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Let the World Cast a Sheep’s Eye at You: Spring 2016 Eye Makeup Trends

They say, ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ and there may be a truth in it, but in a contemporary world, damsels in Singapore believe that glittering, sexy, smoky eyes are the window to the fashion world. CollectOffers believes that even if you are not participating in any beauty pageant, none can deny you a right to have gorgeous eyes in the town.

In order to enable you to win the evil eyes, the beauty editors at CollectOffers broke a sweat in analyzing the summer makeup trends across runaways. Make no mistake, there is nothing wrong with making a friend or colleague cast a sheep’s eye at you. However, there are all the possibilities of you going wrong in getting the best eye makeup if you buy an advice from a friend.

To ensure you can never go wrong with your killer looks, CollectOffers presents you with the Spring 2016 beauty looks that you can pull off daily without wasting too much of the time. Nope, we won’t stop here at merely suggesting you the look; we are as much concerned about prices of beauty products as you are. Therefore, we have also brought to you fascinating discount deals from the best online shopping destinations in Singapore.

There’s no denying that makeup has to be effortless, but if it is not long lasting, it becomes a bane and a big reason for embarrassment. Therefore, it is essential that you pick the products that are branded, authentic, and harmless. But, such products are pricey, aren’t they? It is when CollectOffers pitches in with coupon codes from top online shops, such as Sephora, Zalora, and Ensogo to bring you the best beauty products at the best price.

CO_BlueEyes The blue eyes are not common like browns and they are special in some ways. The best way to achieve the Blue Eyes is by using the contrasting shades of eyeliners and eyeshadows. Using copper or gold blended well with denim ink shade would get you the perfect Blue Eyes. It is obvious for a Blue to get the additional shine when you mix it up with warm metallics of copper. Dot just the inner corners, keep the liner tight to the lash line, or fill in the whole lid, and you are ready to flash tonight. 1 (2)GREEN EYES
green-eyesIf you have a doubt that pulling off the perfect green shade that matches your skin tone in contrast is difficult, you are wrong. You need to know which shades complement green well. Red is one such shade that blends well with the green. If you have eyeliner with reddish undertone, getting Green Eyes is not at all difficult. Not to appear tired in the green shade, just add a tint through the flat brush. Use waterproof eyeliner in Bronze and apply on the eyelid. 1 (3)BROWN EYES
brown-eyesForever favorite and easy to get the finishing touch efficiently to your entire look. You can hardly go wrong with the Brown eyes. Paint your eyes brown with amber and midnight blue tones for emphasizing the light flecks in brown eyes. Make sure you do not paste too much of a color. All you need is to line the waterline and rimming the eyes in dark blue shades, which gives you flashing tone on your eyes and is little less dominant than using the black eyeliner. 1 (4)HAZEL EYES
hazel-eyesWould we call Hazel Eyes as the most sensual eyes or the most magnetic one? Indeed, that is the purpose behind creating Hazel eyes. Usually, in order to get the sexiest eyes in Hazel shade, you need Emerald and Gold blended well. Let us tell you that warm brown shade enhances the richness of the Hazel Eyes. Diffuse a green line as much as you want your eyes to look colorful. Kick up the radiance with a touch of gold at the inner corner and the center of the lid.1 (1)

Let your eyes define your style statement with sunglasses from Smart Buy Glasses

It is said that eyes speak a lot more than your face, they are the reflection of your heart so why don’t we take a little extra care them? Yes, we take care of all our body parts but sometimes neglect our delicate eyes, but worry not as Smart Buy Glasses is there to provide you attractive and designer sunglasses and lenses to protect your eyes.

Similar to apparels and footwear, eyes also deserve to enjoy designer shades and lenses; after all watching the world in style is not wrong? Gone are the days of simple eyewear, now fashion is overtaking everything, so it’s worth buying glasses or shades that match your skin tone and suits your face cut.

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Let’s take a look at the latest trends ruling the eyewear market.

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