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Memorable Escape out of Fairytales’ Book: up to 31% OFF Hotel plus Flight at Expedia Malaysia

When life is a basket full of apple, there is no point in laying underneath lemons. What throws off is people fully capable of realizing the true potential of life, waste their weekends in front of the television set or on Facebook and Twitter. But Collect Offers is assured; you are not one of them; therefore, brings stupendous opportunity for you to materialize the mesmerizing weekend offering up to 31% discount on flight plus hotel booking through Expedia discount code.

Every Malaysian has this major bonus of treating the entire Southeast Asia as their backyard and squeeze-in lots of quick trips to nearby countries without compromising the work. There are countless adventures only a plane-hop away in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and China. Knowing a long weekend can suffice an excursion, Expedia comes in with an endeavor that inspires you to get sparks from within and to throw the self into the arms of the nature.

Imagine waking up on a remote Thai island surrounded by warm turquoise water and palm trees with a breakfast of delicious tropical fruit or dream about looking out the window of your luxury hotel in Singapore, with a whole host of twinkling city lights greeting you as you enjoy a romantic glass of bubbles with your sweetheart. Truly blissful, isn’t it?

From the beautiful beaches of Bali to the mystical temples of Cambodia, there’s plenty to explore. Climb the Great Wall of China, visit the bustling metropolis of Tokyo or Hong Kong, discover the bright lights of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or Sprawl on a beach in spectacular Philippines. Not only you will be getting a luxurious hotel booked with awesome discount, but also a flight to your exotic destination at a price you can only imagine. All in all, flight plus hotel booking at Expedia helps you save up to 31%.

A 31% discount is just a beginning, besides immersing yourself in the serenity of nature’s wonder; you will be indulging in an authentic hospitality with ample opportunity to relax in a tradition-inspired spa and massage parlor. A spectacular and laid-back weekend in ambling atmosphere imposes a complementing timeout.

A perfect beach, captivating scenery, luxurious environment and family on the side; truly a memorable weekend break comes straight out of a book of fairy tales. Give your life a chance and your family a bouquet of inescapable memories with the authentic Expedia voucher code available at

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Taste the tongue tantalizing tastes with up to 25% discount at Foodpanda

When research analysts at Collect Offers were going through the recent surveys on consumer behavior, met with the concurrent reality of another side. Although behavior is unique, has changed not only in Consumers, but also in young and rising entrepreneurs as well. Today’s high-spirited entrepreneur will not wear office attire, nor he or she packs a bag and goes to the office. Instead, they choose to get the sense of the world from the comfort of their bedroom.

But, the obvious question is submerged in their business activities, do these highly motivated guys get their share of healthy and nutritious meal in time. The answer is yes, they do. To answer how, Collect Offers joins its efforts with the Foodpanda to bring you genuine and hygienic food at your doorsteps with discount worth up to 25% through Foodpanda discount code.

The first and basic thing with Foodpanda is you would never compromise on the quality of the food. More importantly, online food ordering at Foodpanda makes you savor the most tongue-tantalizing dishes, kissed with the tinge of novel flavors. Whatever may be the mood of the moment, Foodpanda, associating with over 30000 restaurants and hotels, ensures that you immerse in a delight of your choice; be it Thai or Cantonese, Japanese or Indian.

In no time, you will be slobbering about the most delicious Pizza in Hong Kong from Jack’s Pizzeria or will be drooling over the taste of Ham & Asparagus Rolls from Zebratasty, or simply relish the Japanese cuisine from Shinya Shokudo. With 25% discount, Foodpanda ensures not only you, but your entire team will have a treat of the day.

Whichever corner of Hong Kong you are, Foodpanda makes it absolutely easy for you to find your favorite restaurant or your desired dishes with just a few clicks. Before you complete the spell of your work, a door bell will go off with food ready at your doorsteps. Foodpanda associates with only those restaurants, which are efficient, have customer’s health in their mind, and maintain the highest level of hygiene.

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If You Have Got It, Flaunt It! Zalora Offers Fascinating Discount of up to 80% on Fashion

If you have got it, flaunt it! What if you haven’t; Photoshop it? Not really, girls, the ideal option is to get what you don’t have. What you have is charm, grace, beauty and physique, all you need to complement what you have is fashion, flair and the fusion of both to take the whole scene by the storm; be it at the office or at the college campus. You don’t need to look elsewhere, when Collect Offers has already introduced Zalora discount code to enable you to get draped in style with 80% discount on fashion.

Slide4For every girl in Singapore, Zalora means an opportunity to get introduced to the whole new world of fashion that is truly contemporary and yet thoroughly affordable. Whatever physical attributes you covet, when you think of conquering the surroundings by your charm, no online shopping destination can serve your purpose better than Zalora.

Zalora doesn’t mean mere a fashion; it provides you an opportunity to refine and redefine your identity and to create a look that expresses the emphatic presence. Zalora houses the world’s most recognized brands such as Jovet, Occasion, Everyday Dressy, Dorothy Perkins, Laky and many more, and introduces new collections periodically to give every girl in Singapore a chance to add zing to their personality with savings worth up to 80%.Copy of Slide4

Zalora brings one of the widest ranges of designer clothing to give you a unique taste of style. Either you wish to buy a new outfit for the office or wish to cast a spell on the onlookers in the party with a designer dresses, matching shoes and matching handbag, Zalora’s celeb-inspired designs, designer motivated silhouettes and trendy styles will leave you mesmerized for you giving a mirror a run for the words of praise.

The fashion collection at Zalora is both dynamic and influential. Whether you want designer or the fusion apparels or you wish to replace your handbag with stylish one, Zalora showcases an array of Dresses, Footwear, handbags, jewelry, that is super stylish and build a statement of true Fashionee. Zalora, with its collection of artistic crafts create a perfect opportunity to steal the spotlight, whichever fashion scenario you are in.

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