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Soak Self in Joys of Life with up to 35% OFF Hotels in Bali at Agoda Malaysia

Singapore and Hong Kong top the list respectively whenever we think of holidaying in Southeast Asia; Malaysia, because of its beaches may bag the third spot. In this whole useless effort of listing countries for holidaying we forget the most sough-after destination of Indonesia, which has been remained one of the prime reasons why the world turned to holidaying in Asia; Bali.

Our travel editor at CollectOffers can’t forget Bali, like most in the awe of Singapore and Hong Kong. Therefore, CollectOffers comes up with an incomparable opportunity to witness the God’s own backyard with 35% discount on hotels through agoda discount code. Agoda, knowing the place of Bali in the heart of the travelers, brings you in an exotic destination where a cool breeze plays a melodious tune in the perfect harmony of the sun and the sea.

The serenity in the air, the sanguine sea, the spiritual calmness, and effortlessness of the life drag people repeatedly to Bali. There is no death of people lamenting about the lack of aimless wandering, reading by the beach and breathing without any obligations. Bali is one such place in the Southasia that takes you away from the madness of the life as soon as you land in.

Agoda, making online hotel accommodation cheaper by 35% for you, ensures you get the opportunity to get the momentum back in life. For the Priceline Group part, it has become a forte to offer unimaginable discounts to discerning travelers to ensure the highest quotient of fun and entertainment, while they align themselves perfectly with the nature and the realities of the life.

Agoda ensures that you soak yourself in the enjoyments of the life; you get lost in the tranquility of the nature in Bali and enjoy the world-class sophistication at a luxurious hotel with a price tag that is hard to be beaten by anyone else. Just want to forget the life back home and wish to engross in a perfect joy of life? Enjoy the musical shows organized by your hotel or spend the whole day relaxing in a lavish spa.

Bali is the perfect place to get rid of work-related stress or life-related worries. Either you choose to take a family holidays or travel alone, Agoda ensures you find the perfect rhythm of life without spending a bomb on accommodation. Book the best Bali hotel now using Agoda coupon code available at

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Read Your Time Efficiently with up to 68% OFF Watches at Zalora Singapore

Every one of us strive to work in an environ that are free from the bondages of the time and attach more significance to the performance. However, we all value the performance that is result oriented and time bound. For which, a man must know his time and ability to adapt to it. For you to read your time well and tie it to your social and personal success, CollectOffers presents 68% discount on watches through Zalora discount code.

The timepieces showcased by Zalora aren’t just watches that you find on any footpath of a street market, but are timeless pieces of style, elegance and functionality that are designed to curve a man out of a boy. Zalora is a style house of Singapore, which is determined to shape your persona that is different from other ordinary guys on the street.

For an ordinary guy, a watch is nothing more than a device that tells that time, which can also be seen on the screen of the smartphone. Zalora collection of watches goes beyond telling the time. In fact, timepieces at Zalora adds aristocracy in your persona to shape a larger than the life picture of yours. Online shopping at Zalora means style with affordability. Here too, you will be saving up to 68%.

Zalora includes in its collection watches for all occasions, from lightweight, rugged pieces to more stylish, gentle, suit-worthy timepieces. Because Zalora understands the fact that a good Men’s watch not only give you top-quality timekeeping, they are also are the perfect way to complete a look. Zalora also recognizes the reality of today’s timepieces, which are designed to speak a lot about a man and his way of life.

Therefore, Zalora houses all the top international brands and their exclusively designed collections to offer ample options for men in Singapore to build their impeccable reputation as a reliable man for all weather. Comes in a variety of shades and straps, Zalora collection is a mix of style and value that generates a robust image for its wearer. With a micro-detailed perfection and unquestionable accuracy, these faithful tickers will leave your wrist looking fashion-forward and classic at the same time.

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Get Lost in Autumn Beauty: Expedia Makes Holidays Cheaper by up to 30%

Sweltering heat will soon become a matter of the part; at least for the year, as we are soon to enter into the most cheerful season; the autumn. Holidaying in summer is quite understandable. Since everyone is going, let me go as well is often the scenario. Nevertheless, if you really want to enjoy the holidays in a vibrant environment, in the lap of the nature, you need two things.

One is the season of the autumn and another is Collect Offer offered Expedia discount code to make your holidays at least 30% cheaper. You heard it right; Expedia has designed unimaginable holiday packages for holiday lovers in the season of autumn. Whichever part of the world you want to connect with the nature and self and lively yet tranquil environment, Expedia gives you wings and the perfect nest to add new features to your memories.

