF)eyemaskpack
Eyes are very sensitive and area nearby eyes cannot be treated with regular creams or packs so Collagen Eye Mask Sheets at Lazada is the best remedy to perform eye cleansing process. The effective pack at Lazada is available at 50% off and enables you get rid of dark circles.

Spots Care and Brighten Day Cream (28% OFF)daycream
Buy Spots Care and Brighten Day Cream at Lazada and get rid of the dark patches. Regular application of the skin-friendly cream can get you brighter skin complexion. Lazada offers you the day cream at 28% off.

Bio-Oil Scar and Stretch Mark Product (17% OFF)biooil
To remove scar and stretch marks from your skin regular application of Bio-oil can be very effective. At Lazada, the non-greasy Bio-Oil is available at 17% off.

Skin Signature 3D Redefining face Mask (71% OFF)mask
Combination of Pitera, Oil-Vityl, Signaline and Niacinamide, Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask at Lazada can help you get flawless facial skin. The mask helps in immediate face uplifting. It is available at 71% off.

So, all prepared to add these beauty products to your beauty regime? But don’t forget to mae your shopping partner as it can fetch you loads of savings.