Online hotel booking on Expedia helps you reduce the financial burden on holidays by up to 30%. Satisfied? Don’t be, because you will receive a wide range of privileges with your booking at Expedia. Imagine the exotic exuberance of Las Vegas encapsulated in four nights with a flight in just S$1984. Too far? Never mind.

Let us go to Taipei for 3 nights with a flight ticket in just S$633. Nope, we are not asking you to imagine for the sake of it, but this is real at Expedia. Expedia takes you to your favorite destination and offers accommodation more sophisticated that you desire with 30% discount. Expedia knows that the summer crowds will have long dispersed by September end, sipping a cup of a coffee under the falling leaves in a garden restaurant of the five star hotels is an experience none would miss with savings worth 30%.

Nope, not only nature will be close to you, but also range of attractions around your hotel will absorb you well. If that is not enough, you will be engrossed in the world-class hospitality with the facilities and amenities of truly global standards. Scrumptious food and night show at the hotel will complete your day filled with activities and entertainment.

Take a steam bath, relax in a massage center, or get the most sophisticated beauty treatment in a spa. Expedia ensures that you do not miss even a smallest of the beauties that are shaped to give you a most enchanting and mesmerizing experience of autumn holidays. Click on the Expedia coupon code available at, save 30% and fly to grab the most memorable moments.

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Live by the Nature’s Luxury with up to 77% Off Resorts at Hotels.Com Singapore

Whether have plans or not, Singaporeans, who spends 67% of their online spending on travel, are known to check the online hotel booking websites regularly in search of hotel deals. Nevertheless, guys, aren’t you tired of looking at the options with a limited fun? Change your preference to full-fledge fun and entertainment to help CollectOffers to offer you up to 77% discount on resorts through discount code.

Autumn is not a season in which holiday should be spent in a concrete of the four walls, no matter how sophisticated it is. Autumn is the most active season and holidays in autumn must be enjoyed in the lap of the nature with all the sophistication around. Compared to hotel, a five star resort at the front of the sea in the most exotic destination fills your heart with more joy and helps fill the memory book far quickly.

Knowing the growing trend for resorts this autumn, makes online resort booking far more affordable offering 77% discount. The beauty of the beaches reaches to its fairy-tale heights during the fall and the falling leaves creates a perfect backdrop for romantic strolls. Watching the sun taking the deep dive into the sea in the evening from a balcony of your resort suite is a picture perfect beauty, which will quench your memories forever.

Nature is not the only thing that offers when you book a resort online. Delectable dishes of international flavors come first to the mind when you think of the resorts and does not disappoint you in offering the most sumptuous food. Besides enjoying five star services and amenities with 77% discount, you will be indulging into the extreme sophistication of beauty treatments in posh spa or a massage center.

What else you want when, do not restrict your options, but brings a world of resorts to your palm? Krabi or Langkawi in the Southeast Asia, Hawaii or Maui Island in America or Cairns, Guam or Saipan in the Pacific, offers resorts with up to 77% discount in every corner of the world.

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The Tastiest Tour of the Town: Groupon Hong Kong Offers up to 81% OFF Dining Deals

You can’t expect more from the city, where its food is the reason enough to visit the city. Yes, the culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong is known for creative culinary skills on international tastes with local characteristics. Thanks to its people, who love to talk and share about food – besides eating – Hong Kong has earned the prestigious title of “the world’s fair of food”.

CollectOffers brings you all the delightful dishes at the gastronomic restaurant of the city with 81% discount through Groupon discount code. Cantonese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Korean and Japanese dishes made with such a great culinary skills in the gastronomic restaurants simply can’t be missed.

Especially when you get to eat all kinds of sumptuous food through Groupon dining deals that offers as high as 81% savings. Let us assure you, you won’t be able to resist this temptation of delectable dishes and will indulge into tastes that are traditional on the one side and fusion on the other.

Groupon Hong Kong takes you on the tastiest tour of the Hong Kong town to eat Wontons, Roast Goose, Fake Shark Fin Soup, Dim Sum and many more delightful dishes in the most famous and themed restaurants of Hong Kong including, Chicken Storm, Lee Moon Yuen, Watami, and Disney’s Hollywood hotel.

If you are in Hong Kong, you shouldn’t ask what is authentic; likewise, if you are with Groupon, you shouldn’t ask the rate of lunch and dinner buffets. From traditional Cantonese food to exotic western delicacies, Groupon promises to make eating regular food at home difficult; offering 81% savings.

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